Breckenridge Colorado - Drone Pics and Video

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We got out for the weekend while our house was being shown by realtor. We decided to drive the 2 hours up to Breckenridge, Colorado. I was able to take a few nice drone pics and short video.

This panoramic shot is probably my favorite. Be sure to click and open it full screen on a large monitor!

Here's some additional still shots from the drone:






Here are some taken from our condo room at roughly the same location as the drone, but with the Sony A7R4 camera with a mix of both 100-400 lens and 200-600 lens.







And not everything is drones and big camera. Here are a couple snaps from town where a little river runs back behind the tourist shops. (Cause you know we had to hit those!)



It's been a while since I flew, and I didn't take the time to put the drone into cinematic tripod mode as I keep recommending others to do. Don't do what I do, do what I say, here is a prime example. Even though I was trying hard to very slowly pan, it seems much faster on video than it did on my little screen.

So if you stuck with me this far, here is the video. Just raw from the drone, no edits or music this time.

Definitely worth the trip, and I wish we had longer to stay and go on some long hikes, but this was just a short trip. Highly recommended to visit if you're out this way!


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Your drone shots are a delight, with the video the cherry on top..

Thanks! I like cherries!

Wow you captured some amazing shots, love the colours straight from the drone


Nice view of the mountains. !BBH


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That looks like a nice spot and worth the couple hours in the car. I've been known to drive hundreds of kilometres for the sheer pleasure of it, have lunch then head home. Add in scenery like this and you've got yourself a good day out.

Exactly right. It's a fantastic day trip for us. We stayed over to keep the house clear for showings.. It felt great to be out even though we didn't really get into the woods as I normally like to do.

You're selling your place?

Yup, with the change in job, and my wife deciding to focus on the embroidery stuff instead of other job, and the current house market here going beyond crazy, it seemed like a good opportunity to cash out of this big house and downsize into our retirement home early. Should shave a few years off the retirement target date. We're actually looking at Vermont. Nice hills there and trees that we like. She not into the heat, so southern states are out.

Yeah a few are doing the same here and why not indeed. Selling and buying in the same (strong/inflated) market often means the same percentages on both transactions (get more/pay more) but depending on what one is moving to it can be a good way to go. I was only talking with a client Friday about this. Same thing as you, selling up to downsize, but they own where they're moving to so not buying. They are going be well I'm front, as are you it seems.

I hope it goes well and sells quickly. I've heard Vermont is beautiful.

It has been a few years since I have been at Breckenridge and I cannot believe how much it has built up! I see what you are talking about and for anyone who looks at the picture without expanding, you are missing out! That panoramic is fabulous!

How are the house showings going? I hear that Colorado is the place to be, where they are bidding up the prices. Even here in the Washington, DC area, the prices are jumping up.

I watched your video, minus music and editing and I still liked it, but, what a difference the editing makes.

Good luck! Sounds like it is going well!

Thanks for that, yes it has really grown out there. Had a few showings last weekend and this week, but no bites yet. Hoping for more this weekend! And wish they would hurry up so we can drop the cleaning down a notch. That has to be the worst part!

I've been to Brenkenridge. It's beautiful!

Yes, very nice. Our first time up there, we usually go up to Estes Park, but this was very nice as well. I'm sure we will be making another trip!