Rijeka - Touring the beautiful Croatia

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Hello everyone. When it comes to touring Croatia, one of the cities you must visit is Rijeka, a beautiful coastal city, and the largest seaport in Croatia.

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This city was named after the river Rječina, also known as the Fiumara. It flows into the Adriatic Sea here. The word "rijeka" means river.



This is one of the cities where you feel alive. The presence of both modern and old times is felt here, a combination of rustic and urban styles. Gorgeous and imposing monuments testify to the culture and tradition of this city for many years.













The soul of this city is felt on the city promenade called "Korzo". This was the common name for the walking zones of all the cities of the former Yugoslavia, and that is why this word causes nostalgia in many people. My parents met on the "korzo". 🙂 I love this word.





There is a saying: Rijeka is reflected in Korzo, and Rijeka is read from Korzo. That's true, and it becomes clear to you when you first sit down to drink coffee in one of the cafes on the Korzo or some of the benches here.




You will feel all the sounds and smells of this city here, listen to city stories, and meet different people. It's an alive atmosphere. And it is best to walk in the evening. Then the city is the most charming.


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There is the symbol of Rijeka on the "Korzo" called City Tower. It was built in the Middle Ages.


My favorite delight in every city is visiting the city's open markets, especially in coastal places because I am a fan of Mediterranean fruits and vegetables.


An interesting event in Rijeka was the Craft and Grill festival, held in late April and early May this year. It lasted 17 days. It is a street food festival, which, in addition to the gastronomic offer, offers to visitors to enjoy live music performances and beer.

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So, one thing is for sure, in this city you will eat well and have a great time in the company of kind and hospitable people and enjoy the peace by the sea, listening to the sea sounds and watching the city lights.


Thank you very much for reading.

The images and writing are original and mine. The images were given to me by my sister-in-law and were taken a few weeks ago.




Beautiful photos! Croatia is definitely in the list with the go-to places 😊🙏

I love it! Croatia is one of the top destinations on my bucket list. Thanks for sharing, @jelenaa! 😃👍


Thank you. I am glad you like my post. 😊 There are many beautiful places in Croatia, worth visiting. I was born in Dalmatia, in Zadar and it is my favorite Croatian city. The whole coast is beautiful.

What about costs? How expensive is it to visit?

It depends on what kind of accommodation you want. It doesn't have to be expensive if you organize yourself well and find private accommodation. I will go to Porec on summer vacation and I found a very good offer. Accommodation in a hotel, full board service for me and my family is a total of 700 euros. Grocery prices in the markets are similar to those in my country. Restaurants are more expensive ... Where are you from?

Hotel is out of the question for me and my family. Too expensive! But private accommodations is the best option for us. That way we can buy our food at the local store, and cook our own meals. I have no idea what Airbnb would cost, though.

I'm originally from Mexico, but I live in Germany.

How is inflation - food prices, gas, etc - hitting Croatia right now?

Well, yes, I agree, private accommodation is the best option because you can organize the same as at home. I don't know what the current situation is in Croatia, because I live in Serbia. In Serbia, everything has become more expensive lately and there is no sugar in stores, because people are making supplies out of fear. 😊

Yes, hoarding seems to be a phenomenon worldwide right now!

What about Serbia? I heard it's also a nice country to visit. You dealt with the "Pandemic" really well, I think, didn't you?

Yes, the pandemic has gone pretty well compared to other countries. There are many beautiful places in Serbia, worth visiting. We have beautiful mountains, beautiful natural environments due to favorable geographical position. But we have no sea.😊 You are welcome!😊

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Thank you so much 🤗

Hi Jelena, thanks for this beautiful trip to Rijeka. Reading a post about a place we have been to ourselves sometime in the past is always special as it brings back all kinds of good memories :-)

Hi, thank you very much, I am glad that my post brought back good memories.😊 I feel very nostalgic when it comes to Croatia.

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You're welcome @jelenaa. 😊🌹

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Thank you!

I seem to have been there with you. Very beautiful, thank you🤗

I'm glad you had that impression and that you like the post. If you go there, you'll see, it's more beautiful than in the photos. 😊