A visit to Trsat and Kantrida in Rijeka, Croatia

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Hello everyone. When I wrote about Rijeka, I left two spots for another post because I wanted to pay special attention to them. It is Trsat, a hill above Rijeka, ideal for sightseeing, and Kantrida, a football stadium.

When you come to Rijeka, it may be best to visit Trsat first, because here you will be able to enjoy the amazing and stunning views. You will have the whole Rijeka in the palm of your hand.


On this hill is an imposing fortress, Trsat Castle, which in addition to its historical significance is also the site of many cultural and entertainment events.





IMG_6644 Copy.jpg





The greatest pleasure is to drink coffee in the cafe located here and at the same time enjoy the stunning view of the sea and the city.


It was fascinating to see a girl sitting on the wall under which the abyss is. She is very brave (photo below). 🙂 Everything is so high here.



IMG_6601 Copy-1.jpg



And this is the view when you turn around. In the distance, you can see the road, the bridge, and the tunnel. I like to look into the distance, but I'm a little afraid of heights. 🙂


When it comes to Kantrida, I was thrilled to see it.


First of all, I have to say that I am a football fan. It is not so typical for a woman 🙂 but my father passed on his love for football to me. I live near the stadium of the most famous club in my country and when I was a child, I often went there with my father. But let's go back to Kantrida. This is the most beautiful football stadium I have ever seen.



IMG_7697 Copy.jpg


It is very specific because it is situated between the rocks and the sea. But not only football is played under the rocks. Athletics is also played here.


Near the stadium is Kantrida beach. The combination of sea and sports is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in my life.

IMG_7830 Copy.jpg





One interesting detail is the water slide. It is high, but I believe that the experience of going down this slide is awesome. 🙂


If you want, you can drink coffee here on the beautiful terrace and enjoy the sea view.


And this mural is another interesting detail of this place. I don't know who it is, but she has beautiful blue eyes. 🙂

IMG_8058 Copy.jpg

These two places are two more reasons to visit Rijeka. I hope you'll like it.

Thank you very much for reading.

The images and writing are original and mine.




Nice photographs.

Nice view. That's a fantastic place to have a coffee.

@tipu curate 3

Thank you so much 🤗

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hahaha wow. What an amazing place.
I kept thinking... Is it cold to swim?
From the pictures we see that you liked this visit.
A hug from Brazil and I see you in your next post.

Nice to meet you. Greetings to Brazil. 🤗 It is cold now but soon, in late June and in July and August it will be great for swimming. 😊

Beautiful area… and so much to see and do. And the views from above… wow 🤩
Thanks for sharing @jelenaa 😎

I am glad you like it. 🤗 The views are breathless indeed. Very nice place.

You are welcome @jelenaa 😁 happy to visit your posts ☀️
Enjoy your Sunday!

Croatia it's really a wonderful country with a wonderful sea.

Oh yes, Croatia has everything for a perfect vacation. It is beautiful for walking and enjoying by the sea. 😊

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I am happy to read this, thank you so much 🤗

Wow!!! Beautiful place, beautiful views, beautiful photos.

Thanks, I am glad you liked the photos. It is a beautiful place, indeed. 😊

Wow! What a symbolic trip! Looking forward to visit Croatia someday, too! 🦋🏰✨

I recommend you to visit Croatia, you will enjoy it and see a lot of beautiful places. 😊

I'll definitely go there very soon! Definitely looking forward to my euro trip! Thanks for the awesome article! ✨

I've never seen in my country a place that mixes the beach and the sports but considering how many sports you can enjoy on sand or even in the water, it all makes sense! Also, I like its solitutde and that it's not busy with tourists as it happens on this part of the world :D

Thanks. It's not busy with tourists because the photos were taken a few weeks ago. In the summer season from June to September there are many more tourists but also enough beautiful places that can be visited without being crowded. 😊

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