A trip to Green Valley Park and my sense of travel.

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Hope everyone is well. I wish everyone to be healthy, beautiful and well, and with lots of love to everyone, I am starting with a little story about my travel story today.

Who doesn't like to travel? We are humans and humans in the world all the time trying to live a proper beautiful and healthy life. And our main tool and main motivation for this survival is to calm the mind.If you can entertain yourself properly then you will try a hundred times more to live on this earth and always want to enjoy your world. And I am today with that continuation I will try to discuss some scenic routes of travel



Travel story

Earlier I informed you that I visited my country home to celebrate Eid. Went to country house to celebrate Eid and while there our office colleague gave me a call.About three days after Eid my office colleague called me and said that he wants to go on a trip. And hearing about the trip, my heart was really happy. So I encouraged him to travel

At 10 am we have a small park near our house. Although small guys then this is known to us as a very entertainment filled place inside Bangladesh. I am an uncle and office colleague of mine We all went on a trip together to Lalpur Green Valley Park Limited. Especially when I went there I enjoyed a lot of fun and happiness.








We first enter the main gate of Green Valley Park. After entering the main gate from there we purchase tickets and we enter inside.Once inside we enjoy a variety of sights.In particular, there is a collection of various types of sights. If you are a wanderlust person then this place is just for you.Green Valley Park Limited has all the necessary steps or stages for sleeping.

Moreover, if you want, you can do educational tour or any picnic inside this Dream Valley Park Limited. There are various quarters and resorts within the park. From where you rent a resort You can also store picnics or any educational trips very nicely.Especially it is known to me as a tourist land. The place is located inside a very green summer resort.



Our body was a little tired after traveling for a long time. So we could no longer travel with a tired body. Suddenly we sat under the shade of a tree After sitting under the shade we ordered coca cola and had some light snacks there.We sat there for some time after having a light water meal. Our traveling was very good.

Especially we went out for traveling after a long time. And the greatest contribution behind this traveling was our office assistant. Office assistants always love us a lot and I always try to travel and enjoy entertainment with them.Because the joy found in traveling college may never be found anywhere else. So if you also want to visit our Lalpur Green Valley Park then there is golden opportunity for you. All are invited to our Lalpur Green Valley Park Limited.

If you want, you can also visit our Lalpur

Green Valley Park Ltd.









Importance of traveling. An important and integral part of our life. If you are an avid traveller, you can gain a lot of knowledge. Especially through traveling, you can be aware of all the laws, rules and customs of new nations and new countries. Moreover, ask your own mind And traveling makes a very important contribution to entertainment. So we all should always travel and enjoy our life through traveling. And this is what everyone expects


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