A Mini-Workation for Seven Days in Zakynthos, Greece

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If you’re a long time follower of our travel blog, you know that we often visit to Greece, in order to maintain our frequent traveler status with Aegean Air. We try to make it an annual thing, but of course the Coronavirus had kept us away for two years … so we’ve been desperately looking forward to making a return.

A Beach Restaurant on Zakynthos
A Beach Restaurant on Zakynthos

As I’m sure you can assume from our chosen lifestyle, we are addicted to travel, so being stuck in Valencia for the past eighteen months has been really difficult — even if Valencia isn’t such a bad place to be stuck. This was the longest we’ve stayed in once place since … ever, actually. And we were dying to get back out there, so the moment we had both received our vaccines, we booked a short trip to the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea.

We decided for this island, because it was something new — and it seemed to be the perfect size, with amazing beaches and landscapes, along with the crystal clear water Greece is famous for. We settled on a small studio apartment near Alikanas and couldn’t have been happier with our choice. From our place we had an amazing view over the sea with the island of Kefalonia in the distance.

Yummy Greek Food
Yummy Greek Food

The first few days of our workation actually were full working days, but we got away from the laptops for a few days at the end of the week, to explore the rest of the island, renting a car and setting out on road trips. We drove up to the north, stopping at various coves and lookout points, and went to the viewpoint for the famous Shipwreck Beach, where we flew our drone and took videos of this iconic spot.

We also toured the interior of the island, driving through quaint mountain towns, and surprisingly green landscapes. But most of our time was spent along the coast, enjoying the water (still warm enough to swim in early October), the incredible Greek cuisine, and the magnificent sunsets. We spent our final day at the Keri Cliffs, where we marveled over the beauty of both the rock and the isolated beach in which it’s placed.

Although we had a blast during our short trip to Zakynthos, it almost felt like a scouting trip for a longer visit sometime in the near future. We weren’t able to get to either of the island’s most famous sites: the Shipwreck Beach or the Blue Caves, and would love to also check out the beach at the Keri Cliffs. There was so much to see and do on Zakynthos, we kept finding ourselves saying, “Next time… next time…”.

So, I think it’s a given! We’ll be back soon, Zakynthos!

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Wow! So beautiful the whole place. That is one place that I really want to visit soon as well. The food looks so delicious too! I love the setup of the table outdoors. Is there some specific restaurants that you would recommend? The picture of the restaurant at night is just so pretty! Love the ambience! More photos please of Zakynthos!

You would love it! Let me know right before your trip and I can give you 3 recommendations for food! I want to go back badly. Thank you so much for stopping by!

Also ... over 100 photos from our trip are over here: https://for91days.com/seven-days-in-zakynthos-greece-blog/

Amazing pictures! Really awesome to also add videos, not to mention food looks so delicious. Gotta love European cooking ;)

Thank you so much for stopping - checked out your travel articles! AWESOME!

wow the photo is great. and when i see the photos of the food it feels like this stomach is getting hungry. thank you for sharing.

Glad you liked it. Did you have Greek Food before?

no, I see it's delicious, thank you

WOW, just look at that sea, I would just love to swim in there right now, great shots and now you've created a need for me to visit Zakynthos, I've been to Italy, Spain and other countries in Europe, but I think the Greek islands maybe my next visit now lol. Thanks for a great post.

You will have zero regrets visiting the Greek Islands! You will love it! Thank you so much for the comment and for stopping by!

Wow! So beautiful!

A really nice place to visit. Have you visited the Greek Islands ?

Not yet! Will definitely come to visit as soon as I'm able to! Would love to visit Mykonos and visit the temples as I was super fond of Greek Mythology when I was growing up.

You will have a blast. Also, the food will make you love Greece even more!

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Wow! Amazing place.

Glad you liked it! You should visit some day!

Yeah, I wish to visit diff countries someday... nothing is impossible 😊...