'Art in paradise' 3D Museum in Da Nang- an awesome place for capturing plenty of artful photos

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Good evening everyone. I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of Hivers due to your big support for my last week's post. This has been a great motivation for me to continue writing and sharing more interesting experiences in my life.

Yesterday, while I was thinking about some topics for my upcoming posts, I was reminded of a set of photos that a friend took for me more than 3 years ago at the 3D Museum in Da Nang in an outing with him- one of my old friends in high school. I tried to rummage via emails to find these precious photos since the museum has not yet reopened due to the complicated and prolonged COVID-19 pandemic setting so I can not go there currently. It’s hard to believe that I thought I would spend some time editing these photos and posting them on Facebook after that day but honestly, I've forgotten this album till now. However, everything happens for a reason so these lovely photos are going to be shared with you guys via this week’s post.



'Art in paradise' 3D Museum in Da Nang

According to what I learned so far on the internet, Da Nang 3D Museum is an extremely famous painting museum belonging to Art In Paradise Global, a large group of 3D museums in the world. This company has run many 3D Art Museums across different countries for many years.


3,000 m2 3D Museum in Danang houses hundreds of large-scale paintings painted in many colours on the walls, ceiling and floor, creating an interesting, lively, colourful and eye-catching space. It has 9 specialized themed areas with more than 130 works made by nearly 20 top artists from Korea.


Coming to Art in Paradise, visitors not only see 3D paintings but also have the opportunity to become part of them by using their creativity to blend into the paintings to make the content, as well as the uniqueness of the work, stand out.


'Art in Paradise's artful illustrations via a first-year girl’s acting at Da Nang 3D Museum

Below are more photos where showing my terrible acting via my old friend’s lenses. It seems that I had immersed myself in the content, put in the best of my performance to match the works and have fun at that time.


I tried to be a hero :3



"Heyy. I don't want to kiss you 😆"


Do we look alike?


A mermaid named Vivianne😌



My outfit didn't seem right that day, but I did my utmost 🤗


I hope I can go to a place like this in the future, Venice of Italy for example.






Coming back to childhood with these cute artworks




Oh my horrible acting! 😂


This is my favourite photo since it's like we were talking to each other.



Let's learn together 😍



What an amazing picture!


"Is it OK? 😂"


"Oops, I got the wrong room 😁"


Looking back at my energetic photos from 3 years ago reminds me that I need to live more joyfully and contribute more value every day since time will never come back.♥️

For the time being, the museum has not reopened to welcome visitors back. However, I think we can be there soon.

Thank you so much for reading my post. Have a warm night! 😘


I really love your photos, I also would like to visit the 3D Museum in Da Nang.
Thanks for sharing.

let's come there and enjoy😁. It'll be fun hihi

ahaha ok, when I will come to visit Vietnam we can go ☺️

I'd love to meet you 😍 It has been so long to speak with a foreigner because of Covid T.T

Yeah Covid has really changed our lives. Let's hope that this pandemic will come to an end and we will start to live again as we used to (so that maybe we can also meet ☺️)

I'm waiting for it 😇

quá đẹp luôn, tuyệt vời, chắc phải đi chỗ này thôi ✈️

hết dịch đi liền anh ha hihi

That's so cute LOL.
I missed it the last time I was in Danang 😂

so come back to Da Nang hihi, I'd love to meet you here😍

ở ĐN lâu rồi mà chị không biết bảo tàng này :)
Great pictures and excellent post em :)

em đi lâu rồi mà lãng quên luôn chị ạ. Em cảm ơn chị nhiều nhaaa😍

Really nice pictures, hope to get here someday soon 😇😇😇

yayyy. Come there, enjoy and act like a real actress 😍

Oài, giờ mới biết nơi này á. Tháng sau vô phải đi xem qua thử.

Có vẻ ít ng biết chỗ này z ta :3 đi đi em chụp đẹp lắm

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Nhìn hay ghê em, sao a chưa biết nơi này nhỉ.

dạ nhìn lại chụp đẹp thật a, đợi hết dịch vô tham quan chụp sống ảo hết ý luôn hehe 😁

uhm có nhiều bức nhìn như thật luôn em.

oh. lại gặp người quen nữa!
Ảo thật đấy! Cô vy nhỏ con dễ xương chụp mấy cái hình ni đúng hợp 😆

Hồi này e còn ngây thơ a ạ kk.

absolutely beautiful photos, i do believe this trip was an awesome one, thanks so much for sharing

Yes, it's. Thanks a lot for your support 🥰

more grace, keep it up

Mình cũng từng đến đây , lần đâu được đi bảo tàng 3d ,vào đây chụp hình rất là vui =D

Siêu đã luôn anh hì. Em chụp lâu rồi mà quên béng luôn ấy 😅

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thanks so much for your support😇

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dễ thương quá em ơi 😍

cảm ơn chị nhiều lắm ạ, một bộ hình cute mà em đã xém quên lãng hihi

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Đà Nẵng đúng là nơi nhièu cảnh đẹp quá b 😁 ghé chơi ĐN mà ko muốn về

Em ở đây cũng lâu rồi mà chưa có đi đâu nhiều hết trơn í 😅 còn nhiều thứ khám phá lắm c 🥰

đẹp quá em ơi. Tuyệt vời lun nè🤩

em cảm ơn chị ạ hihi, họ vẽ xuất sắc luôn chị nhỉ

I am really impressed, this is truly magnificent mural art, very cool!

All artists who did these artworks are talented. I really admire them🥰

giờ mới biết tới Vy trên này, răng mà em dễ thương trong bộ hình ni dữ vậy Vy 😆

dạ hồi đó em còn non, giờ em ko đc dễ thương z đâu chị hehe
have fun cùng mn chị nhé ^.^

Quá tuyệt vời em ơi, c ko nghĩ ở việt nam mình cũng có cái bảo tàng hay và độc đáo như này. Sẽ note lại để có dịp sẽ đi thăm.

dạ vâng ạ, đẹp mà rộng lắm chị ơi, vô tha hồ diễn luôn hehe

You're so cute

Thank you my bro 🤣