Starmall CSJDM

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A quick visit to CSJDM for errands and date!

Starmall San Jose del Monte

Woke up earlier than usual, took a 2-hr trip from Marikina to CSJDM to process Meralco application. Unfortunately, their office accepts application only on weekdays.

All Day Convenience Store

While waiting for my girlfriend to arrive, I took the liberty of reading a book in an unoccupied al fresco dining beside All Day Convenience Store. I was able to read two chapters.

Starmall Cinemas

My girlfriend and I went to Starmall Cinemas to watch Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. I love the ambience of their cinema lobby - very cozy and picturesque.


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The CSJDM Starmall is a nice place to hang out. Fewer people go there and space is big enough. So you came from Marikina and went to San Jose to apply for Meralco, and had a date with your gf? Sorry, was trying to understand your story here. :)