Visiting Villa Dolores Beach Resort at Bagac, Bataan, Philippines

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Greetings Haveyoubeenhere!

It's been months since my last post in the community and it's good to be back. I thought it will take a very long time before I am going to post again on the community because I was not able to freely travel due to the pandemic. But while I was cleaning up my Google Drive I stumble upon some photos of my forgotten travel on Villa Dolores Beach Resort located at Brgy. Saysain, Bagac, Bataan, Philippines.

Today, I am going to share with you that travel that I get to experience five years ago. This travel actually predates my Hive membership.

The Travel

Every summer we like to go to the beach to cope up with the scorching heat of the sun. Every summer, the beach is the hotspot for tourists to visit. In the Philippines, there are a lot of beaches to go to and one of them is Villa Dolores Beach Resort located at Bagac, Bataan.

The Travel was planned one month ahead because during summer most of the hotels on beach resorts are fully booked. The trip to the resort will take about three hours so we started our trip at seven o'clock in the morning.

After arriving at the place (we arrived at about 10 o'clock) we were all exhausted so we simultaneously entered our hotel rooms and rest a little while waiting for lunch (lunch is included in the hotel accommodation).

Resting at the hotel

Photo Op before Lunch

After resting for a couple of minutes I finally regained some strength. I got outside the hotel's balcony and I started to take pictures of the resort's scenery. The sceneries are quite beautiful because of the blue skyline and the presence of some nipa huts in the background.

My colleagues are still in our hotel room at this time. They don't want to come out and swim to the beach because the sun's heat is so hot you'll get a sunburn. After a few minutes of standing on the balcony, I realized that I just can't get outside and take more photos because it was really, really hot at that time. So I just stand on the balcony for a little while thinking if I will go down and take some walk at the beach.

Me at the balcony

At this time my colleagues are now well rested and they started to get out of our hotel rooms and explore the area. Some of them now joined me on the balcony and we are all marveling at the view of the beach's skyline together with the nipa huts at the hotel's grounds.

It was still scorching hot at this time (about 11:00 a.m.) so we are just standing at the balcony to breathe some fresh air coming from the sea. The sky was very clear at that time with few white clouds that can be seen making the skyline even more beautiful.

The beautiful skyline and nipa huts

After standing for many minutes at the hotel's balcony some of my colleagues elected to rest more at our hotel room, they said it was a little too hot to take some walks at the beach. Me, I now begin to feel the toll of standing on my foot and on my knees at the balcony so I decided to get down on the hotel's ground and see if I can do some walks (at the beach or at the hotel's grounds). As it turns out, it was too hot for a walk so just decided to just take a photo of the hotel that we are staying in then I returned to our hotel room.

It was past 11:00 o'clock now at that time and lunch is about to be served in the hotel's restaurant so I just returned to our hotel room and waited for lunchtime.

As far as I remember the foods that were served to us at that time were composed of plates of seafood and it was a buffet (eat all you can). We ate heartily and returned to our hotel room then waited for the sun's heat to cool down so that we can have some walks and swim at the beach.

By the way, the foods, scenery, and the travel experience are the main reasons why I love traveling now. I was not all that interested in traveling when I was a teenager (including my years in college). But now I have my own family I now love to travel. I guess traveling with your own family is one of the happiest moments in the world.

Villa Dolores Beach Resort's Hotel

A Sunset and A Walk to Remember

After eating our lunch we decided to go back to our hotel room and get some rest again. As for me, I decided to take a nap because I cannot brave the scorching hot of the sun to go outside and take some walk at the beach.

Some of my colleagues also took a nap and they decided to swim at the beach at 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon so that the sun's heat is not as hot just like during lunchtime.

It's a good thing that the hotel that we are staying in is fully air-conditioned (I mean, the air-conditioning machine is in good condition and was able to keep the room cool for the rest of the day).

I actually slept for a couple of hours and woke up at about 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon. Still, the sun is still scorching hot so I just waited for the sun to set so that I could have some walks at the beach.

And then the sun is beginning to set so I finally decided to take a walk at the beach while some of my colleagues are swimming. At this time no more scorching heat from the sun just a cool icy breeze of air coming from the sea. I was not able to swim at the beach during this visit because of the sun's scorching heat (I was afraid of getting sunburns again).

I vividly remember this walk at the beach because of the sunset. It was my first sunset experience by the beach. Below is a photo that I took of the sunset.

A great sunset

Me in a sunset

A Very Long Walk and a Peaceful Night

The slow walk that I took from the beach took me about more than an hour from both ends of the beach. It was a slow walk immersing myself with the gentle splashes of waves from the sea.

I enjoyed the long slow walk because it was so peaceful there are no other tourists that you can encounter, just us. Maybe because we are the only one that has booked at the resort at that time.

Although there are locals that I can see that are also taking some walks at the beach there are not many of them that can bother me from my slow walks.

While I was walking the air becomes cooler and cooler as the night approaches. This is the kind of experience that I am always longing for, a slow walk from the beach while the sun is setting and the night is approaching. It was one of the great experiences that I had in my entire travel experience.

And then it is nighttime, dinner is about to be served. And after dinner, it is time to sleep for the rest of the night.

Again, the foods that were served to us consist of plates of seafood (in a different style of cooking of course). We ate heartily and then slept for the rest of the night.

Villa Dolores Beach Resort Hotel at night

Early Morning Walk at the Beach

While I enjoy and long for a beach walk during the sunset and at night I also very much love walking at the beach early in the morning while the sun is rising.

Just like walking at the beach while the sun is setting and the night is approaching walking at the beach early in the morning is also an experience that I love.

In the morning you can also feel the soft and icy cool breeze of air early. The two walks may have different experiences that they can bring but both are an experience to remember.

Early morning walk

Early morning walk

Oh, before I forgot, every morning some fishermen can be seen arriving from fishing and they do sell the fishes that they caught to tourists.

If you are going to visit Villa Dolores Beach Resort and if you want to eat or cook fresh fish from the sea you can definitely buy some from the fishermen early in the morning.

Blue Mackerel Scad (locally known as Galunggong)

And that's how my travel experience to Villa Dolores Beach Resort located at Brgy. Saysain, Bagac, Bataan, Philippines.

See you again in my next travel post. Keep safe

I am an I.T. professional (Computer Engineer) working in a private company, a blogger, a father, and a husband.


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Oh man. What an amazing vacation you had. The skyline and the cloud formation is so satisfying. The sunset is beautiful.

Yep, one of my best vacations ever, walking on the beach at sunset and sunrise is so satisfying.

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