Rizal Park - A Night of Christmas Season

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My wife behind Jose Rizal monument

Looking Back Down Memory Lane

Before the advent of mobile phones, social media, online gaming, and the internet there's a place where a mere citation of its name will put a smile on the faces of people of all ages, it's name is Rizal Park, simply called "Luneta" back then. It was the time when someone says, "Let's go to Luneta", then all of the person that heard it will have a prompt reply, "Let's go!".

Rizal Park is so famous because not only it is named after our National Hero, Jose Rizal. But because it is also the exact place where he was executed by Firing Squad.

A monument of Jose Rizal can be found inside the park exactly at the very place where he is executed by firing squad

Beginning at a young age when a child is able to comprehend or speak he or she is taught who our National Hero is. And by the time children enters school teachers will further teach them how Jose Rizal became our National Hero.

His name can be found in national history books. He even has his own monument in other countries around the world in recognition of his contribution to the Philippine Independence.

In high school, students will have a more comprehensive study about his legacy which is included in historical subjects and they will have the opportunity to read his two famous books, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo.

With all that precedent who wouldn't have wanted to go and visit Rizal Park?

My wife and my son behind Jose Rizal monument

Yesterday and Today

Back then people of all ages always have wanted to visit the park numerous times in a year. As for me when I was a high school student seeing the monument for the first time give me chills and goosebumps while muttering to myself, "Finally, I saw the place where our National had his last breath".

But now most people are now glued to their electronic devices and forgot to pay a visit to one of the most important people that contributed to our country's independence.

But I also noticed that the traditional day time of visiting the park is waning as people are starting to visit the park at night compared to the last decade.

Also, more and more people are now visiting the park during Christmas eve and New Year's eve and that's how I came to visit the park once again, this time at night, on January 5, 2020, to be exact before the pandemic. This my first time to visit the park at night but I also visited the park numerous times before in day time.

Me and my son behind Jose Rizal monument

My wife behind Jose Rizal monument

Christmas Season and Normal Days at Rizal Park

To be honest I don't know when people started to visit the park at night and during Christmas eve and New Year's eve.

The park is a sight to behold in the daytime where you can see your fellow tourists lounging everywhere together with children playing tags with each other or just plain running around enjoying the field adorned by bermuda grass and the air coming from a nearby sea-shore. There are also lots of shops and stores where you can buy food and souvenir items.

I never thought that the park turns into a majestic place once the lights turned on and tourists can wait to see the dancing fountain show at 9 o'clock in the evening. Sad to say we were late so we were not able to witness the show.

Adjacent to the Rizal Monument is a huge Christmas tree right at the center of the park. The monument is located at the main entrance of the park (there are actually multiple entrances to the park, the main entrance is where the Rizal Monument is located).

My wife and my son and a huge Christmas tree

A huge Christmas tree

A huge Christmas tree at Rizal Park

Me and my wife behind the large Christmas tree

Me and my wife behind the large Christmas tree

Behind my wife and my son is a huge Christmas tree

Behind me and my son is a huge Christmas tree

Colorful Dancing Fountains

At the other end of the park is a shallow pool where the dancing fountains are located, during a pre-dancing fountain show the fountains are on a standstill until the show is started.

But sad to say we were not able to see it since we were late. We just took some photos, enjoyed the scenery, the night time experience then we walked through the park. Sad to say again that we were not able to take more photos because of the fear of mobile phone snatchers that could be blending along with the crowd.

And also because of fatigue, we were not able to take photos at the front of the Rizal Monument which is the most beautiful place to take pictures in the park.

Colorful water fountains

Behind me are water fountains

Behind my wife are water fountains

Behind my wife are water fountains

Nearby Places to Visit

When fatigue and the feeling of sleepy started to creep on us we decide to go home and on our way is the National Museum of Anthropology. There's also the National Museum of National History and both are just a couple of steps from the park.

If you want to visit the museum and the park at once then might as well do a visit during the day then wait for the night at the park and wait for the colorful dancing fountain at exactly 9 o'clock in the evening.

National Museum of Anthropology left side view

Me and my son in front of National Museum of Anthropology

My wife and my son in front of National Museum of Anthropology

That's all for now, see you again.

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