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Thank you. I am glad you like my post. 😊 There are many beautiful places in Croatia, worth visiting. I was born in Dalmatia, in Zadar and it is my favorite Croatian city. The whole coast is beautiful.

What about costs? How expensive is it to visit?

It depends on what kind of accommodation you want. It doesn't have to be expensive if you organize yourself well and find private accommodation. I will go to Porec on summer vacation and I found a very good offer. Accommodation in a hotel, full board service for me and my family is a total of 700 euros. Grocery prices in the markets are similar to those in my country. Restaurants are more expensive ... Where are you from?

Hotel is out of the question for me and my family. Too expensive! But private accommodations is the best option for us. That way we can buy our food at the local store, and cook our own meals. I have no idea what Airbnb would cost, though.

I'm originally from Mexico, but I live in Germany.

How is inflation - food prices, gas, etc - hitting Croatia right now?

Well, yes, I agree, private accommodation is the best option because you can organize the same as at home. I don't know what the current situation is in Croatia, because I live in Serbia. In Serbia, everything has become more expensive lately and there is no sugar in stores, because people are making supplies out of fear. 😊

Yes, hoarding seems to be a phenomenon worldwide right now!

What about Serbia? I heard it's also a nice country to visit. You dealt with the "Pandemic" really well, I think, didn't you?

Yes, the pandemic has gone pretty well compared to other countries. There are many beautiful places in Serbia, worth visiting. We have beautiful mountains, beautiful natural environments due to favorable geographical position. But we have no sea.😊 You are welcome!😊

Yes, the pandemic has gone pretty well compared to other countries.

What kind of restrictions do you still have?

Any recommendations for first-time visitors!

We have kids between 11 and 18 (active, but no action freaks, though! 🀣 )