If Leo Explodes In Price Should I Run My Daily Contests On There?

in Quello4 days ago

Back in the day when steem was over 2 dollars I use to run contests. One of them, for Marvel, had over 600 comments on them. Now that Leo might be able to make a run and we might be able to make money from pisting again this might be a chance to bring them back. I have a lot of Leo power and could give out serious prizes.

I think contests a good way to levarage the voting system that cannot be done on other sites and give users a way to earn the coin while having fun.

The contests would all be finance and blockchain related of course. I can think of a few already.

Just gathering intel right now, would you like to see them on Leo?

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Absolutely, I think it could also be a hit on Twitter and bring users into LEO if they see they can win some crypto that has a decent value on a regular basis

Fuck yes!

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