Bowie Poppins - #freewrite - Prompt 'Lost Cat'

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Sitting on the Lounge one day and a big ball of white fluff blew in the doorway and promptly jumped up on the couch and onto my lap.

What the, ahh isn’t it cute

Where have you come from

The cat stated to purr and nestle in against my chest.

I called to my partner and asked her if she had seen this adorable little creature before.

She had not.

I wonder where it has come from,

We promptly set about creating some Lost Cat posters, took a photo of the Adorable Kitten and, went and put them up on Posts around our neighborhood.

Well, after about a week, we thought, hmm, she is here to stay, what shall we call her.

She was a white ball of fluff with one blue eye and one green eye so we called her Bowie Poppins, Bowie because of the different coloured eyes (David Bowie) and Poppins because she just seemed to blow in.

Well Bowie Poppins became a bit of a household cat; she would get into everything.

Here she is playing the Piano


After another week a person from down the road turned up and informed us that it was his sisters’ cat and she had moved to a different city. And could we possibly mind the cat for another couple of month as he was not able to. He said that he will pick her up and take her to his sisters then.

Ok we said

Bowie Poppins became quite a fixture.


As Cats do, she would always jump up onto our computers while working, and always took a liking to cat photos

Here she is checking out the Internet.


We even created her own Facebook page

After a couple of Month, true to his word, Our neighbour came to pick Bowie up and took her to her rightful owner

Here is Bowie saying goodbye



The Facebook Page lives on and every now and then Bowie creates a post.



Daily 5 minute #freewrite, prompt provided by @mariannewest


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I love your story about Bowie Poppins! What a fortunate thing that you were there stand in the gap. Those pictures of Bowie are adorable. Reblogged!

Thanks for the comments @wandrnrose7 :)

about a year after this we had another cat wander in , lol, a black one this time, it was a really nice cat, well fed and looked after, and followed me around like a shadow,
Looked up on a lost cat website and found a cat that fitted the description perfectly. Only thing is that the missing report was 10 months old !!
we rang the number and it turned out it was their cat, they came and picked it up.
This one stayed with us for 2 weeks and when it came time to go, really didn't want to lol

Awww! Well, you're kind to shelter them. One day perhaps one will stay.

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What a fun adventure you had with your white fluff ball :)

It was a great adventure, she was a little naughty though and would chase the birds, which we tried to discourage. :)

Lol. I love Brownie already ❤️❤️