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lensball and picture

are mine
taken at villa Nottola Moltipulciano

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Your holiday address will become a new temporary home after a day or two, that’s what I always feel when on holiday. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a hotel, an apartment or a tent.

It always takes a while but then your apartment or hotel room it is a home away from home and in our case its under the Tuscany sun.

The apartment is nice and every day after we visited some cultural hot spots in the area we go to the pool. The walk to the pool area is though the olive gardens of Villa Nottola.
So nice and so peacefully serene.


It’s quiet today as we walk there at lunch time.

The people that already have their places in the sun also have been the people that came at the weekend like us. Some Dutch families, some Italian , two people from France and one big family from Belgium.


When I am installed on a sun bed, I look around and see the, probably on honeymoon, couple from Italy and the man alone on a white sun bad with the small speedo. Well taste of fashion is personal I guess. The family with two kids who are swimming and say hi in Dutch. It’s nice and our kids can play with theirs. After a while we exchange some cultural visit experiences we did in the area and took some tips from them to do ourselves.

I saw a woman playing with her Samsung and taking selfies in the water and at the pool side near the showers. Her hubby was looking at her and I think he is fantasising about what he would do together with her when in the room again and in private.

Well I think he thinks that, but it is not what the woman is thinking of , she is looking at the results of every photo taken and now started to talk to the phone. Probably a reel or a video to put on insta or online, and well I cannot blame here the place is beautiful. I will just watch, no videos or reels for me!


The old man on the left is seeing the 4 kids, now in the water with a ball, and is wondering ( At least that is what I think ) why people like us or people with kids in general are coming to these Italian winery’s. Age does a lot with people, in our case the kids keep us young. We play football, have a tennisset with us and play cards. But when we get in the pool we dive for coins and play with the ball aswell. Maybe this older man did that when he was younger, and now just forgot !

Next to me now new people arrived. They have two older kids , like ours who in our case preferred to go on holiday to Spain with friends, they are besides the pool with a tshirt on when it’s 38 degrees celcius and with earplugs in. I guess watching a Netflix series or listening to music.

The sound of crickets and the view up in the sky with no clouds in sight, allows us to relax to the max, And look at all the people at the pool and making our own stories about those people. I think it’s fun.

I know we all do it, in the car, at the mall and in the train to work.
On to tomorrows stories, when new couples arrive and new people are at the pool side.


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Date : 29 July 2021


It's always fun to create our own identities for the strangers around us! You are good at it!

Its so great and sometimes we tell eachother what we think the person is all about the weirdest stories evolve , poor people and maybe they do the same about us hahahahh

Enjoy your vacation, @brittandjosie!

We are loving Italy three different areas and all so pretty andctge eind and food OMG

Awww... lovely!!!

Good Enjoy your vacation,

Thank you it’s a blessing to be able to and I am very fortunate to be in the position to travel during these times

Perhaps the woman on her Samsung was posting to Hive and dLive? ;-)

Shall I go up to her and tell her about Hive ?


Lovely scenery. The photo with the trees and lamp post will make for an amazing shadow hunter scene. Looks so relaxing.

Ohhhh yes I could but I have some other tonsurprise melinda and the team for this week with

How unique, walking through an olive garden to get to the pool...! It's great that you're sharing tips with other folks there! It looks like a pretty place with the flowers and old stone & brick work! 😃

We changed provinces and we are on a mountain now and I saw some olive barns 😉

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Always very much appreciated