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created by me using artbreeder.com

The Artbreeder addiction rages on.

I'm working on a big article about my theory that Artbreeder, and ML (Machine Learning) sites like it will quickly destroy the fashion model industry. Why pay a model thousands of dollars when you can just create your own digital version in minutes? It's really quite insane what i've been able to create in a matter of hours with this tool. I feel like I am cheating. It is able to make the images in my mind that I could only dream of painting. Entire industries are about to go belly up because of this kind of AI.

Here are some of my latest humans:





now for some guys....

here's the panel where you can edit the genes of the face:






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The third one looks photo real.

yeah, it's super weird what you can do.....feels a bit dodgy tbh!

Wait, these aren't pictures of real humans?

oh god no. I designed them all.

Wow.. They're really really good.

I designed this guy.

And he's so handsome 😄

you can edit the genes of any face to get the desired look.
Here's the panel that shows that:


anyone can do this, and it's free too.

Has it got a mobile app?

AI is eating the world. This tool will wipe out fashion models.

Definitely checking this out thanks to you.

im completely addicted. I made videos too.

Do you have to pay to upload your own images?

no you get a certain amount free. But you can remix faces ALL FREAKING DAY LONG FOR FREE. you get to upload like 5 images i think for free, then it costs after that.


These photo projects are keep brings easier of our daily work with its concerned industries, this network will also provide some extra creativity, supported.

this is how nature created human faces? 😁

hmmmmmmm idk

Nature has its AI algorithms and an operator or operators... I think artbreeder is an alien...😲 and you are getting training, if you get a chance as an operator please give me a good face...😬