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RE: Chess Puzzle of the Day (Jul 20, 2021) | Problema de ajedrez del día (20-Jul-2021)

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What a beautiful motive, first I calculated Rb8, which traps queen after Qc6, but not after Qa5. Thought there is nothing for short while, but I dug deeper into original variation and its there... really beautiful puzzle.

  1. ... a5 - threatens c6 and trapping queen, which is inevitable, but white have two reasonable defensive options:
    attempt to escape - 2. Qc6 Ra6 3.Qd5 Rd6 and queen is trapped on d5 - i don't think I ever seen this before.
    or try counterplay - 2. Bg4 c6 3. Bxd7+ Kxd7! 4. Qb6 Ra6 and queen ends up trapped in this variation too.

Very nice analysis! 2. Bg4 move is probably the most difficult move to meet if you're not imaginative enough to find 3... Kxd7! like you pointed out. That's how we should think during a game in an active position like this if we have enough time.