Chess Puzzle of the Day (Jul 17, 2021) | Problema de ajedrez del día (17-Jul-2021)

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♔♞♙ Chess Puzzle of the Day

puzzle position | posicion del problema

*** Black to play and win ***

A rather unusual position, in which black was lucky because his king does not look good at all. On the other hand, we can deduce that white followed the strategy of pressing the pinned piece, which sounds quite logical, but in chess, as in physics, there is relativity too!

Do you want to exercise your tactical skills a little? Then solve this chess puzzle. Indicate the correct move and a full continuation. If you want, you can point out the tactical motives and other patterns present.

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♔♞♙ Problema de ajedrez del día

puzzle position | posicion del problema

*** Juegan negras y ganan ***

Una posición bastante inusual, en la que el negro tuvo suerte porque su rey no se ve nada bien. Por otro lado, podemos deducir que las blancas seguían la estrategia de presionar a la pieza clavada, lo que suena bastante lógico, ¡pero en el ajedrez, como en la física, también tenemos relatividad!

¿Quieres ejercitar un poco tus habilidades tácticas? Entonces, ¡resuelve este problema de ajedrez! Señala la jugada correcta y una completa continuación. Si lo deseas, puedes señalar los motivos tácticos y demás patrones presentes.

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12th July I have PhD qualification exam and 22 July I wlll have qualification talk. The results will be known 4th August.
I think that Pawn A2 is winning move for black.

That sounds great! Good luck with that :) a2 seems interesting, but isn't white threatening something big here?

For some reason I calculated for about minute whether Rxe4 works lol. Solution is lot simpler when you realize you can do something else and knight is not hanging after second move :)

Okay, so, what's the solution!?

  1. ... Rd1+ 2. Rxd1 Bxe7 and if white tries some checks you can hide king on A5 or something similar. 2. Re1 Rxe1 and white just lost extra rook. 2. Kh2 Rxc1 followed by a2, king is secure enough.