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This a painting I finished today from a photo I took on location while I was on the W-Trek in Torres Del Paine, Patagonia, Chile.

At the time I was carrying my tent, food and equipment for 4 days, 3 nights of trekking, and camping in what was one, if not the major highlight of my South America trip 2018/2019.

I remember standing in this spot very well, the natural environment and landscape in all directions was incredible to see and experience.

I painted this in watercolour & gouache, on Aquarelle Watercolour pad, 5.9” x 8.3” (heavyweight).

You can view yesterday's plein air painting finished from the streets of my hometown, Brighton, England here:

Close up shots:





This painting is for sale on my website:

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Must have been one hell of a sight. I love the blues! (I am so biased with blues XD)

@ryivhnn the whole trek was incredible! I could have spent weeks there! Thank you :)