"Lagos Mashup"; My collage painting of Lagos City

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Art is limitless, it speaks volumes and expresses what words can't. When I started this piece I wasn't entirely sure where it was going. Someone in the abroad had requested a painting that speaks about Lagos, the economic capital of Nigeria as a way to reminder of his roots.

I took up the challenge and made a sketch similar to this end results but different in a few ways. In this piece I highlighted several items that quickly bring Lagos to mind.

I have listed them below...

Èyò (the white masquerade of Lagos) commonly displayed during cultural festivities

Danfo (the notorious Yello buses of Lagos)

Aro meta - The three statues situated at the entrance of Lagos

Okada (Transit bikes)

Keke Napep (A smaller short distance transport vehicle)

Eko Bridge

Canoe and water- A very common sight in Lagos, so many beaches as Lagos is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

Murtala Mohammed International Airport and plane - The country's busiest airport

National Art Theatre- An absolute architectural masterpiece which is the heartbeat of art and theatre in Lagos.

Here are some progress shots from the project, a fantastic experience!



I worked with Acrylic paints and markers to achieve this, spanning a little over a week.






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You did an awesome work, I like it a lot! 👍

Thanks a lot!

Ohhh what a spectacular work you present here 😍 it looks great, congratulations.

Thanks! Glad you like it.