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This is some detailed painting. Worked about 3 hours total on this to complete in two days.

Very colourful and with strong light summer shines here. Water didn't come as good as I wanted to.. may be I rushed through it. Was a good learning experience ☺️







A3 440gsm rough handmade cotton paper


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Thank you @ewkaw 😊

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Thank you @bhattg 😊🙏

you are welcome sir, keep sharing great content


!giphy welcome

The water looks pretty alright to me :) Water seems like a very hard thing to get right though. Even in watercolour ;D

True. It's hard here.. then you feel soft was better and then you make it soft and feel no hard was good 😁 it's hard in photo reference .. doesn't mean it needs to be hard in painting.. what looks better as painting should be it.. that's the learning from this painting 😊

This is soo beautiful 😍👏

Thank you 😊🙏