Walking through a tourist ghost town- Panagsama Beach-Philippines

in Wednesday Walk2 days ago

Hail to the hive!


Today I was unable to get any food delivered to work for lunch from my usual people as all 4 of the places I would normally order from at lunch were not open so I thought ok let's take a walk down the main lane in Panagsama and see whats open. Layla, the dive shop dog sensing the possibility of getting some food tagged along.


As i started to wander away from the dive shop I was more than a little surprised to see an absence of any life whatsoever. This was normal in Lockdown but things have opened up a bit recently and when I come into work in the morning I do see a bit of traffic but....


not a soul about. This is lunchtime (1pm) and normally hundreds of backpackers, other tourists, divers and locals would be milling around or sat outside drinking and eating.


I was surprised to see a few places completely shut down and boarded up.


This looks like someone is taking the opportunity of having no guests to re roof the place.


Ghost town!


I decided to walk down to the opposite end to where my dive shop is located to another corner restaurant to see whats happening there.

Errr nothing it would seem.


Empty beach area


Nobody at the souvenir stands


Everything boarded up


Layla is still with me but no food for her or me it would seem today



Another dive shop thats been closed completely since March


Empty. Tourist towns don't feel right empty like this. They have no purpose.


The sari sari shops closed as there's no passers by to purchase drinks and snacks so no need to open


If a zombie came out of one of those builings now I don't think I'd be in the slightest bit surprised.


This used to be a feediving place where people would come to learn to freedive and do yoga, now its an empty shell.


This was my neighbour Joes restaurant. he's in Hong Kong now.


As you can see there's nothing left here.


7 sins bar has a lack of any sin going on at the moment.



This bar is actually open. It's lunchtime and they are saying max capacity of 21 but there isn't even 1 customer in there right now. Too early for a drink for me and I don't like to drink alone so I'll keep walking.



Surely there has to be a human being somewhere???


Maybe down here ?.....nope


Here?? Nope


Ok time to head back to the dive shop, I am so hungry!


Stay safe out there people wherever you may be on the planet, take care




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WOw shocking to see it so deserted and so sad to think how so many small businesses there and around the world have been devastated by COVID

Greta photos of your walk

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

yup its a weird one, thanks for engaging bro. It's a weird thing here

Ohh yeah lets hope it returns to normal before to long

hell yeah :) my days this is really weird

Ohh yes for sure Take care and stay safe

Wow, it does look weird too and it looks like its starting to fall down cause no=one there to look after it and maintain it...Shame, but it will pick up again!

I'll come and you can teach me to scuba dive ( I have done it once on the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia new years day 1994) a few weeks before cyclone Bobby came and sunk heaps of trawlers and killed so many of my friends...

And the one that made me go diving with him- he didn't make me, it was something that we had already booked and then I tried to pike out at the last moment (hungover from BIG NYE party) and young 16 yr old Danny said to me come on Lees, you know if you don't you'll regret if for the rest of your life, so I jumped up and had the best day of my life instead.

He went missing off a trawler during cyclone Bobby and never seen again.

So every time I think about piking out of something, I remember his words and do it instead.

Anyway, thanks so much for the tour and I hope that you enjoy my tour of Melbourne with me as much as I enjoyed yours! 😊

how are you dear friend @scubahead good afternoon
It is incredible what this disease that plagues us all has managed to do,
I understand that this is related to that, the lack of activity in the whole place.
Despite how colorful and beautiful it is out there, I really like the photographs you have captured. I appreciate that you let us know these beautiful photographs
have a wonderful afternoon

thanks, I haven't done a wednesday walk for a while and that has to be the loneliest one I've done. Good job Layla was with me

hello dear friend @scubahead
I also had not published my walks for a long time. and I felt very good doing them.

I loved your photographs and your wife's. I really appreciate that they let us know such beautiful places

Have a wonderful afternoon

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It's sad. Even in the lowest of low seasons, I am sure Moalboal never ever came close to this, it was never empty.

This cracked me up though😂:

7 sins bar has a lack of any sin going on at the moment.

haha yes I couldn't resist