Swimming in natural jacuzzi baths in Kezme Bugazi Mevki Canyon... 28 photos + 4 videos :)

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Have you ever experienced the wild energy of a natural jacuzzi ?!
Then you understand my passion!



We're in an exciting place again natural beauty - Canyon Kesme Boğazı Mevki
This time we decided to be there all day to get into the natural bath jacuzzi, created by nature and to lie on giant rocks heated by the sun, listening to the sound of mountain streams! What could be better ?!



Last time I wrote a post about the place, also indicating its location on pinmapple.



And so passed the old bridge under which water boils crazy !, element - we again find themselves in the territory of cafes waterfalls. After drinking tea, we are cautiously moving from stone to stone, have reached the middle of the canyon and then I made a lot of exciting shots of the beautiful combination of stone and water. Enjoy!





Later, we dared to get into the seething water that fell from the low stone but formed in place of his fall deep whirlpool tub! Here in the video you can see my and Darinka bathing )))






It's fun, is it? After us my Victoria wanted also and was delighted with these crazy feelings when water gurgles and moves through the body, filling it with their energy!!



Then we went to another waterfall, more powerful and steep and there again enjoyed breakneck element!





Later we lay on hot stones, listening to the sound of the waterfall. This energetic element able to give the best relaxation and joy of life!




Around pines, heated by the sun, flowers and gave us their flavors. I do not know what these are called flowering trees, but they are everywhere in the woods and even grow on the rocks between the mountain streams!
It really looks like a paradise on Earth!




And finally, I continue my initiative
Enjoy the dynamic show
Among the stormy jacuzzis we catch energy

This is my contribution to the #wednesdaywalk challenge, initiated by @tattoodjay :)

Thank you for your support ❤️


Дивовижне місце. Воно так і бурлить природною енергією.

Ух ты какая красота! Райское наслаждение находится в таком месте!

So many beautiful places that we have not yet discovered!

The running water looks scary. Where the water comes from? Is it deep?

I didn't understand why this beautiful place is empty. Perhaps, the transportation is not easy or it is not well known. Howevet, I bet tourists have already discovered it :)

The water is taken from a mountain river, which then flows into several streams, which fall from the stones of different heights and flow between the stones, forming rapid streams! This unique place looks empty because few tourists dare to climb on the rocks. And you can get there only by car.

What a beautiful place. Such a cool spot to enjoy nature! 😎

Yes, this is a truly unique place I wanna to return to 😃

Oh no!! I have never experienced something like that!! Now it’s in my list of thing to do! Lol.

Amazing shots there!!

This canyon is sparsely populated and much more beautiful than the famous Goynuk! It's worth a visit 💞

The harsh hard rocks and flowing water compliment each other and make for such beautiful images, what an awesome day that must have been

I used to swim in rivers often when I was a teenager I havent for years, but now It makes me want to again soon

Before, I definitely preferred the sea, but not a mountains. But here in Turkey, I realized love this river in the canyon! I swim here and it's cool air 🙂
I am glad you liked 💞

I used to enjoy the sea for swimming, but rivers were for having fun for me :)

This looks like a stunning place to visit @olga.maslievich 😊
The nature around you… the jacuzzi.
Such a beautiful photographs. 😁
Thank you so much for sharing it so shows you all had a great time ☀️

Thank you @littlebee4 for visiting! The greatest pleasure to share in hive our travels :)

You are so welcome @olga.maslievich 😊
It sure is one of the great pleasures here in hive. Sharing and reading posts from all over the world.
Good evening!

What a gorgeous and perfect place to relax and have some fun.
Love the photo shots.

I am glad that you liked my videos :) It is better to perceive the beauty of nature when you see the dynamics!

Яка чудова та життєрадісна у вас сім‘я ❤️ Милуюсь вами та красою нашого прекрасного світу 🥰

It looks so fun to enjoy in the water! 😃👏
🥦 !BBH 🥦

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