Meeting new places... and new people!

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Last week was an interesting one in terms of not being quiet and sitting idle. The road was calling and we went from one place to another, visiting some new and old places. The same happened the day we went to visit one friend we knew from earlier. At the same time, we met some new people too.

First, we met the friend that we knew from real life. He suggested visiting a place by a small lake, and I assure you that his idea was great. I simply loved that place! The day was still promising some rain, but in the end, it stayed dry. I could even swim there, so calm and beautiful the water was... but I didn't have a swimming suit with me.



I went down to the dock and enjoyed the greenery. While sitting there and digesting the food we had in the restaurant (which was located by the lake), a man approached me. He started a conversation, to my surprise.

Hi. Where do you come from? Oh, really? I know that area, it's nice, but I like this lake the most. I live here, close to this place and I come almost every day to swim. There is nothing better for me!


I saw my husb and his friend laughing a bit from the terrace of the restaurant. Of course, they mocked me later about my encounter with a stranger. But, why they didn't come with me there? Who knows, maybe some stranger lady would come too to talk to them :D

This photo was taken when my interlocutor - the swimmer, entered the lake and swam away.


And I walked away too. Took a walk around this lake, called officially Small Lake. It was surrounded by trees and bushes, and the natural look is what I liked a lot. Near the lake, there were a few houses, small and simple, village style. Imagine living here... it would be great! But just for a short time, as I know I would miss some more action around.



On that walk, we also arrived at another lake which had sand beaches. There was a bar and several cane umbrellas, so in my opinion, not as interesting as the natural-looking Small Lake.



The time arrived to go to the city centre, where we would meet someone else...

In the online world, it is great when you establish some contacts, but it is very exciting when you have the opportunity to meet those people in real life too. I have spoken to @alt3r and agreed to meet in one city, we both had to travel to. She mentioned, that she would have company. I didn't really know, was she afraid of me so she needed a bodyguard?

Well, the truth is that the supposed bodyguard is also a fellow hiver, @oks2crypto. Cool, why not have a blind date with two hive users? :))



The mini hive meet-up happened in the city of Zrenjanin. It is located in the eastern part of Vojvodina, which is a province in Serbia. Passing the river Begej (well, a part of it, as it is closed at one point) we could see this stunning building, that looked like a castle. It is actually the Court of Justice of that city.


The bridge that is connecting the two parts of Zrenjanin had some nice details locked to the fence... Many cities have these spots, where couples in love put padlocks on fences. What is the real meaning of it? Do they want to lock their love? Or lock the loved one? Well, it is a ritual that symbolizes the commitment and constancy in a relationship, though we are very aware of the fact that one padlock can't guarantee the success of the same. But it's a sweet ritual anyway!

Have you ever locked a padlock to the fence of a bridge?


The city itself is not that super interesting. It has a big square with a church that grows pretty high to the sky. The main street resembles another city centre I visited recently, I think that the area had its architectural growth at the same time as other nearby cities.


The City Hall is stunning, though. I like the shape of the facade above the balcony, and those mini-towers on the corners of the building. It can be found in the same square as the church in the previous photo.


The same square, looking to the other side of the street. Here starts the main street, full of shops and restaurants, with terraces in the middle of the wide street. As you can notice, the sky was dull. Why so white and grey, dear sky?


I had to find some colours there, to compensate for that colourless sky. Red, yellow and green umbrellas in one passage! Now, everything is covered. A walk in nature and in the city, meeting old and new friends, and spotting a cool detail in a passage as someone thought life is nicer while looking at it through colours!




Very beautiful places and photos!

Thank you dear Ludmila, I really enjoyed the lake and the whole place 😇

Yes, they are wonderful!

You had a great walk ,☺️
The lake is so peaceful and beautiful. If I was there, I will surely stay for more than an hour to relax and breath.
But I won't swim hihihihi. I'll just savour the moment of staying there with food, of course 😌

It was paceful, for sure 😇 But hhy you wouldn't swim? Afraid of water or? :)
The food was an additional plus, and it was yummy!!

Coz I don't know how to swim hahaha and I just kind of thinking negative what's in the deep in the lake 😅🤣
That's why.

I know, I am also thinking about what is in the water... when it's a lake.
But in the sea, I can see more as it is transparent, but then, there are more dangerous animals there hahaha.

Hahha indeed.
I'm just thinking of things in the lake that's why and prefer beach because as what as you said it's clear. But in the beach also, I don't go to deep hihihihi

But in the beach also, I don't go to deep hihihihi

That is a smart and safe method 😀 👍

What a wonderful lake indeed, I could have spend many hours there. Especially when there is a restaurant 😊
Funny that encounter hahaha 🤣
So cool you got to meet up with 2 other hivers 😉😎
The walk was indeed stunning, you saw so much. Beautiful in every way.
To bad the weather isn’t that great. But I’m sure better than here as it is hot 🥵 hehehe 🤭
Have a wonderful evening further @mipiano
Great photographs 😎😁

The place with the lake was so calm and peaceful, I could also stay there for some hours.

So, it is hot in Spain? Soon, I am back haha, so I will have to get used to it again... to the Spanish heat :D

Have a great evening you too Jackie 😇

Yep, it’s hot 🥵
But I think I feel it worse as the landlord just doesn’t want to fix the a/c… and electricity and and… we decided not to stay month to month after the contract stops end of this month. We move out. Yep… it will be an extra move before our big move, that for sure wasn’t planned. But needed for many reasons.
We move closer to work 25 minutes drive instead of 1 hour 15. And the rents are cheaper there too. So we win a lot. And hopefully find something for the 1th of September. With working appliances and a/c and heating. So will have to start packing soon again. Lol 😆

Enjoy the nice weather there a little longer. I’m sure it will take a little to get used to it again. It is warmer than normal, at least it is here in the south.

Thank you so much @mipiano 🤗🤗

That's kind of a Good picnic spot when restaurant is also near - tho Glad that encounter with stranger went right

But hehe, i gotta say if a stranger girl talk with them than that's going to last quite long 🤣😂 you know man will be man.

Still a dream of many to meet online homies (friends) haha you're lucky to meet both hivers.

Truly loved your walk journey! Enjoyed reading! Much love and have fun!

Talking with strangers can be interesting :)) and also meeting people in real life after knowing someone just online.

And you are right, the place for excellent, not just because it was so calm but also because it was a modest restaurant but with very tasty food nearby. We had a lovely time!

It's very quiet it seems, but there are so many things to enjoy when visiting a different place before, it's nice to see life there.

Indeed, that's why I like to visit new places, always getting something new and refreshing for my mind :)

a Beautiful walk, but the lake gabs me looks so calm and refreshing

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

The idea to go there was super! Indeed, it was very calm, a perfect spot to spend some hours :)

Wow that city looks so lovely, the buildings and their colours are just beautiful !

@mipiano! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @hoosie. (5/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

I liked it too :)
The type of buildings I enjoy so much to see!

Thanks for the virtual travel. I really have enjoyed it and I hope I will be able to visit it one day. I am from Philippines and I'm just new in this platform 🇵🇭

Oh, welcome to Hive @sydney2

Have a good journey and enjoy 🥂

It's kinda ironic that they call it a "Small Lake" when it is wide enough, hihi. Those love padlocks, tho. I saw some vlogs on Youtube about it but it is somewhere in Paris. The colorful umbrellas are cute. I bet everyone who pass by that street will have a colorful day, leaving them a smile on their faces as they walk under it.

Yes, the habit of locking love padlocks is maybe coming from Paris. This is obviously just a smaller city, and way not that important nad interesting, but it has some charm with this detail 😇

Yeah, the Small Lake is not that small, but maybe there is a big one, so it is called this way compared to a bigger one, I am not sure

It's so beautiful. I love the castle and the umbrellas 😍😍😍

The colourful umbrellas were a nice detail I spotted in one passage. It is not already in the main street, but a side street, but anyway it was so colourful so I couldn't skip seeing it 😇

I like it soooooo muchhh 😍😍😍😍

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I never considered showing up without a bodyguard. 🤭

I will have to check out Zr a bit better, you found a sandy beach!

I never considered showing up without a bodyguard. 🤭

As every VIP 😜

Believe me, that Malo Jezero was more interesting than Peskara. I would give preference to that one where my interlocutor swam :)

I can't decide which one I like more. A wonderful lake, a quiet place with beautiful architecture? both of them are beautiful.
I like to meet and talk to strangers while traveling. But meeting someone online? i never did that. You are a brave woman.

Predivne fotografije 😍
Zrenjanin je mali ali lijep grad... a ovi 'kišobrani' me podjećaju na one u Banjaluci - nezamjenjivo dekoracijsko sredstvo😂
Drago mi je što ste se lijepo proveli!
Nadam se da ćeš uskoro snimiti neki piano cover, obožavam da ih slušam. 😄🎶

Nice meeting and thanks for sharing about your idea with Wednesday walk expecting more content like this

What a great day! I always love walks in nature. It looked very calm and peaceful there, and the town looks awesome too, love the river and buildings! The umbrella passage was super cool too :)

Disfrute cada fotografía de esta salida y con agradable clima para simplemente pasear y admirar lo majestoso del paisaje y locaciones. Mis saludos apreciada @mipiano. Conoci contigo por medio de esta publicación. 😊