“The Cliffs and ravines of Malta” ~ walk along the coast at Miġra l-Ferħa, Malta 🇲🇹

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Hi all 👋🏻


With this post I’m joining in at the Wednesday Walk challenge and Make me Smile challenge. That are hosted by @tattoodjay and @elizacheng every week on Wednesday.

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I will guide you through my photographs and my walk along the cliffs at Miġra l-Ferħa on the island of Malta. One of the largest islands of Malta - archipelago’s in the Mediterranean Sea. But it is still small… 😉

I will follow the time stamps of my photographs.
So you can walk along the Cliffs with me and look at all the surroundings I show you 😎 as if you would be right there with me. 😉

Photos are all taken with my iPhone on the 1 of January 2020.
At that time we were still living in Malta, it was 1 year in total.

Let’s start our walk.

We drove there with our car and parked it in a large parking lot.

Located on Google maps with the yellow star ⭐️ :

After zooming out a bit so you see the island… the location is at the arrow.

We find next to the parking lot this sign:

It states:
”Migra I-Ferha.
Along the rugged south-west coast of Malta one notices a number of inlets amongst the cliffs, some of which offered excellent sheltered places for mariners although not considered as good landing places. Beside the inlets there are also narrow cracks which lead down from the top of the hills down to the sea. One of these is known as Migra I-Ferha.

Local tradition has it that the all-conquering Norman Count Roger, landed here in 1091. Count Roger is known to have arrived in Malta from Sicily, landed with his troops and after laying siege to Mdina, the medieval capital city, he managed to take control of the islands. But landing at this place is clearly impossible.

This historic episode or legend was first mentioned in 1647 by the Maltese author Giovanni Francesco Abela. The reason for this was the wrong interpretation of the name of the locality, having been taken to refer to the happy arrival of Count Roger, who liberated the islands from the Arabs who occupied Malta. In actual fact the name probably refers to the stream that belonged to someone called Ferha.”

Quite an interesting legend… 🤓

But let me not diverse further, here we go 😁
After a walk towards the left leaving the parking lot we have this view… I thought if I include the parking lot with all the cars you can see better how large the cliffs and the ravines are. Do you see the parking lot?

Turning a little to the left we see these hills and that we are standing next to one of the cracks/ ravines.

Zooming out a little further gives us this view. Stunning right 🤩

I also loved the clouds formations this day… it adds a bit of drama to my photography.

Not stepping to close to the edge, I lean over to get this shot 😉 some of you already know I do not like heights hahaha 🤣 so this was the best I could do.

Down below in the ravine. I see steps.

Walking a bit further we see these views…

Closer look… they are huge… the cliffs.

One look inland again as we walk back towards the parking lot. Don’t worry our walk won’t end there…

We are walking towards the other side of the parking lot to check out the views from there and walk a bit further along in that direction.

I see we can walk down there.

We are lower now as we walked down a path a bit. Into one of the ravines. We see next to us the cliffs. All its little details and the layers the rock is made out off.

I take a close up of the side of this cliff… in the distance you see Filfla island. Also part of Malta.

Next we walk further and reach a little inland these rock formations. What you see here is sandstone that is carved out by the weather; wind and rain. I’m walking so to speak under a little ledge.

Fascinating to see…

Smooth in some places and very rugged in others.

Some vegetation couldn’t be missed. 😉

One more…

As we walk further along some not so visible paths… as we are basically just walking along the cliffs. We reach a higher point and see this hamlet.

See all the layers of fields, the hidden away buildings and caves.

Let me show you…

Next to us we have these views… so beautiful. The sun is high in the sky, shining bright ☀️

Walking towards the edge again, next to us we see more fields.
We couldn’t go down there this time, as we didn’t want to walk all the way inland to get down. So we walked back along the Cliffs again towards the car.

We see:

And now… instead of a super long post like normally 😉 I want to finish my post today and our walk together earlier 😊 as I didn’t have photographs from the walk back, it is nice sometimes to just enjoy the scenery and don’t take photos all the time 😇 although I say that myself hahaha 🤣
I still wanted to show you all, this little bit of beauty on the island of Malta. It was so nice that you joined me!
Malta is beautiful and really worth discovering on a holiday. It has lots of hidden treasures waiting for you to find…

Until next time 😎
Hope you enjoyed my photos of this walk and going along with me. Thank you for looking and reading 😊 🙏🏻 Really much appreciated!

Any questions or comments, let me know. Always happy to help.

Have a great Wednesday all 😎
Grtz Jackie


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Thank you so much @storiesoferne for the share on twitter 😁

With tremendous pleasure always Jackie @littlebee4. Keep smiling! 😊👍

We sure do 😁😁😁

Have a great midweek Erne ☀️

Hi @littlebee4, it´s a beautiful place with a lot of history. I was doing a research about the gastronomy of Malta, in your tour have you eaten any typical dish?

Hi @chaodietas thank you so much 😊
It sure is.

I lived there for a year so got to know some dishes, some of the favourite local dishes are rabbit stew in the first place- stuffat tal Fenek, than Bragioli - these are beef olives, lampuki pie - fish pie and Pastizzi.
Hope this helps 😁

Wow, I'm glad you were able to stay for a long time, it gives you a chance to get to know the place better. Thank you very much for the information about the food, it's good to have first hand information. It was nice to read you 😃

Yes, we were relocated for work with my hubbies company. That is why we lived there for a longer time until we wanted to leave again.
You are welcome @chaodietas 😁 happy to help 👋🏻

Nature is the best architect.
Impressive shapes and cliffs. Love them, and the blue, deep sea! 💙

Thank you so much @mipiano 😁
It sure is the best architect that exists. The rugged cliffs, the weathered edges… the smooth surfaces. Loved walking there.
Glad you liked my photographs 😁
Have a wonderful evening further 👋🏻

Who wouldn't like your photographs? :))
As always, great ones.

And the landscape is just stunning 😇

Aaawww thank you so much @mipiano 🥰

It does help to be in a stunning place, so the artist can work with what is given hahahaha lol 🤣 joking…

oh, artists and landscapes :))

Hahaha 🤣 great combo… but all subjects would be for an artist 👩🏻‍🎨

This Maltese coast is breathtaking! I have been several times in places such vertical cliffs are in the sea! It seems Kazantip peninsula of Crimea. Thank you @littlebee4 showed us these beautiful photos.

Hi @olga.maslievich 👋🏻
Thanks for visiting 😊
Yes, those cliffs… they are stunning. Nice to hear they resemble places you have visited. I will have a look at that area you mention. Thanks for that.
You are welcome, happy to share 😁
Have a wonderful evening!

What a gorgeous walk! You got surprisingly close on those cliffs! I don't mind them too much but cannot do an endless walk with them. My legs get like jello.

Almost desert-like terrain in the mountains, so harsh and stark, but always interesting. I didn't realize that there are no forests left there. That makes it a little less acceptable to live, doesn't it?

Still- the views! Those extreme cliff shots what were rough and smooth are spectacular!

Thank you so much @dswigle 😁
With hubby I can do it, alone is another story. It’s to heigh for me at the edge hahaha

Yes, Malta is very dry and the summers do get hot what doesn’t help. Not much vegetation left and no forests. It does have a few tiny parks but that so doesn’t help.
It is so small… really.
The population is too large and they keep building taking out more trees. So all disappeared. It is one of the densest places population wise. Some areas are not healthy. Because of the dust, car fumes and building works. It was hard to breathe there. It so wasn’t for us. So we left 1 year in. Money or work doesn’t matter in that sense, when you can’t be in nature and you risk your health. Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing place to visit for a holiday, but living there long time is such a different story.

The views are amazing though and luckily we did explore the islands and saw it all.
Have a wonderful day today Denise 😊🥰🤗

Understandable. There are some places that are best just visited. That is the thing about progress. I know they understand the ramifications of their actions, but they still continue to allow the growth.

I am glad you got the opportunity to live there and enjoy what Malta has to offer.

Now, stay away from those cliffs!

Yes… for me something I never will understand. They know what they are doing… people are protesting for years… but still continue. It will get one day hard to live there.

Me too/ we too I must say. We can say now, we did it and tried it. But found out it wasn’t for us. So we will never say what if… 😉

Ok… 😃 I’m away hahaha

Have a wonderful day further Denise!

Haha! I am already gone! Bye!

Haha bye bye 👋🏻😁💃🏻

Very beautiful places for a photo shoot, but I think that there are quite harsh living conditions.
On a walk there is nowhere to hide from strong winds and bad weather. Except in your house🤣 😂😅
!invest_vote ✔️

Thank you so much @bambuka 😁
Yes, you are right. It can be harsh outside of the houses. There are no forests left. No protection of bad weather or the hot sun.
We only managed to live there 1 year. Than we moved to mainland Europe again. 😎

But there is a paradise for a landscape photographer :)
I think that even in winter there is something to shoot.
Very interesting terrain.
!invest_vote ✔️

Yes, there is always something to photograph. 😎
But keep in mind it is a tiny little island and just 246 km2
I so missed green, vegetation, trees… wildlife. Other than pigeons you didn’t see any birds.

I think it’s nice to visit this island, but it’s better to live among real greenery))

Exactly… that is why we moved back to Spain, and soon we move countries again. (Hopefully still this year, it got delayed a bit) we are going to live in a forest… with 4 seasons 😊 can’t wait 🥰

You are incorrigible nomads 🤣 😂😅

Yep… for now. But we are planning to settle down next year. Grow some roots.
Not getting any younger hahaha 🤣
And I would like to start a garden, herbs vegetables fruits etc.

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Beautiful pics, cool walk along these cliffs with this blue sky. Thanks for sharing all these photos 👍

Thank you so much @heroldius 😁 it was truly lovely on that first day of the year. I remember we had always beautiful blue skies and some amazing clouds going over.
You are welcome, happy to share.
Have a great day further 👋🏻☀️

Those cliffs are stunning, but I really do not like them, they give me jelly legs 😫

Me too… @livinguktaiwan i so don’t like heights. If hubby wasn’t there I would not get that close hahaha
Thanks 😊

Looks like an amazing walk. I love cliffs like that along the water. The ledge that you were walking under looks really neat as well.

Thank you @leaky20 😎 it sure was… love places like that too.
It makes you humble. Seeing an edge like that. As if it was the end of the “world” so rugged…

The cliffs look magnificent! Great shots right there though you are not fond of heights!

Thank you so much @happycrazycon 😁
I try to do my best for pretty photos hahaha 🤣 but it is stunning there, the cliffs are so high. I just had to go and see them. They couldn’t be missed 😎
Happy Wednesday to you 👋🏻☀️

You did an awesome job @littlebee4! Likewise, happy Wednesday to you too!

Thank you kindly @happycrazycon 😁

Stunning landscapes! And it's so amazing to see how differently water and wind affect the rocks, what different textures the result is.

Thank you @tatdt 😁 for visiting my post.
It is truly remarkable to see what weather can do… loved walking there. It’s almost raw nature.

I enjoyed your post. Makes me think of the good times I spend on Malta and the other islands.

Thank you so much @fiatgirl 😎 that’s nice to hear it did remind you of your time there…
Thanks for visiting my post!
Have a wonderful day further ☀️

Fascinant article, your pictures really put us in !

It’s funny because as I was discovering more of your shares here, I was just listening a podcast about politics in Malta on the French public radio station :)

Thank you so much @anttn 😎

Wow what a coincidence that must have been. At the same time as reading my post about Malta.
I lived in a few countries over the years, so expect to see posts from all over 😉 and even all kind of genres.

that’s for sure ;-)

I wait for the next coincidence ... and to see more of your adventures !

Let me know if it happens again 😎 would be cool… though, but rare hahaha
Thank you kindly.
Happy weekend 👋🏻☀️

Those cliffs are amazing and have been there with my friend and local man Johann Briffa, he and his wife Roberta lived here in the U.K. for awhile but are back in Malta. Shall return there at some point to visit them.

Thanks @nicklewis 😊they are just stunning.
That’s great you have been to Malta. And can go again visiting your friends.
So many beautiful areas to discover… hidden gems too. I’m sure he can show them to you all.
I was lucky to have lived there for a year and explored Malta 😁

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Hi @ybanezkim26 👋🏻 Thank you so much for the support, swinging by and the honourable mention 😁💃🏻
Much appreciated!
Happy Thursday 😎☀️

Looks like a hard, but cool place to walk (of course, when you have a decent supply of cold water in a backpack). It was a pleasure to walk with you around all those fantastic cliffs. ❤️ Have a nice day!

It is, but worth wandering around. The views are breathtakingly beautiful.
I’m glad you enjoyed our walk together and you came along 😁
Until next time!
Have a nice day too 👋🏻☀️
Thank you @portal-xenna

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Thank you so much @pinmapple team 😁 greatly appreciated!
Happy Wednesday 👋🏻☀️💃🏻🐝


Thanks 👋🏻😁😎

What a great walk to start the year off with with such stunning scenery, Rugged and yet so beautiful with an interesting history

the photos are all great and i feel I was there walking with you

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Thank you so much @tattoodjay 😁 it sure was a great first day of the year walk.
We do tend to do that… go out in nature, have a walk on that day.
It’s so vast to see the cliffs. They are stunning and large… rugged in places.

Glad you could walk with me and see it through my eyes 😎
Happy to share and look at all the posts on this day 🤩 I see more new people are joining 🥳

I think thats great you try and do something special on the first day of the New Year :)

Vast did come to mind when I was looking at your photos, they re amazing

Thank you kindly @tattoodjay 😁

most welcome, I hope your day has gone well

It sure was a great day today @tattoodjay 😁 thanks, hope yours is going well too.
Bedtime here now…
Night night for later.

And now I will say good morning, caught a nice sunrise this morning so a lovely start to the day

you to have a good one ;)

Good morning 👋🏻☀️ @tattoodjay
That’s great to hear, and sure the best way to start of the day.

Thank you kindly, enjoy today 😎

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