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The weather got suddenly cloudy yesterday morning, the short but intense summer storm was approaching ...


... and I took a walk around the part of the city that I usually see only from my car while driving through, directed to the supermarkets or back home on my way from the shopping. I f you explore a bit the details of this enlargeable picture, you may notice the little newsstand with red rooftop.


I bought the local newspaper and a pack of cigarettes there ... and I got the opportunity to take a portrait of a friend that I didn't see a couple of years. He was on a coffee break and looked very cool by his bicycle.


While passing by another, less colorful apartment block further down the road ...


... I noticed four colorful flowerpots, high on the balcony ...


... they didn't require any flowers, practically ... there was already enough color on display.


About a hundred meters further, near the end of that side street, I photographed this relatively interesting building, slightly different from the rest of the neighborhood.


On the way back to the car, I passed again by the colorful building from the opening picture of this post. I photographed its top abundantly covered with antennas ... and only today, while preparing the photographs for the post ...


... I noticed a man ... that looked a bit like some superhero in search for crime down below.


On the crossroad near the parking lot where my car was waiting ...


... there was a large red billboard with the sentence that can be translated as "GOOD THINGS ARE AHEAD OF US" or "GOOD THINGS ARE IN FRONT OF US" written on it. It was just an advert for one of the many supermarkets that grew in the last two decades not far from there ... but it looked like something less cynical ... something deeper and kind of meaningful, at first sight. At first sight only. After this shot, I was driving home ... and soon, it started to rain pretty hard.

As always in these walks on HIVE, the photographs are my work - THE END.


really nice, just life, natural raw

Hi @borjan,It sounds a bit controversial, summer storm, since in summer it hardly ever rains, but hey, it's not worth delving into this, I like the photos that accompany your post, I saw the kiosk with the red roof too, and your friend drinking the coffee he looked comfortable.
I wish you a happy friday

Nice photography.

These photos are so different from your scenery by the sea!!

True. :) And is only about ten kilometers from there.

Wow! Parallel universe!! There’s a small gap but you could jump over it any time!

:D Everything in this crazy multiverse is more complex than it looks!