Why I'd love to see HIVE reach $1 !! ...Making Hive fun again...The Unrestrained

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'...What the hell is @lucylin saying?...Has the account be hijacked?...I thought he was starting to detest the hive ecosystem...'

Ya gotta make lemonade when you're given lemons, amirite?

It's actually quite simple really.
If hive hits $1, then mathematically speaking, and based on current numbers - then @proofbrain (POB token) could well be at $20 !!!

THAT is why I'd like to see Hive at $1.

Personally, I'd like to see POB move away from hive.

From an authentic, non draconian perspective - POB and it's governance to date - beats Hive hands down.

Maybe POB can still prosper on the back of 'the hive dinosaur'? I really dunno.

I do know that without Hive and the ugly bee's hornets operating in the background, it would make for a much more positive environment...For everyone.

A campaign on two fronts.

Due the 'dumb as a bag of geologists' actions on my hive account - it makes no sense to post things there.

Unfortunately, I cannot just post on POB, while not posting on hive.
Bugger. (anybody know of any work arounds?).

That being the case then , it now means that I now have even more freedom to express myself.
The law of unintended consequences can be a total bastard to those obsessed with trying to control others through financial power...

If my account is now utterly fucked on Hive, through egg shell thin ego's (or nasgul greed) I no longer have any incentive for 'holding back' (which I've been doing for long time).

What are 'they' gonna do?
Downvote my posts to zero? lol....That's already happening right now, every...single...day.

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That's the problem when idiots - who do not understand the dynamics of power - express their power.
You can only do it once.
After the persecution is used to squash earning potential of an account to zero (in context of the Hive ecosystem) - what then?

Am I gonna now be down voted into minus numbers?

('the tyrants' really do have only have a hammer to express themselves with - everything is seen as a nail. Silly midwits...bless...)

I can do anything I like now on the hive account.
The constraints that the Orcs had over me, until recently no longer exists.
I was adhering to their twisted contract. I no longer need to ... Ooops....
How ya feeling now, buttercups?..Durr!... lol

And it's a really, really , bizarre way to treat your own stakeholders , isn't it?....

I digress....

A campaign on two fronts.

Front one.
Spend my 'social media' time focusing more on the betterment of proofofbrain.
That's an easy one. I can 'out tweet' any current social media campaign - and win. When spin is not needed - only the truth - it's a slam dunk.
Trust me on that one.
(@proofofbrainio - hit me up on Mewe again please? - and let's discuss how I can get more involved in the the non techy side of things, to help out and promote POB).


Front two.
Highlight on Hive the moral abrogation of 'big accounts' and let everyone know that they are complicit - through action - of endorsing and supporting tyranny.
For those students of history - the parallels of the rise of the Third Reich , it's mechanisms, it's use of twisted logic, and it's enacted laws to justify it's behaviors (and the execution of those ideals) , is scarily the exact same as the operations of accounts underway, right now, on hive.
(I'll be framing it to people in such a crystal clear way, that only the willingly blind could ignore it).

I think that most people are not aware of these similarities.
Just as many German people in WW2 were unaware of what was going on...

...it would be very rude of me not try and point these things out to everyone...

'oh shit, I'll get downvoted to zero if I do that'

....Oh, that's already happening...

Which also means that I no longer need to worry about it of course.
...the law if unintended consequences.

..Imagine if you're shown the dynamics in action - in an 'easy to understand' presentation if you will...
How would you - could you - continue to support obvious tyranny?

History - and the decent people of the world - will not look at that kind of supportive action of tyranny very favorably.
At all.
Ostracizing because of moral and ethical behavioral differences is real.
Nice people do not like to see power hungry wankers acting without an ethical compass...It simply not nice to see.
And many nice people are not aware of their own complicity in whats going on.

That's where I come in...

I think an 'awareness program' is in order - just to make sure people fully understand the situation.

To those with no moral compass or ethical concerns - those with nasgul midwit mentality, 'money is god' perspective - it will make no difference what I point out, and they will carry on regardless.
(maybe with an attendant attack on my account to show off their deep fear to the rest of the world - oh that's right - it's already fucked up - that gun has no more bullets.......).

By making 'the wheat from the chaff' observable, (via observable actions on the block chain) people will then have the power to decide for themselves.
You cannot blame people for being blissfully unaware through naivety or the gas lighting done by manipulators.

You can blame people for continuing with endorsing tyrannical behavior, once it's been highlighted to them.

Awareness of new paradigms, also bring 'decision making time'.

Decision making time can bring the opportunity to grow up and be an adult...or remain a spineless cuck.
Top tip: becoming an adult will make a partner forever grateful and love you even more - and will most definitely help to head off any 'the suitcase's in the hallway' scenario's...

So I will be presenting...to you...reality.

...on every single account where I see active support of the tyranny.
Point out the logical truth of things.
Let people be the judge.
Let people judge the observable actions of others.
Cool uh?
Wheat from chaff.

I will only be posting this material on hive, once the foundations are in place (not the proofofbrain) tag.

ANY material that I do post on hive in regards to showing people reality and the scary Third Reich correlations - will be freely available for any other people to use/copy/paste, to help enlighten others...Just sayin'...
Pssssst - it will be watertight argument, historical comparison, logical conclusions, meme, with lots of happy , piss taking, laughter.

...Once I've fixed a couple of things (off the platform) it's all moving forwards....Only a matter of a day or three, not weeks as I'd first thought - everything is going swimmingly.

As a stake holder in Hive - And as bizarre as this sounds - Hive has just became fun again!

viking flats - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

Here's another result of the 'law of unintended consequences' in regards to my persecution on Hive.
Directly as a result of the punitive actions taken against me over this last 6 weeks(?), I'm now in a much more stable position that I was...lol ...you really can't make this up...
'Dumber than bag of rocks geologists' ...lmao...

"...I just wish my personality was half as interesting..."
New years resolution:
Make an amoeba jealous.


You are such a swinger 😗

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Hey mate, been a while since I saw a post of yours - I remember your entrepreneur series that I enjoyed but I just checked your profile to see what you were talking about with getting your account nuked. I don't know why or what happened to make that happen so can't comment on that part of it but the 2nd layer tokens like proofofbrain and CTP, vibes etc are where it is at for me.

Hive rewards have always been a bone of contention but since new front ends have come along with their own system and tokens then the hive rewards become less of an impact.

Anyway, glad you're upbeat and hope everything else is OK your side 2

Writing my stuff - and got attacked - no provocation, (but plenty of retaliation!lol) ...and never stopped now for over 6 weeks ish
Big stake accounts with small man syndrome. (higher HP numbers than brain cells, from what I see)
Midwits - in all their pathetic glory (poison dwarfs).

After 4 years of being on here - almost daily - the psychological break was the hard part.
Now I'm free of that - get the popcorn.
'They' are destroying their own platform....smh...you can't fix stupid.

Hopefully POB will be the new shining example of how things can be done...

Ah yes, I think it's telling when one of the top 20 witnesses (there may be more) who also had a bid bot in the past is powering down their huge stake and running for the hills.

It's sad to see the momentum was lost from the hard fork with all the coverage that was here but it's gone back to that "decentralised, no leaders, disorganised" mindset again. At least that's my impression.

I think POB is a great project from my first involvement with it in these last couple of months, seems more engaging for sure but there will still be spats. Humans are humans at the end of the day!

"decentralised, no leaders, disorganised" mindset again

Oh, I think I've seen a very close cabal, who are as thick as thieves, working together, and supporting each other......as my 'Unrestrained' project will try to highlight.

I'll send you a secret memo

email me - lots of people starting to....or hit me up on Mewe chat...https://mewe.com/i/lucylin4 - tell me your name on here though - to confirm it's really you!

sent you a request on mewe too, northern tracey.

added and messaged..

I'd prefer email as I don't have Mewe chat and if I'm honest, I can't be arsed with another social media site - twitter is enough!

Send me a secret memo with your email if you prefer. I don't do Discord either lol

OOps, I forgot - yeah, things have worked out better since I was forced to re-calibrate... So it's all good, thanks
Hope you're good to!

Yeah all good here thanks. I had a couple of weeks away from online stuff at the beginning of May and it was great. I may have another couple of weeks off in June and total digital detox. My quest for passive income continues lol

All the Doge chumps are crying atm, I am just like I was in 2014 playing this stupid song for reasons I don't understand

You are so funny

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lol - fun tune..

You won't have much luck getting people to boycott the big votes or asking the big voters to not vote. It is all about the money and the control. They have the money they think they have the control. Maybe you should get them to make it a 108 week power down cycle for any POB they power up. That will stop the big down voters from sending money this way. They need their monetary fix, they need their I control the narrative fix.

At 108 week power down I could become the POB power house of vote control.

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I like the concept of seeing how much POB can stand sort on its own two feet so to speak, would be interesting but having all the built in cool stuff and features like no transaction fees would be a task. You know how I feel about certain things and what a cooool tag, "blacksheepbloggers' , wow looks like the domain for it is bought as well, geeeeee with me being such a tiny little shrimp can't imagine why having back up things like that would be any fun ? :P glad to see you posting, POB is one of about four places I really pay much attention too.

Good day sir, blacksheepbloggers is for anyone wanting a tag because they feel like it, it's one of my bags of communities started and may be the one that can serve as an infohub for some things that could work in unison....we shall see

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Hive at $1 is something possible if the current bull run can persist!

Owner of Crypto & Coffee Community

Hive at U$ 1.00 (stabilized price) would be a real life change for citizens of underdeveloped countries.

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lol - already read - and chortled at...

That post is quite something isnt it? Check out tha accounts replying...not mine but a lot of the others!

There is some really dodgy shit going down right there....

Should I be dusting off my downvote for a post like this one? It's obscene in my book.

Hell no! - we better chat about that :)