Proofofbrain...The attractive alternative to stagnation and decay...?

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When tyranny is present, so is the fear.

There is an alternative - One that likes dialogue and discussion, not downvoting and persecution.
@proofobrainio is the alternative.

If the token price is anything to go by, the success so far tells you how freedom is preferred over tyranny.
Oppression only goes to serve those in power (stake).
Oppression only leads to decay....

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This thing of colour being replaced by grey is endemic in NZ - all carpet is grey, 80% of cars are grey or white, and pretty much everyone dresses in black.

Colour and humour are both being cancelled. My art is like hardcore porn.


I saw some purple writing in your video...Stop that right away!


Who suddenly put you in charge of 'purple', then??

That is like asking who put David Icke in charge of lizard people - I assumed the position and the role is mine


It must be something that goes back to his childhood. Maybe his kindergarten Teacher was wearing purple when she spanked him on his bare ass )) and he liked it...

..are we discussing gusset's here?...I do hope not....please god, no!

Yes we are...and you brought them up.

Takes me back to some wild rides on sid. It's quite the spectacle.

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One of my favorite words "Freedom" without it my other favorite words don't mean squat.

.....'Gusset', on the other hand, is the absolute worst word on the planet, and the only one I endorse to be made 100% illegal - and anyone uttering it , is to face the penalty of death...twice.

Had to look that up ..))-- gusset is a triangular or rhomboidal piece of fabric ..Then I had to look up 'rhomboidal" Next thing you know I'll be taking sewing classes..

My cunning plan is working!...I need some clothing repairs...

All my purple corsets have custom gussets...

oh wow, seems like your editing actually improved. Even tho it is just another hive bash without context, I am more confident in your ability to swap over to Youtube if shit hits the fan in the POB community.

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Without context?...Mmmmmmm.....

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I mean I get that you got downvoted on hive, but I dont see why that can't happen in POB. After all all POB people are Hivians and I remember people actually discussing in your comment section if they should downvote you because you were (are) so much of a drama queen.

POB doesn't have the woke brigade with large stake.

Perspectives are funny things...
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One persons alarm call, is another persons drama.

I feel for your downvotes the same way I feel for all the Covid Drama


POB doesn't have the woke brigade with large stake.

yet. Everybody can buy POB.

No comment , excellent post !

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...thanks matey !

Well freedom of expression do exist on this platform...

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Financial disincentives is a form of censorship....imagine if you lived off your writing, but writing your truth, meant being downvoted to zero - that is not freedom of expression.
That is psychological manipulation.
That is not freedom of expression.

That was cool.
We still need 997bee to start a diesel pool so folks can swap in and out of pob.