The Zombie apocalypse ?.... coming to a neighborhood near you...

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I'm sure everyone has noticed the plethora of films that have been released over this last decade or so with 'zombie theme' as the focus.

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I'm also pretty sure that people have noticed a global psi-op called covid, over this last year or so as well.
Part of that psi-op was to get people to take an experimental 'vaccine' (it's not a vaccine, technically speaking, but a chemical soup to alter genes).

Since the rolling out of these chemicals and with the willing uptake of these chemicals by the 'cerebrally challenged', shall we say, millions have been 'jabbed'...
(if you happily accept the words of known liars in positions of power, ones that like to control others - it is, in my opinion, an indicator of being cerebrally challenged...).

Predictive programming, anyone?....
Hollywood is merely the 'friendly face' of the evil that lies behind the veil.
Hollywood as been used as a tool of propaganda for decades.

Back to the zombies...

No one knows the long term effects of this chemical soup.
(with the possible exception of the powers that be).

We DO know for a fact, that there have been many deaths from the injections to date.
The ex-Pfizer vice president (i.e. someone at the very top of the Pfizer corporation pyramid), has commented that the people who've taken the chemical soup, may not live much longer than three years.

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Now....Imagine this...

The pfizer ex vice resident got it wrong about the times...

It wasn't three years at all - it was, say, a seven year period that no one lived past after taking the chemical soup.
And it was passed down to pregnant mothers, and mothers to be.

That would mean that the whole population of those vaccinated were sitting on a ticking death sentence. And so to their children.

THAT... would be the zombie apocalypse.

Everything would implode as those who were sentenced to death would shed all the values that are required for a society to function cohesively.

Why have a career? You're gonna be dead soon.
Why have family? Your're gonna be dead soon.
Why adhere to 'the law'? You're gonna be dead soon.

Why do anything except live 'in the now' - Because you're gonna be very dead, any day now...

I have no idea of the figures - but for the sake of argument, lets say 30% of the global population took the chemical con.

30% of a global population with no future, no hope, and children that will never reach their teens due to the ticking time bomb that they have in their veins.

30 % of the world population that are seriously pissed off.

They have no incentive to build for the future - there isn't one for them.

30% of a worlds population with nothing to lose.

If the ex vice president of pfizer is correct, we have a ticking time bomb that will be slowly detonated as time progresses, and the corpses start to pile up...
At some point there will be a 'critical mass' of very pissed off people.

With... nothing... to... lose.

The walking dead are zombies.
The chemical soup recipients, are the walking dead ...

The walking dead have nothing to lose, and what was once dearly held values that helped to keep society together - justice, morals, ethics, and the desire for a peaceful life - will simply evaporate.
These values no longer have any relevance to 'them', in what is left of their lives.

They have nothing to lose.

The only asset they own has been stolen from them through fraud.
That asset is time.
Sacred and very angry people, with literally nothing to lose....

Welcome to the 'zombie apocalypse' my friends.

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When i see someone else saying what ive been saying it freaks me out more than the zombie sheeple...

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Lol , when your nightmares come true , nightmares you thought only you had .


No matter what , she will push that banana somewhere . ;-)

seconded, been saying the same thing and the same predictive programming is and has been used on some other subject matter in the forefront

The Guidestones say that the 'ideal' population is 500 million so when people worry about what careers they will have with A.I. they should realize that they are , 'we' are being culled so they can have their huge amounts of land and castles with perhaps a few droogs and A.I. "Smart" everything.........lovely

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Paranoid freak!

def a freak but not so much on the paranoia
I get the pleasure of dealing with some real life monsters so there's that.............

Why people would give a damn about some so called guide stones is beyond my comprehension. Any one that espouses the truth, validity and wisdom of the Georgia Guide Stones should act in a manner to validate their belief in them and be the first to voluntarily reduce the world population by one with out hurting anyone else.

lol - agreement can be very disconcerting, when the default setting is normally being the only voice...

There are 3 of us now...are we a cult?

I dunno about that, but you're definitely a cu....

Count me in.

Ok , 30% very pissed of people ,... injected and knowing they will die soon .
May i add that this 30% is so scared of death that they will follow orders from anyone offering a solution , false or not . Any aggression coming from them would be against the ones that made and distributed the shot's .

It can't be that global gov's had this in mind , so there's more , some kind of mind-control to make the injected attack the non-injected . I wonder what will happen when the injected goo starts to pas the brain-blood-barrier ? Is it true that this goo is a magnetic-liquid , if so , 5G could heat it up , change it's working , and create raging zombies .

Nice to finally see someone to address this topic a bit . I am virtually trained for a zombie apocalypse , seen all movies , played all games . Even watch the terrible bad movie Cosmic Sin , where it's aliens that turn humans in to zombies of some sort . Worse movie ever , but i had to watch it for the mostly hidden info from our Elite evil overlords .

Yep , our so called leaders will blame it on aliens , Probably to keep regions without 5G from attacking there controlling systems like local bought up governments .

Did i just imagine things , or did life really turn in to some bad scifi B movie ?
Well just look at our world leaders , they have B movie written all over them . ;-)

Did i just imagine things , or did life really turn in to some bad scifi B movie ?

lol - i think it's more of case of 'the slowly boiling frog' scenario (for a hundred years or so), ...and then having the heat quickly turned up over this last 10 years ...

Why now ? the question.

I think it's because 'they' are desperate - otherwise there'd no logical reason for them to turn the heat up....

There flailing attempts to push there agenda scream louder with every ramping up of the insanity...

'Darkest before the dawn' matey, darkest before the dawn....

But why are they desperate ? playing it slow like they did for ages could have bin going on for way longer . Something scared the fuck out of them , something big .

Such a happy song ,.. such a dark message , if you know it's maker . ;-)


Despite the horror that may happen
But it's a bit exciting Lol

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lol - I think the excitement might soon wear off if it ever came to pass...

I've had enough excitement in my life to cover 5 lifetimes ! I don't need this one...

I think a more hollywood movie connection would be the movie Ultra Violet Shots that need to be given thru the Health Ministry, end controlled by the Health Ministry, laws enforced by the Health Ministry.

It fits more with the agenda I am seeing dished out to the mass witless than a zombie movie.

Either way the mass witless population is in trouble. Now all they need to do, (the powers that be), is for them to figure out away to get rid of the people that are not witless. When the mass witless really start to falter and are no longer able to provide a safety net to 'the powers that be, then we get to sit back and watch the real action of fear from the top set in, and not the make believe fear they instilled in the mass witless.

I will not be part of the mass witless revolution when they wake up to late and half dead. I will be sitting back watching the make believe fear and the real fear from the sidelines and the high hills if need be, Then when the dust settles I might try to move in and fix things, but mostly will just move back for round two or three or four. The cycle of Elite, witless, builders, and watchers will continue for a long time to come.

....either way the mass witless population is in trouble....

Ain't that the truth.

I'm starting to come around to your way of thinking.....fuck 'em - you can't fix stupid.

You look at a lot of history, I look at a little but have never been one to study any history. Every Revolution the witless tear society and the perceived party/government leaders apart. I am not one to believe you are either with us or against us, I have never been an absolutist ever in my life on any subject at all.

The witless have no chance, have never had any chance in any revolution. They might win, but then they hand the reigns over to another group of people to lead them, to glory over them, to tell them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. ALL revolutions end that way. Their is not a single revolution that has not followed that pattern any where in the world.

You're pretty much on the ball...The endless cycle..

Alright fuck sake, I have to be serious for a moment here, bare with me.

What kind of information is the best to send someone who is on the fence? People you care about, etc. I'm very much in the "whatever will be, will be" mindset in terms of my family (not the easiest bunch to get through too) and I'm not jabbed myself, but there are some people close by me that are being almost forced into the situation because of restrictions and fear (not because of the jab, but because of their freedom being squashed).

What kind of content (light-hearted, real, enlightening, "conspiracy" light) is out there for that kind of person to read?

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I dunno matey - maybe watch monty pythons and show them how lunacy has now become 'normal'...?...If I come across anything, ill let you know (I don't really watch much of 'it' nowadays tbh)

a dry vote for agent lucylin, shaken not stirred...

Shaken?...Pffffffft! - I fart in your general direction, sir!

Yeah same here. I'm detached from the outside influences (for the most part) but I know my close friend(s) is in the middle of it. Whatever will be will be, I guess. I'd kick myself though if I didn't do enough.

Thanks, much appreciated.

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30%? That's just enough to kill another 30-50% so we'd be left with 20% of initial population? That's messed up...

I guess it's time to visit my green friends on Mars, though their skin color, I believe they ain't zombies and I ain't racist so we both cool. :)

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30%? That's just enough to kill another 30-50% so we'd be left with 20% of initial population? That's messed up...

Apart from that, it's all good....!... lol

Crazy times ahead.

I was thinking this too but dared not say it in case it comes true. You just did so getting my mad max gear out now.

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Nah, I don't think that humans technologies are that advanced. They probably never will be super duper . To influence what is called genes, the whole gene theory must be true and perfect. Which it isn't, from what I think.

Influencing this complex organism, which developed over millions of years with some kind of mathematical code and some chemicals is not the ingenious thing, people think it is. Whatever is in the jabs, it probably is not something cleverly sitting thing inside of us and waits up the right moment to unfold its deadly result.

I think of the contents of something toxic. Some people are not so much effected by the ingredients, some are. Some die, some get sick, others survive. For whatever inexplicable reason (nobody knows what's in them). The jabs have to be repeated in order to let more people die, I think. Which is obviously intended.

From my notion of the world, humans tend to totally overestimate their technical capabilities in order to have an impact on such an impressive and complex organism like ours or that of animals.

The awe we feel when we see those movies and the fear which they give us, has an impact on our mentalities, and the body-mind-connection certainly is there. Subconscious anxieties and underlying Ur-Angst may also cause deaths through high stress.

These are my two cents.

Someone sent a meme to me recently, something among the lines of 'people who didn't take the vaccine in 2030', and there's a guy loading his nerf gun as the zombies bang on the door. I'd have shared it but I can't find the day thing.

I have to kind of agree with the oldsoul in the reactions of people knowing they're about to die soon. Maybe it's more along the lines of Kingsman, if you've seen that film. 😉

I don't think he's wrong in the slightest - and if this comes to pass, I hope I'm waaaay off.
The fact something like this has never happened before (if it comes to pass), throws the law of unintended consequences into overdrive...and that opens all cans of worms...

I know my DV's will raise now questions.
Here comes my explanation, so none even needs to raise them.

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Because this is my prerogative, my right, and my obligation, in order to improve how reward pool funds are distributed for the higher benefit of the whole tribe (and Hive).
When downvote reduce the rewards on one post (comment), the released rewards goes all to other posts, and in this way directly helps small content creators.

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