The butterfly effect of toxic behavior.....and the real world reverberations....

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After hours of trudging through my old chats records, I've finally found what I was looking for!


This chat screenshot below, is showing a small part of info that I'd been given by someone - one who swims in lakes far bigger than all of us, I would imagine.

I said that 'I was gonna post it, and clever man could profit from it'... if anyone remembers? (it's on the blockchain).

That post was just prior to all the toxic behavior and childish actions in regards to my account (and is still ongoing daily, btw ).

The info I was given was for a month after the conversation - if you see the date, it's just over a month before the 'prediction'.
...An April 15 conversation, in reference to May 16th - and events occurring within 2 days either side.
(if it's confidence, I need to start doing some fortune telling, eh? lol)

The Elon Musk/crpyto market volatility happened just then - within 2 days if memory serves.
Coincidence?, yeah right.

I also mentioned (at the time) that Steph was headed to Hong Kong - you know, that place really close to mainland China...
Coincidence?....Yeah, right.

viking flats - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

As I said, I never did get to give you the dates and info, due to the vindictive and ongoing attacks on my account.

Knowing what I know know though - I'm kinda glad.

The people that would have profited most - by tens of thousands of dollars - could well have been the people that continue this toxic behavior against myself.
Fuck that.
Karma can be a bitch .

Imagine all the people on Hive that could've profited from my information?

They never had the chance to decide for themselves - all because of small man syndrome and childish vindictive antics.
This is how toxic bullshit spreads, and effect everyone.

Here's the thing though, in terms of 'toxic behavior reverberations'.......

I have no desire to help these accounts that attack me. Ever.

Before all this BS started, I was more than happy to share the info I had - with everyone here to use - and potentially profit from....
(I did profit, and so did two other people that I divulged the info with).

I really wish it could have been more, but the toxicity I received seemed to diminish the need to help...funny that, uh?.

Imagine how many people on Hive, could have profited also.

I certainly have no desire to make them wealthier.

THIS is the knock on effect that negative actions have.
THIS is 100% on them.
Remember all that when you upvote/endorse/support , these pieces of detritus.


I have another (maybe two) pieces of 'nice' information to be confirmed to me in this next 5-9 days.

I can tell you right now that I will NOT be giving this information out on Hive.

I WILL be sharing it with other people .

Does that make all these individuals feel really good about themselves?
You know ...being directly responsible for dozens of people
missing out on information that could have made them tens of thousands of dollars in profit...

Cleverrrrrr....verrrry clever....

Don't worry though , the people I talk to off Hive, (via email and certain members in Mewe chat) will get the info when I get the confirmations..

A clever person will profit from the info.
(I guess that rules out 'the toxic's midwits' then, doesn't it?)

And you will all be most welcome.

I really hope you do well from the info I'll share...

Personally, I like to build up the good and destroy the cancer...
And I would prefer to eat glass than to actually help the cancer grow...
And I will not be posting information that could help that cancer spread via increased crypto balances.
Cause and effect.
Action, reaction.

The butterfly effect....

(Steph sent me a piccy, showing off the results of the property deal in Hong Kong)


If (this is all just in theory you understand) I was given some info revealing a likely large drop in crypto markets, the last place I would share that info is LeoFinance, because it's rude to walk in on a circle jerk.

What I would do instead is swap my holdings into stable coins and see what happened...


Why yes, I do believe that's exactly what happened in my account! ...

I'm on mewe. look me up. mewe is on hold until fb goes properly down the pan (soon I feel). I love a bit of insider goss.

Here is a thread you might want to comment on:

I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment will add a few extras to it soon - that is a quite high profile misinformation post

Get in touch with me on mewe chat:

Have left my comment for what it's worth but the type of people this appeals to won't listen. They are the kind of people who stand around gossiping about death and disaster (you know the types). Good news is boring to them and truth will send them into anaphylactic shock. Will go add u on mewe but not there very often, I just go there drop one of my bombs and leave hahaha

I'm only using Mewe to chat about Hive - I don't trust the security on Discord or Hive chat - it's a shame because Hive chat is actually really convenient, but it's not encrypted, and the very accounts we might want to discuss can probably access the chat threads if so inclined.

I don't know if Mewe is totally secure, just guessing that Hive insiders have no footing on that platform, and Mewe chat works very well - it's a strong point on the platform, with content claimed to be deleted after one month (unlikely, it's all data to be gathered)

ok cool well if u wanna chat anytime u'll have to give me a nudge on here or fb and I'll come on over.

I've left you some messages in mewe chat

I guess she had a successful trip then. I hope your info pans out well for you and that karma continues to be the bitch she has always been.

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