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RE: My lemonade sales are coming along !..A big thanks to all the idiots that helped me come so far, so soon....

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...that's ok... I'm the first to admit that I'm an idiot - so no issue there.(not insecure in that regard).

There's a very good reason why I use that word...(nothingis by accident0...I would explain - but in the words of The Duke of Wellington ...'If my heir knew what my brain was thinking, I'd shave it off..'


Haha, ok you be you!!

lol - is there any other way?.....(apparently some people seem to think not being their authentic selves , is the clever way to go....the idiots)

Yeah me snapping at you in haste was just me being my authentic self, thanks for not taking it the wrong way!!

It's all good, matey !

'If my heir knew what my brain was thinking, I'd shave it off..'

Wtf fuck does that mean?- What an idiot...

I mean, 'if MY HAIR...'

You're thinking is supercool.
But it's true that no one is perfect.

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Don't start accusing me of thinking...or I'll be getting ostracized !...oh, wait......that's already happening....

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Oh! No.
It's hasn't gotten to that, by the way you're supercool and your level of understanding is so high @lucylin. Ostracize is not gonna happen credence me.

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Well, I appreciate the support, I really do - but I never sleep with anyone on the first date- not in the first 10 mins anyway - that's a 100%, ironclad rule that, I have...mostly.

I thought that was more cryptic than usual. 🤣