My lemonade sales are coming along !..A big thanks to all the idiots that helped me come so far, so soon....

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lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg

This will be a required action...

What short sighted will people see as a negative action - those with more vision, intelligence, and imagination, will see it as a positive one.

When the people who own this...

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Live like this, inside...

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...they want the status quo to continue.

....So when they see someone wanting to do this...

To make way for this...

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...the short sighted and not so intelligent people, become frightened.
They express and perceive 'positive' as 'negative', and 'negative' as 'positive' (bless).
Scared people hate change, hate progress, hate anything that disrupts their comfort zone.
And anything that questions the cults 'code is law' is vilified. It's an expression of that fear.
(Scared sycophants will support also this position of fear and stagnation).

Open minded people - those with an expansive mindsets - welcome it...Here's where I truly hope that @proofofbraino , and the POB team, come through...

The DpoS ecosystem is a flawed ideology, a flawed structure, driven by incompetence, fear, greed, and worse of all - totalitarian mindset.
Those who support it are flawed in their logic.
Those who actively support it are these people...

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These people have no interest in 'creative destruction' or questioning the cult's narrative - only continuing the status quo.

...And it is a cult.

I'll be doing a psychological post concerning the characteristics of what goes into 'making up a cult', and comparing it to the hive ecosystem.
If you are unable see the similarities - and are unable to see that Hive ticks all the boxes of being a 'cult', then you're either being willfully blind (such as the fat fuckers living it up in the rundown shack , above), or ... you need to educate yourself more...

Before I do the @deepdives post - 'If it walks like a cult, and talks like a cult, it's probably hive social media', I need to do an update on my progress so far...

....My strategy of doing this...

...on this...
cvg - Copy (5) - Copy - Copy.jpg try and make way for this...

lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg

....has been much easier than I'd envisaged.
(I really have do have to stop overestimating peoples intelligence..).

My success - to date- has been far better - and quicker - than expected.

I underestimated (yet again) the stupidity - and fear - in some of these creatures...

This is for illustrative purposes only.
Unfortunately for everyone, too many of the aquatic mammals that we refer to on Hive as whales, and dolphins, in reality, are invertebrates... Or rather, they express all the qualities of invertebrates and not majestic beings.

...would all the real whales, please stand up, please stand up ?

(And who the fuck would make 'an orca' a category?... An orca is a bloody dolphin!....smh.. )

As a reult of the rapid success... I know find myself in this position...

Rather than this position...

Let's not forget ...that this is all thanks to the people who think they're not being manipulated (by myself).

I'm simply applying some classic Saul Alinsky strategies. and And thus, they think that they're acting under their own cognition... (bless).

So my next post will be updating you on all of the juicy details, rather than the psychological breakdown of cults and how they characterize.

This is not driven by any hubris on my part - I find no pleasure in the position that I'm in (although it can be a strange kind of 'fun' at times, I cannot lie..).
Some things are not motivated by the seeking of pleasure - or profits - or hapiness - but by simply 'doing the right thing '..(midwits find this concept utterly incomprehensible).

This kind of transparency that I will offer will add to the psychological pain that is - unfortunately - a necessary 'part of the growing up process'.'s akin to having to paying your own way for the first time - electric, gas and, rent bills - and even buying your own food !....Painful at the time - but a necessary part of the 'growing up' process.

This next post - a 'transparency report' - will hopefully help those that currently see Hive like this ...

lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg
..and this..
lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg

In a more realistic perspective.
Which is more comparable to this...
cvg - Copy (5) - Copy - Copy.jpg
And this...

lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg

....I'm trying to break through the delusion - Which is an integral part of any cult.

This truism (from a WW2 bomber pilot) still holds.

lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg

...the constant down voting of my posts (as a result questioning 'the cult leaders'and their 'code is law' ideology) must tell anyone with a brain, that my words ring true .

They're scared of one tiny, solitary, account.

One tiny voice - on a platform of over 5,000!

(in theory)...And then think about what that really says...

lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg

Resilient? Robust? - don't make me fucking laugh...
Ok, I'll stop for now...

PS - @frot - could you please undelegate all your HP from my @lucylin account - ASAP. (19k or something?)

I appreciate all your support of course - but the next phase will be underway soon - A strategy that will spin a few heads!...
With all the flak that this account will soon undoubtedly be receiving from the weak minded, it serves no purpose - for me, or for yourself.
Thanks again, matey !

Long live @proofofbrain ...'cos there's scant evidence of there being much on Hive...

Not sure why you have to call everyone idiots all the time, it makes you look and sound like one! haha

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I'd say we're all pretty idiotic to some degree for sharing our thoughts on HIVE. But we're part of the crew, part of the ship.

It's fun being an idiot when you know that life isn't all that serious!

I see a scared, disgruntled , demoralized crew, ran my too many people that trying to be captain Bligh's, and thinking it's a good idea...

...that's ok... I'm the first to admit that I'm an idiot - so no issue there.(not insecure in that regard).

There's a very good reason why I use that word...(nothingis by accident0...I would explain - but in the words of The Duke of Wellington ...'If my heir knew what my brain was thinking, I'd shave it off..'

Haha, ok you be you!!

lol - is there any other way?.....(apparently some people seem to think not being their authentic selves , is the clever way to go....the idiots)

Yeah me snapping at you in haste was just me being my authentic self, thanks for not taking it the wrong way!!

It's all good, matey !

'If my heir knew what my brain was thinking, I'd shave it off..'

Wtf fuck does that mean?- What an idiot...

I mean, 'if MY HAIR...'

You're thinking is supercool.
But it's true that no one is perfect.

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Don't start accusing me of thinking...or I'll be getting ostracized !...oh, wait......that's already happening....

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Oh! No.
It's hasn't gotten to that, by the way you're supercool and your level of understanding is so high @lucylin. Ostracize is not gonna happen credence me.

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Well, I appreciate the support, I really do - but I never sleep with anyone on the first date- not in the first 10 mins anyway - that's a 100%, ironclad rule that, I have...mostly.

I thought that was more cryptic than usual. 🤣

but the next phase will be underway soon - A strategy that will spin a few heads!...

Fun, fun, fun. Do we have to sign up for your Patreon and send you unsolicited nudes to get the exclusive scoop or do we have to wait patiently?

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Patience is a virtue....or so I've heard.

Unsolicited nudes are acceptable - but only if you're a mega-babe.

It seems @calumam came to the right place lol!

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The few at the top on Hive earn so freakin much passively that there's now way to ever outbeat them and they can simply use that free down vote at any time to squash you. I'm not a fan of how that entire system works. I believe the proof of brain concept could work but with some adjustments.

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Agreed - the system is set up for 'might is right, fuck any intelligence' to be the the system....that'll work out'stupid' and large stake, is the recipe for ultimate disaster in such a set up).

PoB - because it is fundamentally still a DPoS system - it's headed for the same thing I think (maybe the limited tokens will counter it, but I'm not convinced as yet).

all of it is dpos
what I envision and already do has absolutely jack shite to do with anything remotely touching it but it's interesting to watch at times I suppose , shrug

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...their interference on my account - and ultimate blitzing of it after fours years - has provided with material to profit from,- and upped the resolve...You really can't fix stupid - but you can enjoy the demise of bad people.

I just love your posts. Specially with this many imagery. Makes the reading really flowing.

Your post really reminded me of the cave from Plato. And also the paradox "to destroy id to build".

To arms!!!!

(I'm not so much on here, but I'll try to follow all the developments from this. Keep safe mate!)

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yes very cult like with very few "fresh bloods" and think many forget what the original intent of any of this actually was , now it's billboard loaded posts ( I did that on Steemit but have done a lot of things so what?)... with boring drama or boring content save some who seem to have lives outside of an echo chamber. HELLLLLOOOOOOOOO said the newly disclosed "Unidentified Aerial Entities"...
"Is there any sign of intelligent life?"
the beings look and see a few but mostly it's regurgitated crap and the answer is basically no

I vote for Alpacas to become the next apex animal

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That cave is like a shadow in the heart of babes.

Where'd you manage to find a picture of me in my twilight years!?


Looks like you've just been dragged though a hedge!

Anyway, we all know the truth - so stop it with yer misdirection's !

@minismallholdings webcam piccy - from 18 seconds ago - and that's a fact!

Lol! In my mind, I'll certainly be looking like that. Just don't give me any mirrors! 🤣
I'll swap the dress for fitted trousers and t-shirt, as well, Furiosa style. 😉

The picture caught my eye as well

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Orcas are apex predators also known as killer whales - sometimes they kill and eat both dolphins and whales. A pod of killer whales are the most dangerous gang in the ocean.


I guess you are giving me heads up that you are about to start flinging shit like an angry chimpanzee and I'd better run to the bomb shelter.


Redelegate to #hivecoffee if you like social interpretations of the hive community, I am sure will be talking about this next post of @lucylin on the hive coffee discord

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Yeah...but they're still dolphins...

I do not fling shit, sir!...I squat, and then aim...

This is like stumbling into the cinema half way through a film with multiple twists. I have no clue what is going on but I'll grab my popcorn anyway......

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lol if you stick around long enough you will see another deeper side to @lucylin, since it was directly mentioned in the post, let us nail this synapse!

Let's not forget ...that this is all thanks to the people who think they're not being manipulated (by myself).
I'm simply applying some classic Saul Alinsky strategies. And thus, they think that they're acting under their own cognition... (bless).

You will find that Saul Alinsky can get results faster than the given authority when he goes into Ghettos and analyzes the true root of human suffrage.

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I'll be doing a psychological post concerning the characteristics of what goes into 'making up a cult', and comparing it to the hive ecosystem.

We have a turd in the punch bowl @rawbe @darkflame @frot

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lol - are you calling me a turd - or a punch bowl...? lol

To answer this question, I must first decide if I like Nachos of Doritos more, lemonade would go swell with both!

Any one that admits to liking either of those items (ironically labelled as food stuffs), is either incredibly drunk/high, or has no penis - this is a scientific fact confirmed by the by the IPCC (so it must be true).

Lemonade that's created by being given lemons off idiots, is known to taste 327% times better than any other kind of lemonade on the market...This is also a scientific fact.


...if only they's used Doritos to support the tracks, everything would've been fine..

DPOS is a is a cult (?)
Therefore Hive is a cult

The visual storytelling was interesting.
That's a nice cabin. Will it be on a lake?

Man , that whole Hive vibe ,... most true anarchist will be like ,...

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Lol..this shit really cracked me up

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Nice read, this hit different 😄

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Love the photos and I am with you.