It must be weird hating yourself - and the rest of the world...bless...

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I can't imagine the self loathing that some people must feel for downvoting truth , open perspectives, and humor.

What a horrible reality to inhabit.

I can't imagine that feeling of total impotence and childlike rage .

I can't imagine wanting to be looked at with such disdain by all the other people that upvoted this post, in a positive action. (including nullifying @threespeak upvote pretty much).

I can't imagine wanting to be looked on as ugly, characterless, cowardly, and just downright boring......

I can't imagine an ambition of wanting to aspire to 'small man syndrome'.
That's some fucking ambition for your kids to look up to, and try to emulate!


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Although I'd think that this, is probably a more accurate self image...

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More interestingly, it also illustrates the lack of respect it shows for virtually everyone else on the platform. Think about it - it speaks volumes about the character of the person(s) behind the account.
How cringy....
....And I'm 'fairly sure' who the little tyke is..
(people do love to talk off platform, I'm discovering - and I never quite realized just how some so called 'respected' accounts were really looked down on and despised...not until recently...)


This behavior shows a severe lack of respect for other users on the platform.
(indicating god complex/small man syndrome).
This behavior does not make the platform more attractive to others. (it makes it look tyrannical and nasty).

This behavior makes the account itself look juvenile and ridiculous - and a laughing stock.
(Who would want to be laughed at like that?... apart from those with incredibly low self esteem, and self loathing).

It's pathetic, I know - but fortunately... I don't give a fuck!!

My ellecy has been off all day (hence the lack of 'anything internety'), but my day has been great nonetheless , as it is everyday.

I wonder how happy altleft's existence is?

My downvoted rebuttals by the low IQ, insecure morons, will all be tagged with @deepdives and @informationwar.


Because it acts as catalog of events, over the weeks and months. A record that people can easily research.
This punitive action shit, needs to be called out every time, it really does.
And I will do.
Every time.

It's the behaviors of 'the altleft's' account (and similar ones) that's making this platform look like an abortion in progress, just remember that...

We need a record that illustrates one of the reasons why the platform is stagnating.

Each attack is not in isolation - it builds up a very disturbing, tyrannical picture of this platform - one that penalizes accounts that do not tow some ideological line or perspective (globalist, lefty, collectivist, humorless, whatever).

It serves as a record of the old fashioned, low IQ thinking, that refuses to catch up the changing zeitgeist - and more than that - is very willing to bring the platform into disrepute for ideological reasons.

These actions are reflective of the personalities types suffering from malignant narcissism, sociopathy, or even psychopathy...
Where 'winning' (dominating), is more important than anything else - even at the cost of other users and hundreds of thousand's of dollars ....

Like I said, it's truly pathetic.

But, eh ...I'm happy !

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@Proofofbrain is looking more and more attractive everyday, with every pitiful action carried out on hive...


Yes, the flags suck.
Content I don't like? FLAG!
Content not following "my rules" for posting? FLAG!
Content has rewards I don't think they "deserve"? FLAG!

But count yourself lucky it's just them. Peanuts compared to curangel asses downvoting and putting you at $0-$2 if they wanted to :/ has happened to me when bernie was also flagging. These delegation curation projects that harness their delegation power to downvote are a bigger problem as I see it. I posted my dev work on Leo/Cub after 28 days of not posting and still got flagged by those douchebags. Someone has an ax to grind against me, and they love doing it.

You can't fix stupid, I guess.
It does raise questions as to the point of 'the hive exercise', though...
...It ain't 'business orientated', that's for sure.

It is evident that he has a strange way of showing you affection.

which leads to think that indeed, he felt alluded to with some comment you made and to this day he has not been able to overcome it!

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The classic shame/guilt ridden gay guy, who has the hots for me ?.....oh, thanks for the future material...

Here we are in a time where cryptos are booming and the whole world are looking for things to invest in, or ways to start earning some.

And what are many of our stakeholders and community managers doing with this opportunity? Many seem to be spending their whole time running after Venezuelans and others they believe perform too well in order to give out tiny slaps to "protect" the reward pool for other content creators that they like.

Reward-pool Justice Warriors ain't got no time to market the token, onboard new users, or improve retention rates. Gotta get them offensive reward pool abusers first!

Can't make this shit up.

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That's not true.

I think this tribalism nonsense and the folks within tribes hating on Hive, constantly, these days, is far more toxic. I'll be honest. And I hope you can respect it. I see your words here, combined with @lucylin ending this post by taking a shot at Hive in general. It pisses me off.

Now think about this. I don't come here, to be pissed off. Much of this drama is lame, the content based on the drama is lame, the attitudes are lame. How in the actual fuck is this all supposed to help with things like 'retention'? What the hell would Youtube be if all it was was a bunch of Youtubers bitching about other Youtubers, pointing fingers, and saying, "It's all their fault." Nobody on the outside gives a shit, and it turns eyes away.

Chill out. And for fuck sakes stop throwing EVERYONE under the bus due to the actions of a few you disagree with.

What good comes out of making us all look bad? Or is kicking people when they're already down what all the cool kids are doing these days?

Yup. I'm annoyed. So what. Had your comment not been so riddled with sensationalism combined with the "can't make this shit up" line at the end, I wouldn't be looking at you like you're full of shit right now.

But I don't hate your guts man. I just think you can do better.

Preach it! I've been saying all of this for years. Quarreling over rewards is inevitable as long as inflation-derived rewards allocated through stake-based voting is the main monetization option. It creates a toxic environment that people don't want to spend time in.

That's not true.

Posts about reward disagreements are regularly #1 trending and we had one on that at #1 today as well. So then there are "many" promoting that discussion according to our blockchain logic.

Yes. It's true these disagreements exists and are often taking center stage, stealing the spotlight away from genuine content designed to reach outwards as well as inwards.

One of the first suggestions I made for Hive, early on, after seeing platform politics and far too much inward facing content 'trending', was suggest that type of content be tagged accordingly and automatically be disqualified from the general content trending section. We still need to have our board room meeting style discussions and they don't need to be pretty, but that content had never mixed well with general content. I suggested it be disqualified from trending, then shifted over to a new, internal section.

I figured, suggesting something like that would be more beneficial that just sitting here, whining, and not coming up with any solutions. I've suggested this numerous times now due to the fact it's annoying to have platform politics plastered all over the front windows of our fancy business place here, instead of being tucked away in the back room, where it belongs.

Does anyone step up to say, "Hey, NoNames, I like that idea. Would you like to work together on this?" NOPE. So whatever. I tried and would love to find the middle ground, and come up with solutions that don't take away, but offer more options, to both sides of the story. We need a place to express our grievances openly/transparently, but not the front page, right?

Quarrels don't bother me. Expecting all of us to get along 100% of the time and agree with everyone and everything is ridiculous.

Dude. I'm impressed you actually responded.

One of the first suggestions I made for Hive, early on, after seeing platform politics and far too much inward facing content 'trending', was suggest that type of content be tagged accordingly and automatically be disqualified from the general content trending section. We still need to have our board room meeting style discussions and they don't need to be pretty, but that content had never mixed well with general content.

I also think it has to be more clearly separated. A dedicated Hive User Forum as a separate front end would make the most sense to me. 1. Discussions like these could benefit from a different style of sorting posts and discussion threads as some questions and ideas are more "timeless" and should be subject to continuous discussions until a solution is made instead of just popping up ad nauseam with a short timespan due to the trending algorithm resulting in it being forgotten before anything was actually done. 2. To give new users the sense that there is actually a place to go to offer feedback and be part of a community effort to identify problems, propose solutions, and find agreements on what to do. I think the benefits could be more than simply separating discussions and content, but also making it more productive.

I suggested it be disqualified from trending, then shifted over to a new, internal section.

I would actually do the exact opposite (although arguably the result would be the same practically). I would like to see the Trending page be only about Hive, and not about some artist's paintings, long form writings and my occasional shitposts that get voted by haejin. I know this discussion has also been up before where some (and I suspect this may include you) would say that discussions about Hive isn't what will attract new users or make time on the platform pleasant. However, I think it is natural that Hive-related discussions are Trending because by default it is the one topic everyone here have a direct interest in. So I would like to see good contributions made to improve the platform from providing good feedback, cool ideas, or documenting actual development to implement those, end up being rewarded the most.

As for content then, I just don't think that a global trending page will ever be interesting. People don't want to see or consume the same things. And users have completely different judgement on what works. Other social platforms that have succeeded greatly in recent years have done so by getting better and better at providing individual users with the content they are most likely to engage with and spend time on. Stakeholders and trails are never going to do a better job at this. So I would much rather see a development in a direction where Hive is a decentralized, open, and user-owned platform where users can choose the content discovery mechanisms (front ends), or open sourced sorting/suggestion algorithms that they want to use to best serve their own wish to find good content or discover new people worth forming connections with. To me, this would be real innovation in better solving user needs and helping them find value as opposed to the web 2.0 platforms (facebooks etc) that run content algos to serve their benefits and not their users.

What I'm getting to with all of this is that I'm just frustrated (as you are) that we seem to be stubbornly insisting on making Ned's basement idea from 5 years ago work, rather than analyzing the actual user needs and how a blockchain like ours can best be used to address them.

Dude. I'm impressed you actually responded.

I appreciate my feedback as raw and unfiltered as possible. So no problem ;)

And see, I'd take it the other way. I'd place that Hive content, development news, platform politics, etc, in it's own tab. It would look exactly like the trending page. I wouldn't make an entirely new front end since it should be easily accessible. One click away. Much like deciding to instead browse the 'hot' section rather than the 'trending' tab. Call it the 'development' tab perhaps. Or, The Boardroom. The front end could decide to make that boardroom the landing page if they wanted.

General content has a tendency to appeal to more people on the outside. That's why Youtube's trending page isn't about their platform politics. It's full of organically popular entertainment/information, and people gravitate towards that. Millions of them.

I think the first time I attempted to describe this was here in the comments:

I'm not sure if you're aware, but even since the earliest days of Steem up to today here and now on Hive, a lot of people have actually been annoyed with the Hive content/platform politics trending consistently. It's to the point (though improving as of late) very few actually look at trending because they think it'll just be more of the same, and I think it's fair to say majority aren't interested in platform politics. I enjoy it, and I'm sure you like to have a say in matters. Most people just want to chill and do whatever.

My ridiculous post with 170 comments. Sitting next to development news with twelve comments that day? That doesn't mix well together. It makes it look like more people are interested in having fun and not interested in Hive, yet that fun is meant to be a part of Hive. It feels weird though placing comedy or one of your random shit posts (you said it!) in with important chain news and information. Arts and entertainment has never mixed well with this stuff.

I'm the symptom of something, not the cause .... There's a BIG difference.

The best I can do for hive is to try and fix the cause (imo).

It's not Hive's responsibility to resolve your personal problems with individuals on Hive. At the same time I acknowledge your frustrations, even though you say you don't care, which I think is a lie. Scroll back in my blog and you'll see how I too was once in your shoes. I didn't blame Hive though. I singled out what I thought at the time was one bad actor downvoting irresponsibly and considered it to be an isolated incident, since that's normally the case. And you can play the victim card but I'm not blind and I do see how your form of communication when handling these issues is akin to poking the bear, rather than stepping up to that line in the middle in an attempt to sort things out, professionally. And I've seen that with others as well. Quick to be agitators, pointing fingers, blaming and insulting everyone else. Failing to just sit down and talk. But whatever. You be you. I don't care.


I find it all quite incredible, tbh.
Why talk about petty fiefdoms, when you can observe hive in action !


"Altleft"... I wonder what political leanings they subscribe to...

Seems like envy... seems like nutjobs.

'Envy' and 'left' are so intertwined as to be

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The same thing happened to me, I got negative votes that affected my reputation in Hive and now I have to resurface because of a subjective impulse that has no explanation. I agree with you, You have to go on, and you have to make him happy :)

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downvoting truth

Truth seems to be a flexible concept in #politics posts.

The large down votes hiding behind the over rewarded justification to hide narrative control by a few really needs to stop, but it is unlikely to. People with to much money, to much time, and to few brains are going to do what they do best and that is act like petulant two year olds.

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If childish antics like this don't stop, the platform is doomed...

This problem is not about me...I'm the symptom of a much larger issue.

I myself do not think you are a problem, the hide behind the rewards excuses are the problem. It seems that POB is /has moved beyond that, will it stay free of it much longer? Doubtful haters are going to go where they can cause hate.

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Haters are gonna hate, it's true.
Good governance and not shying away from it when it rears it's head can go along way to mitigate the problem .
It can never be a destination, but it is a never ending journey...

I have nothing against haters hating, in fact - when the medium are words... I encourage it! (have you noticed the distinct lack of that with any of my posts?)

When hate becomes tangible (downvoting) it crosses over into something else.
Freedom to express is censored/stifled.
Not a good look for a platform that sells 'freedom'.

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What did you say again?? "god complex"

What the hell is that? Don't mind me, I know what it is

Maybe he is silently trying to prove a point but who cares as long your day went well, even with all of his actions

Is he angry with you because of something you did previously? Or he is just a mere narcissist who doesn't care about the image and reputation of the platform? Maybe you have the answers, or maybe you don't

What is trying to prove? That he has the power to do, and undo? Oh right power is what we are talking about on POB contest this week, so I may outrightly say, this is one instance that portrays how power can be utterly abused

Maybe he has his reasons...I'm I trying to make excuses for him? Hell no! I would never take a panadol for another man's headache ....never!

For that will be too much cost to bear

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This is an ongoing thing by 'certain elements'.
(people who disagree with my perspectives but don't have any argument powwwwwerrrrrrrrrrr)
Hence, a tyranny.

Oh wow, never did like politics myself, looks like there's no getting away from it OR the bloody 'woke' crew who don't understand the meaning of being awake. Yeh POB is a much nicer place from what I'm seeing. Keep it up POB's or do you have a funnier name for em? I bet you do.

Woke = brain dead automatons.