If it walks like a duck.... and talks like a duck...it's probably a Goose step...

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In the spirit of analogies and metaphors being the most appealing vehicle in which to deliver truths, this post will be done in such a way to show parallels.

Personally, I dislike using them - I'm lazy, and I would much prefer to say the exact same things directly , in 200 words, and without fanfare - than a 2000 word salad - but it seems that word salads make 'the swallowing of the truth pill' somewhat more palatable.
So be it.
Neither analogy or metaphor, but comparative extractions.....

The post below will illustrate the uncanny ideology and logic that permeates the Hive ecosystem as being scarily in parallel to political organisation, and the execution of 'law'- in Nazi Germany during the 1930's.

Ouch!.... I know - but the truth is the truth, and the facts are the facts.

All bold paragraphs are copy pasted statements taken from the following sources.
https://encyclopedia.ushmm.org/content/en/article/law-and-justice-in-the-third-reich (holocaust encyclopedia)

I will draw the parallels from these historical facts, and lay them over the Hive ecosystem.

If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck ...It's probably a goose step.

I'll post this on @proofofbrian to act as warning for the new tribe that seems to be excelling so far - to help avoid the pitfalls that have occurred on Hive (and previously steem).

If these pitfalls are not addressed, POB will (can only!) evolve in the same way as Hive has - unfortunately.

I will not be trying to offer solutions to the problem here, but only illustrating the problem.
A problem that really is the elephant in the room.
A massive, humongous elephant, at that - and one that the powers that be, and the teet sucking sycophants, would prefer to not be addressed.
Or brought to people's attention.

I'm under no illusions that this post will be attacked by big accounts - which serves as the perfect example of the said elephant in the room NOT wanting reality to be addressed.
That alone will speak volumes. ...target and flak, and all that...

It also serves as marker on the blockchain.

No one can ever say in the future , that these things were a case of 'we never thought of it like that'.

This post is to help you think of it 'just like that'....

...you (we) will all be judged in the future - for your actions now..
And judged, you most definitely will be.
By friends, family, siblings, partners....people who countin your life.

Anyone wishing to copy/paste any arguments or points on this post into the comment sections of the accounts expressing support of the dictatorship, are free to do so.

While it may not change the perspectives of those who are already happily supporting the totalitarianism (but it might), it will serve to highlight them to other accounts.
Supporting those very accounts is supporting totalitarianism.
There is no 'get out clause', not once you're aware of the situation.
Support and upvote according to your moral compass, and conscience - or lack of, as the case may be.
History is never kind to collaborators.

To avoid any ambiguity, let me define the terms I use in respects to this post...

The Higher echelons of the Nazi party (Hitler, Goebbels, Goring, Himmler, ect) = The Witnesses.
The gestapo/secret police/judiciary = Large stake holders that show a loyalty to the witnesses (i.e. the sycophantic midwits)
Power = The use of stake.
The ecosystem = Germany.
Persecution, enslavement and extermination = Down voting Hive stakeholders accounts in a biased and malicious fashion.

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Hitler ruled Germany autocratically by asserting the Führerprinzip (leader principle), which called for absolute obedience of all subordinates. He viewed the government structure as a pyramid, with himself—the infallible leader—at the apex. Rank in the party was not determined by elections; positions were filled through appointment by those of higher rank

The the DPOS 'code is law' is the system on Hive.
'Code is law' is nothing more than the manifestation of a small group of anonymous human beings and their thought processes and values - just as in Germany, in the 1930's, in the higher echelons of the Nazi party._ ,
Voting is determined by stake size.
The more stake size you have, the more 'legitimate' your opinion.
This makes a farce of 'the Hive community'.... and of any kind of democratic process in fact.
Anyone trying to push the paradigm of 'community' is either a useful idiot, or a willing accomplice in the continuation of the current autocratic structure (most probably for ideological or greed reasons - or a combination of the two).

The Enabling Act allowed the Reich government to issue laws without the consent of Germany’s parliament, laying the foundation for the complete Nazification of German society. The law was passed on March 23, 1933, and published the following day. Its full name was the “Law to Remedy the Distress of the People and the Reich.”

This shows the way that the powers in Germany pushed though the legislation - and legitimization - of autocracy.

Hive, from it's very beginning, was structured in an autocratic way.
There was no 'enabling act' required.

Hitler: “No, we can’t move against the judiciary yet, we’re not powerful enough”. And that showed him to be a shrewd politician in the peacetime period.

There was never any need in hive, to 'move against the judiciary' - Large Hive stakeholders are already the judiciary.
The larger the stake you have, the more 'justice' you are enabled to 'serve' out to what is deemed to be a 'transgressor' of 'the rules'.
Intelligence and integrity do not come into it .

There is no justice, or judicial procedure - it's based entirely on personal opinions and loyalties to 'the Reich' the large accounts on Hive.

(just like the judicial system in Germany - after the Nazi party gained control of it).

Without an impartial judicial system, there can be no real community.

And anyone selling 'the hive community' in a autocratic system (no legitimate judicial system) is a snake oil salesmen, nothing more .
Either that, or a very dim useful idiot.
Eloquence of words is used to cover the truth, to hide the reality.
(Pro tip to growing up: be angry at the deliverer of the deception, not the deliverer of the reality).

"...The government was not a coordinated, co-operating body, but rather a disorganised collection of factions led by members of the party elite who struggled to amass power and gain the Führer's favour.

This is called 'decentralization' in the Hive ecosystem.
The ruling 'elite'(a misnomer if ever there was one) still continue to rule as they see fit.
No intelligence, moral compass, or respect for others, required - Just blind obedience to the 'code is law', which was written by the powers that be - Just like the Nazi party in the 1930's.
A most 'sycophantic friendly' , system.

After taking power, Hitler and the Nazis turned Germany into a dictatorship. Time and again, they used legal means to give their actions a semblance of legality. Step by step, Hitler managed to erode democracy until it was just a hollow facade.

Any pennies dropping?
Smelling any coffee , yet?
Legal means = 'code is law', is it not?
Are you seeing that elephant, now...?

Nine officials from the German Ministry of Justice and seven members of the Nazi-era People's and Special Courts were charged with “judicial murder and other atrocities, which they committed by destroying law and justice in Germany, and then utilizing the emptied forms of legal process for the persecution, enslavement and extermination on a large scale.


The parallels to the Hive system of downvoting based on some loyalty to 'The Powers That Be' - (not integrity, merit, or justice) are easily drawn.
The powers that be can destroy indiscriminately, on a whim.
The powers that be on Hive are no different in behavior, than the sycophantic gestapo who were 'playing god' with people lives.
'Code is law' is no defense - it's defunct as a working concept that incorporates moral , human values.
It's the argument the tyrant uses, while hiding behind a non existent shield . (you can't fix stupid).
When the justice is dependent on stake size - their can be no justice - only despotism.

'Community?'... ha!
Without any real accountability, there is no community - only people living in fear from 'the authority'.
Without accountability there is only dictatorship through power (stake size).

Hitler's leadership style was to give contradictory orders to his subordinates and to place them into positions where their duties and responsibilities overlapped with those of others, to have "the stronger one the job". In this way, Hitler fostered distrust, competition, and infighting among his subordinates to consolidate and maximise his own power.
The process allowed more unscrupulous and ambitious Nazis to get away with implementing the more radical and extreme elements of Hitler's ideology, such as antisemitism, and in doing so win political favour.

This is the sycophantic midwit system at work on hive.
The more you suck up and do the bidding of the powers that be, the more you will be rewarded.
It only takes a 30 minute perusal of easily identifiable 'midwit'/useful idiots accounts - and their commensurate upvotes for their sycophantic loyalty - to see this happening.... On a daily basis.

With the reinterpretation of "protective custody" (Schutzhaft) in 1933, police power became independent of judicial controls. In Nazi terminology, protective custody meant the arrest—without judicial review—of real and potential opponents of the regime

My recent post - which brings into question the legitimacy of 'code is law' (over the ethos of 'love is the law' - of which justice is an integral part of), was upvoted to $130 - and then down voted to under $20 - ALL from big account holders.
This is the exemplification of everything that I've written in this post.
Question the 'code is law'premise - and you will be mightily punished by 'the powers that be'.
Question the Nazi regime, and you will be mightily punished.



...There isn't one.

Or rather, not one that doesn't crumble under intellectual, philosophical, (or ethical) rigor.

You approve of the power structure - or you don't.
You approve of free expression, without fear - or you don't.
You approve of raw power and sycophantic mechanisms to 'govern' - or you don't.
(rather than letting intelligence, integrity, ethics and the desire for a genuine community, being the guide)

'But it's an opt in system' !!
This is true. It is nobodies fault except your own, if you sign up to it (myself included).

Had I know the reality of the structure before I'd signed up I never would have.

...And, just like the German people in 1939, who also never quite realized what they'd signed up for...I find myself here.
I'm still a stakeholder - just like everyone else.

My voice is as legitimate as anyone else's on the platform.

Those who don't like me here, are also the ones with large stake.
They are the same ones who are trying to intimidate and silence a fellow stakeholder.
They are the same as the gestapo in 1936, who threaten anyone pointing out the reality of the situation - anyone who questions the corrupt system, and the ruling authority

The only question you have to ask yourself - and others on Hive , is - are you a Nazi collaborator, or do you support freedom?


You can't have both.
Upvote and support accordingly - or take support away from the various sycophantic accounts on hive.

You can't turn a blind eye to it, once you've seen the truth.
You can decide to be a willing accomplice in the oppression , however.
I'll be posting on every account that I see as 'accomplice's' - wittingly or otherwise.
After that, there's no excuse.
Only complicity.
History judges those complicit in injustices very poorly indeed....
So does the legal system.
Nuremberg anyone?

I hope this has laid out the parallels that I see...These are all factual historical realities , and facts of Hive.
These systems in place today, are not opinion.

Read the links above, and read them in context of 'Hive and it's governance' - and any thinking person with an IQ over 50, will most probably draw the same conclusions as I have.
Scary - but still true, nonetheless.

Which is why we desperately need to work out something new in POB (@proofofbrainio).

Unless this addressed it will only go the way of Hive.
'Code is law' and DPOS is explicitly 'built for this purpose'... Where human values carry no weight over stake size - money.
I can already see the sycophantic midwit cancer coming into the ecosystem.

Allowing 'the spread of the midwit sycophant' will only result in one thing...A copy of Hive.

I want - thirst - for POB to be 'hive2.0'....And 'where there's a will, there's a way'....

Lets create a genuine community - one based on ethics and human values, and lets avoid the goosestepping ideology that rules over hive.
Can this be done on the back of the hive dinosaur?- I don't know - but I doubt it.

But think about this...Hive has around 5,000 active members .That's in theory - the lack of any accountability doesn't allow for any real figures. Truth is not a quality that's held in high value by 'the powers that be' on hive.)

It doesn't sound too difficult to have an independent social media site with those kind of numbers, does it?
...Especially if you can offer an environment that's not based on weak ego's, sycophancy, nasgul greed, and sociopath characteristics.

viking flats - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg
Thomas jefferson's last post on Hive, before he was downvoted to oblivion...

Some upcoming posts will be memes and factoids that you are free to drop into 'the sycophants' feeds. (did I see free to drop ?...I meant encouraged to drop).

Many are willful sycophants and will not change their behaviors - You can't fix 'greedy stupid' - but I'm sure there are also many unwitting supporters as well.
....Decent people who were not aware of the situation, that will be forced to ask themselves some very searching moral questions so as to justify their continued support to the oppressors and their sycophantic NCP's...

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"...My masters tell me what to think, and I'll defend them...that's because I'm clever..."


You can do this parallel stuff pretty good really!


Cheers, matey !

While I cannot help but cringe at the invocation of Godwin's Law, I also note your proper rejection of the degradation of Hive from it's original, claimed intent. Since all autocracy follows essentially the same political process, you could have used Mao, or Stalin, or even Kamala Harris's rise as metaphors and avoided invoking Godwin.

Anyway, who is this Brian?

"I'll post this on @proofofbrian..."

I shall hope that more platforms enable forthright speech to continue to avail folks with nominal means of resolution of their differences, which is the only means of effecting profitable governance. Before long I expect to have a look at POB and see what it has to offer in that regard.


You don't even need to make comparisons to tyrants, historical or modern; you could simply focus on who is victimised instead, and ask yourself "why do this, who benefits?" I did this in a recent post on my WordPress blog, since that's where I usually put my editorials. If you read it, please forgive the overly simplistic description of Hive, most of my followers on WordPress aren't exactly tech-savy.

Also, I think @lucylin may be referring to Brian of Nazareth - can you prove he's not Brian? Brian himself can't even prove who he is, apparently.

...... people seem to prefer their bitter pill coated in a hundred words, rather than a dozen direct ones...overestimating people's intelligence , is a weak spot for me...analogies/metaphors/parallels/fables bla blah,seems the way to go for people to fully grasp some things.

I see your point, but I also think Godwin's Law is a thoroughly dead meme. After all, the little authoritarians and their bootlicks love calling people like us Nazis so damn much that the very term "Nazi" has completely lost the impact that it once had. It's too bad the word "commissar" isn't is scary as it should be, otherwise I'd suggest using that... says the ex-Soviet.

.....yeah but I have my 'hitler in the bunker' satirical video to make as well...so it fits well....people know the nazi history a little more than other regimes.

The subject matter is the vehicle of the message, not the message.

History is written by the victors, so of course all the dark deeds of the Nazis would have the most light shed on them. On the other hand, most western communists probably wouldn't be communists if they knew Soviet or Chinese history half as well as either of us do; case in point - dumbass Trotskiists.

Also, how meta are you trying to be?

....this was an easy a comparison of tyranny , and how the manifests - no matter the 'ecosystem' - let's not take it too deep - This is on purpose.

In a room full of 5 year olds you tell them 'space is big', you don't spout the E=MC2 equation...
(and if you're gonna be pedantic about E=MC2 - then you're missing my point entirely ! lol)

I must be overestimating the intelligence of your target audience. Funny, I thought the average Hive blogger had a higher IQ than the average WordPress blogger...

...but I've been wrong before. In fact, I've been wrong a lot more than usual this year!

Good to hear from you matey !

lol - The national socialist's , and not some other regime, is easier for people to get their heads around - ( how many people even know who chiang kai-chek is , for example ? )

'Hopefully', the limited POB token will change the power dynamics - governance is key.

Between Anatinae, Aythyinae, Anserinae, Anseranatidae, Tadorninae and other flying palmipedes you better never see yourself.

Quack Quack

I only use mirrors to shave - is that ok?

Well, I couldn't tell you for sure. My sylvan beard long and disheveled already sweeps the floor just like my long hair. And for the same reason, I hardly ever look myself in a mirror.

But hey! ...have you ever taken a good look at my avatar?

I thought your avatar was just the wishful thinking of a bald coot....

You could never have a more erroneous, delirious and hallucinated imagination my friend. I already have heirs for a long time who think they are going to become millionaires selling my hairy scalp and long fur on the black market.

lol ....(I never really thought that - but was struggling for a witty retort).

On the upside, I will now always see like this...


Alright. Now just let me save you some precious time from having to arse yourself too much by imagining how I will look when my heirs finally come for me.


"Without any real accountability, there is no community - only people living in fear from 'the authority'.
Without accountability there is only dictatorship through power"

"Where human values carry no weight over stake size - money."

Foundation of hive is contrary to its purpose.. A free exchange of IDEAS can't grow when we are not all equal in our voices.

I think we can all see the harsh reality of that 'free exchange of ideas', ethos, collapsing in all its glory...sad but true.

The more you see, the more it feels like selling idea, not a principle.

IF the big players felt principled on the free speech angle - they would easily keep the smaller bad actors in line.

What do we get ? (thinking in relation to my last 6 weeks of down votes) - nothing, nada, zip. Their silence speaks volumes...as does the downvoting patterns of the sycophants...

Similar mindsets have trickled over already from LEO, just have to take a look at this comment thread to see how some people's minds process conflict here.

Called him out multiple times now, never replied. I'm supposed to be scared of the repercussions based on his stake size if I "escalate the conflict"? FYI, I sent him a private message this time instead of shining more light on this, but surprise surprise, no reply.

People need to wake up, that's for sure. Monkey with a machine gun.

(By the way, I saw your comment on my post a few days ago, just been very busy travelling and taking some time off to see a friend. Glad to hear you're sticking around, I'll be back to my usual activity next week)

Posted via proofofbrain.io

ok matey - enjoy the break!

I’m actually more concerned about the same patterns playing out IRL in the countries that went to war against that very system. A heck of a lot of similarities are appearing.

All online platforms seem to reach the same point in the end if they become successful.

yeah...and IRL , WW2 started with the Munich beer hall meetings, many years before - you know.... a social gathering...
...The butterfly effect.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Never heard of the Munich Beer Hall meetings. Was lots of beer involved? 🤔

Never heard of the Munich Beer Hall meetings

....@lucylin stares depressingly at the screen.....

'Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it'

If you say you're now going to Munich, I'm reaching for the pills...lol.

Why would I want to go to Munich? Besides, I don't like beer or social gatherings, so I won't be repeating that piece of history. Rest easy, now, there's no need for pills. Besides, even those who know history still seem to repeat it.

Besides, even those who know history still seem to repeat it.

Indeed they do, indeed they do....

I spent a week or three in that area of Germany, a long time back...I never found any desire to stage a coup, though...weird...I must have been going to the wrong beer halls...

Could also have been the wrong beer...

I must have been too far away, as over only been around Hanover and Frankfurt areas. I could also have been drinking the wrong beer, if I actually drank any...🤔

ah, thats it ! --I never partook in the 'holstien crystalnacht!'...

Welcome to the hive, you can check out, but you can never leave.

I think you are running out of dragons to tilt on.
The years of pushing back are beginning to work.
'The whales' have names, and some are coming out from behind their walls.
Hf25 should be a big deal.

If the word 'should' is used , I normally discount it..lol

You should, there are no guarantees the sun comes up tomorrow.

The the DPOS 'code is law' is the system on Hive.
'Code is law' is nothing more than the manifestation of a small group of anonymous human beings and their thought processes and values - just as in Germany, in the 1930's, in the higher echelons of the Nazi party._ ,
Voting is determined by stake size.
The more stake size you have, the more 'legitimate' your opinion.
This makes a farce of 'the Hive community'.... and of any kind of democratic process in fact.
Anyone trying to push the paradigm of 'community' is either a useful idiot, or a willing accomplice in the continuation of the current autocratic structure (most probably for ideological or greed reasons - or a combination of the two).