How to make @frots purple patches, really wet....

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I was talking to @frot earlier, and , between his rants about 'the love of purple', he mentioned that he wanted to buy some more POB tokens ,(wise man).....

lllp - Copy - Copy (2).jpg

So then.... I decided to give him a wet patch!

...If you trust that the parties involved have honorable motives - ie keeping the coin to make the platform better - why not spread the love by NOT looking at how much you can squeeze from each transaction, but agree a price, and 'do the business'?

So that's what myself, and the purple avenger, have just done!

lllp - Copy.jpg

The price worked out at 51.4 cents or something, based on the current rate.
We agreed 50 cents instead.
Because it's much easier to work out the exchange rate, that's why!

He's sent me a litecoin, and now I'll send him 656 POB tokens into his account!

While this may be outside the intellectual purview of the midwit , you know - the avaricious nasgul - for those of a more grown nature, guess what?


It's all about wishing to spread the coin around, thus making it much more valuable in the future.(and no... it's still not about the money).

What better way to do this, than to put it in the hands of those with integrity and the love of the color purple?

You know, in exactly the opposite way the the incestuousness mentality of 'mine', 'moar!' and how the in crowd work on hive....

If anyone wants a good price on the POB for the betterment of the platform - not for buying/selling - contact me, and I'll see what I can do. (If I have any spare).

lllp - Copy - Copy (2).jpg

You can only lie to me once on this, so if you think you're being 'really clever' by buying cheap POB and re-selling, I have some bad news for you....
And you don't want me being your bad news.... lolol
'Fool me once, shame on you , and fooling me twice ? - ain't gonna happen'...
...but your POB account will look very foolish indeed.

These transactions that I'm doing is to help spread the coin to the people with integrity - those who want to see POB - and @proofofbrainio, succeed - So idiots really need not apply.

This has, like, a whole new ethical outlook and pleasurable feel to it to, doesn't it?
A feel that's sadly lacking in other parts of the ecosystem.. .
It makes everything feel better...

You know , a place where where code is not law, but an agreement between adults, is...?

So @frot not only has his patch of purple, it's also now sopping wet as well!

lllp - Copy - Copy.jpg


P.s - I'll also get all the POB back off him though the courts - once I've sued his ass off for being purpleist.
The purpleist bastard !...
No other colors are being given the time of day !!!..oh the inhumanity!

It's 'full color spectrum oppression', I tell ya's!



Thanks for sorting all that out, now I am purple, and wet, and I have a massive POB wallet - so that means I am a purple whale!


Digging the purple whaley

No probs matey...although whales now make me come out in rash...

Purple whales have special powers


When you balance the outside Frot , a inside Frot appears when the anode start's to glow .
It's fractal so it comes in many sizes , but always purple .
It's simple science , simple sacred comedy science . ;-)

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Don't try and tell me there's more than one @frot !

Don't really know , the golden (purple) spiral ,.. is it unique ?
Frot is omnipresent whilst there is only one that can truly call himself a @frot .


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Apparently, @frot is not impotent.

oohhhhhhh... ...omniprescent....

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If not impotent , then it must be omnipotent doing it's best to be omnipresent .
Tight pant hurt and loose pants won't conceal the awkward truth .
Some escape it by a rebuild , others live with it and ridicule the tranny for it's deceive .

Pffffff,.. and now the oracle must rest . ;-)

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Of course I am impotent...i am the master of purple, the most impotent role in the universe

Savior of the Universe !...... ;-)

Thanks for posting this .,I know one day I will surely be a purple whale in this chain just a newbie .....I haven't spend more than 10days but have been a experiencing alot😊😊.

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I would love to start trading but am sure I'd be a target for sharks out there as I am still clueless (by my own standards) on crypto and now I come here and find there are loads of new unheard of (to me) crypto's. So does this little transaction described here cut out the need for joining one of those trading things like Kraken (which I did but still don't know what to do with it)? Can you do a bot translation for total crypto-cretins on this subject?

Well you do need a wallet...we were both using Exodus for the Litecoin transfer

yup - frot sent me his litecoin to my wallet - then I sent him my POB token.
That was it.

I'm a crypto cretin to !

lol, that purple onesie is scary af, looks like Grimace got morphed into some sort of kink! oh my

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I'm so lost with the love of purple... lol

Will frot change into an all consuming purple monster and try to take over the world ))) Or just a rich prick with a purple complexion.. Time will tell ... )))