DPOS without integrity endorses - and profits - from 'bullying'...My last Hive rant - leaving Hive...

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By Tyler Jenks Published on August 24, 2018

“[Delegated Proof-of-Stake] is a bit reminiscent of a reality tv show. Mess with the community, and you are most likely to get voted off. It’s democracy on the Blockchain!” — Ryan Smith at CoinCentral

Ryan Smith was correct, but also wrong as well.
'The community' isn't' the majority'.
'The community' is made up of some self anointed 'arbiters of value' over the wishes of the many - they seem to be a very few dim individuals....(using their observable actions as the metric of intelligence).
Sad but true.
(try to prove me wrong, I dare ya!)

DPOS as a system - which we see clearly - enables the 'bullying type' of behavior.

Not only enables it - but actually profits from it as well!

Which is very funny if you think about it - as this is on the blockchain, is it not..?

There is no 'get out clause' on past observable actions ...Hilarious.

All those people that support ' the bully' via upvotes (and the people who just sit there quietly watching on the sidelines , fully aware of whats going on) , are all recorded on the block chain.
And all those who were - who are - complicit in that very 'enabling'.
Shame on you.

"....The apathetic populace watched and did nothing as the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and artists were sent off to the concentration camps in the 1930's...."

Does that paragraph above , make you feel all proud of yourself now - of enabling , one way or another, these same bully tactics on DPOS ?
You can stop the feelings of shame, guilt and acting small, anytime you want - you can be a proud adult anytime you wish to be...
How nice a place to live, does that sound?

Every endorsement - either through support or silence - will be here for the rest of the world to see far into the future.
What a legacy.
How embarrassing.
Can you imagine a future conversation...
'Why on earth did you choose to support these horrible bullies, Dad, why didn't you stand up and do something about them?"
How ...fucking ....embarrassing...

....The apathetic populace watched and did nothing as the Jews, homosexuals, gypsies, and artists were sent off to the concentration camps in the 1930's....

I hate bullies.

...Yet there are many on here on Hive- who write about how 'bullying' is so very, very bad - but then engage in it themselves behind the scenes in discord.

I'm getting downvoted everyday now - to the tune of at least $13- and sometimes much more.

(poor choice ..Karma is a royal and very loyal - bitch).

I used to post at least once a day, sometimes three or four times.
I received upvote rewards for my work - which were funds that went towards paying my rent, food, feeding my doggies, and helping out my step granddaughter with her education.

That's has now been stopped - due entirely to the malicious downvoting carried out here on HIVE.

The silence from those who supposedly 'govern' this space is deafening.

This can happen to anyone on here who 'offends' the snowflakes eggshell thin ego's, and woke sensibilities...bless...
Offends = talking truth and logic which upsets a delusional faux reality.

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It shows the Hive ecosystem to be nothing revolutionary - and more of a case of 'changing one set of tyrants, for another' - while at the same time making some handsome *profits for those in 'the in crowd'_ .
The actions of the bullying itself rewards the large stakeholder.. ...talk about some seriously fucked up priorities and values....

*if the token price doesn't dive, that is - which is looking more and more likely.
A large contributing reason for this 'dive' ever happening - will be as a result of this action/inaction/spinlessness of the large stakeholders.
You couldn't make up this much 'irony' if you worked in a mine! lol

Admittedly , these no hoper, talentless losers need all the help they can get ... but when they extend their graft mentality onto the genuinely hard working, creative individuals, rather than accommodating them in the understanding that it's these very types of people that provide their future incomes..i.e The genuine adders of value... then 'we have a problem Houston'.

'We have a problem, Houston'

Problems - like everything else in life, are always a source of change.
And opportunity also - for those that can see them.

Change also tends to come with unintended consequences.
Consequences that the cerebrally challenged do not - can not - envisage.
I'm now one of those 'unintended consequences'.

After over a month of vindictive downvoting, daily and approx $500 in value from upvotes from the dozens of people that positively support my work - my love of Hive has gone.
I'm starting to detest the place.

This vindictive type of tyranny isn't what people sign up for.

It's is a form of financial terrorism - Punishment for not 'bending the knee' to the 'authority' of hive.
An authority that has, so far, shown itself to be totally incompetent and lacking any integrity whatsoever in it's responsibility to furthering the attractiveness of the platform.

Unfortunately, I cannot post on proof of brain, without posting on hive as well...

(not yet, anyway....)

@Proofofbrain is now showing the way forwards, imo - with some degree of governance with integrity.
Is it perfect?
Perfection doesn't exist - but the striving for better is more than enough.

POB appears to be doing this in leaps and bounds, and I'll try to support it's growth...wherever that may lead.

Hive isn't quite dead to me, not yet.

**Quick point - if POB is a 21 million limited token, and Hive has around 400 million tokens , and inflating more for the next few years, and POB is more meritocratically based rather than the 'might is right ' tyranny governance model, does it not make sense that proof of brain token needs to be at least 20X the value of the hive token?
Seems kinda logical...

I'll work to see this 'change of value' ratio occur I can assure you.

Poor governance - i.e without integrity - is doomed to fail.
Childish antics to stifle free speech is also doomed to fail.
Tyrants fail without the support of the cowardly sycophants.
Support from the sycophants is withdrawn when the tyrants are exposed and public opinion changes - and it's never a good future for the once 'powerful' tyrants.

Hive is now looking very 'old fashioned' in my eyes.

As are the mindsets of the so called ' in crowd'.

...When you have people with large accounts who are seen as 'wise' - but yet of such low intelligence that they actually think Keynesian economics can work.
...When you have people being handsomely rewarded day after day for openly writing about how the simple basic math principles of economics that has functioned for the last 5000 years - as being totally incorrect...(but they 'have the answer').. lol....
...When you have the brain dead sycophants being told (via upvotes) that their delusions have real merit....
...When you have 'free market advocates' delegating to self avowed zombies communists...


People outside of the ecosystem see this quite clearly , btw , and the tyrannical shenanigans that are going on here....very clearly in fact .
I know this for a fact.
People with talent see this, and stay away.
(People with more influence in 'the real world' than any crypto basement dwellers, are now talking..).

The abysmal lack of growth and lack of retention of users shouts this reality out - at 200 decibels - while those 'in charge' suffer from an acute case of ' unable to look reality in the eye'.

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I cannot change Hive - it's far too incestuous, toxic , and downright stupid in its governance for that to ever happen - you can't fix stupid, and this place seems to take pride in being able to deliver it - by the bloody truckload!

What we can do, however is highlight the mess , safe in the knowledge that talent and merit will find a way to be victorious over the gray, boring, and staid, scared, individuals.
The mask is slipping off...(and I may just be able to help you with that).

These are the same midwit/nasguls who purport to want 'a community' but really only want the $$$$$ and the faux sense of control (powerrrr) that Hive offers them .
Sad and pathetic, I know. To those with an independent, free thinking mind, that is.

The dullest of minds find the creative mind a threat.

That's because it is.
To them.
They cannot compete, they can only try to stifle what they see as a threat.

I will continue to help promote @proofofbrain (on other social media platforms) while, at the same time, helping to 'take the Hive mask off'.
Unintended consequences and all that...And also profitable ones, methinks..

The constant attacks on my HIVE account (for no other reason that than to show off an individuals internal toxicity, malice, and down right stupidity) now makes it not only unprofitable, but a very unattractive place to be.

I'll be spending less time writing on POB for the next week or three - as I have to 're calibrate' my working model to fit the new paradigm.

Hive was 'the place' to come and post, but after 4 years - it's now nearly dead to me.

Loyalty to your stakeholders, uh?
'Hive' talk about this 'stakeholder thing' quite a lot, don't they?
Consider this....

Do you know of a company in which you are a stakeholder and have been issued dividends (your allocation of the inflation rewards pool) which are then taken away by bigger shareholders for them to allocate as they see fit?...tin pot dictators, anyone?.

No, I'm not aware of such a setup anywhere else, either...l

The best 'life lesson' to happen to those with too much money, and not enough maturity, is to lose all the money.
THAT is the best outcome for those individuals.
It will make them grow up.
They're gonna lose it all anyways- one way or another - so, logically speaking, the sooner life gives them the hard lessons that they so badly need, the better.

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I see Hive as a dinosaur in many ways.
It lumbers along , it's slow, and it thinks 'might is right' is a legitimate governance model.
A dinosaur.

It's exactly the same as the old legacy, corrupt governance models, that it claims it wants to replace.
..but now with HIVE as the new woke corporate logo ! lol.

And that isn't what I signed up for.

For the 'meritocratic mammals' to ascend, the dinosaurs must fall.
I'm a mammal not a dinosaur.
Whales, Orca's, dolphins?.... Don't make me laugh.
They're dinosaurs in all but name.

I will no longer be harping on about Hive and it's toxicity.

That very cold, logical, factual, tirade, is now for other places.

The 'patriotism' that I once felt for this place has now morphed into something very different indeed.
...As a result of actions against myself, by the dim dinosaur.

This has necessitated a fundamental change in my perspectives.
Something that the dinosaurs will not like.
Cause and effect...cause and effect.

I'll try to be posting to POB as much as possible, but like I say, while I recalibrate my working model, it may not be as consistent as usual.
Plus, this new paradigm has now opened up some new opportunities for me....
Ones that I'm currently deliberating on - and pursuing the possibilities of , in partnership with someone else.

So much to do, and not enough time - but it's all good my friends, it's all good !

Have a great day everyone !
(except for mid-wits)

P.s - An interesting factoid that illustrates the 'real world' difference , and the ecosystem that hive is trying to manipulate into being some 'woke', tyrannically based, utopia...One that will fail very badly, btw (the cultural zeitgeist is changing, and 'woke' is old fashioned now - a legacy mentality, belonging to the same old fashioned mindsets who think that Keynesian economics is valid).

I digress, as is my want.

I made a substantial amount of money yesterday (relative to my economy).

viking flats - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy.jpg

I was told by someone after making my money - 'I hope you get cancer and die'.....I made the money quite legitimately, btw - no theft, or coercion, or anything dubious like that.

Am I upset about these words?
Not in the least.
Am I offended by these words? ...lol...Yeah, right...

They are the words coming from a butt hurt, loser, snowflake, not actions (they were said by a 'woke' leftist).
He could not downvote me!....see the difference?

...All the hate I see in this world, comes from the 'woke, caring, left'.

The authoritarian lovers.
The ones who love to prevent me from making an income on hive by speaking my truth...Think about what message that sends.

And that message is being spread around already - by people with a big influence on events.

....OHHHH....I'll do a post later about something very funny - remember that I had some insider info that a clever man could profit from?....
Well, this 'info sharing' was interrupted by my massive 'downvote assault'.
My insider info has come to fruition.
My info was timestamped a long time ago. (to prove the authenticity).
If I hadn't been so rudely interrupted, the clever man could have made hundreds of thousand in profit from it - but the woke lefty brigade interrupted me...
When I can be bothered to dig out 'the time stamp and info' I'll post it.
And that info that I didn't post - due entirely to idiots in action - might just make you hate every sad fucking loser lefty collectivists on this platform..lol.

Was this 'I hope you get cancer and die' ,... 'hate speech?'

Who cares? It means nothing.
I don't give a fuck what it was...lolol.

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...actually, that's not the case - it does mean something - but not what you might think- and that's a psychology post, all by itself ....


Didn't you say you're leaving?

not the first time....

Says he is going to leave..... leaving NOW


But never leaves....because, we must pay his rent! LOL

lol - nicer than your average tranny pic!...

You never know if you'll get a hairy badger or a hairy beaver when it comes to @frot

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Far too much imagery with my first coffee...!...you utter twat! lol

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ahhh the sweet and cuddly Honey Badger, small and sweet and oh so unassuming , it may be my spirit totem animal

Will you be using tribes instead?
Some of the stuff on hive itself is weird and I question some of the stuff that goes on which is seriously sad. The down voting for no good reason is one such thing. However Tribe can be a way to get away from that such as here with ProofOfBrain.

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Sad indeed, matey - the ability for the stupid to continually try and shoot themselves in the foot, never ceases to amaze me.

I'll be using POB and will try to disregard Hive from now on - with the exception of pointing out to certain accounts, the moral dilemma that they face by supporting accounts and their 'Nazi behaviors'.

They will then have a moral choice to make - One where 'code' is law' is no longer a defense, but an admission of being actively complicit in said vindictive persecutions - by lending support to them. (it'll all become clear soon).

Actions, and whose company you keep, tells the world your real value system...(words are just words).

The blockchain keeps a track for all to see...

Think about how ashamed and guilty the German people felt, when they were marched through the concentration camps after the war....the 'willful denial to reality' was no longer an option...
I'm gonna throw the 'denial of reality option' off the table...

A legacy of corruption.

I have a backlog of, I want to say something like...17-20 articles and stories now?, that I refuse to publish on Steem/Hive/Whatever. My writing is for me, not for the negative, unwashed masses. Also, you know, work takes precedence, some of us have to do real world work because they've been blackballed on this wonderful platform. Spreading vitriol on a platform of dwindling users and insipid content is not a job, it's a farce of an occupation. Abuse fight my ass.

I do like Proof of Brain, though. I see potential, and I love the contests. What a breath of fresh air.

Sad to see you go, I've been a big fan of your work when I get a chance to read it.

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indeed, we all have our own trip on this and take and nobody needs to be lockstep with anyone else, I gel with who I gel with and try to give the benefit of the doubt until you realize that I just mute and move on, I too have a real life career as you very well know and to me as someone who likes to write and network and enjoys that aspect of hive it does sadden me when I see talent feeling so dismayed

I really hope the HF can fix some of the issues and I can keep making posts about UFO's or Fauci or at least meet new people. there's always a Yin Yang to everything I suppose but I'm a dirty hippie

At least there are alternative sites now for posting with some communities being able to stand against the tyranny for now.

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I hate bullies.
...Yet there are many on here on Hive- who write about how 'bullying' is so very, very bad - but then engage in it themselves behind the scenes in discord.

same @lucylin, and whoever said that to you maybe should look at the stats on Cancer then flip a coin if they get it, 1 in 2 Americans will so on some they can pick out themselves, spouse or other loved ones and guess which will be afflicted. Good luck in America with it with big pharma too so am not one to ever wish ill will but you don't need to lift a finger when karma does it for you and yes that kind of stuff is way over the line hatespeech imho and a lot who fling it around are probably walking risk factors between a ton of dopamine addicts and just crappy playa's.

Muting is one option because there are a ton of good people on there...or some and am personally really gonna miss your work, thought you were really funny and had a wry wit that was unique, just my two pesos but God Speed if it's draining you like a battery, Narcissists and Psychos are aces at running off some of the best people at times. I brought on some people long ago, most pre-hive and they were so appalled by some stuff they took their large ass wallets that had been interested in investing on rather large levels and left. Freedom of Speech itself can be endlessly argued about what constitutes it vs. actual crap that in another setting would reallllllly really not fly.

I don't know or follow all the stories or can behind all of this but it's how dpos is. Peace

I was surprised to read that there are now 'curator' accounts with a lot of delegated HP going around downvoting posts they don't agree with. This 'holier than thou' attitude keeps Hive from growing.

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This is one of over 30 this last month...
fs - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy.JPG

Someone there seems to have a problem with any post that's not supportive of big government? The other guy had similar views and was downvoted from $100+ to below $20 iirc. Not a good look.

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It shouldn't be about money, but just about everything is these days. Just follow the money as they say.

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