Defending the DPoS system - over your own children's future - says everything...An uber meander...

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'During the Cultural Revolution there was no shortage of people willing to do the bidding of the CCP (Mao), the ugly grunts had been given power, they found they liked it, as most ugly/fat/sociopaths do.... their gain at the suffering of others was even more pleasurable'.

cvg - Copy (5) - Copy - Copy.jpg

The Cultural Revolution claimed the lives of several million people - and inflicted cruel and inhuman treatments on hundreds of millions of others.

http:// .....
(I've 'unlinked' the link - re keys defender notification - just in case)

'Cults emerge from stupid people following more intelligent and manipulative people.
It is those manipulators who then go on to create their own moral laws within that cult, and it's own societal structures

….from a Thomas Sowell tweet that explains – ‘why I’ve given up explaining anything to stupid people anymore’
It is usually futile to try to talk facts and analysis to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance. (Sowell, Thomas. June 9, 2020)

(a snapshot of the last few days on my account)

CIMG4028 - Copy - Copy.JPG

...It's become blindingly obvious over this last two months of my time on HIVE that the morons who's desire to maintain the status quo think that my input onto the Hive blockchain is not worthy of me getting rewards from the many accounts that do think there's value in what I have to say.
Whether this is 'small man syndrome' and bruised ego's, or the simple lack of intelligence - or a fear of losing what they have , doesn’t concern me.


What DOES concern me, is the DPoS system.

It concerns me a lot, and has little to do with hive, but more to do with a 'a normalizing' of a perverted system of good governance.

Hive is merely an example of this.
The principles remain the same - across multiple domains.

Hive has become my muse for illustrating these perversions.

Will it change anything on Hive ? - I do not know, and increasingly, I really do not care...

Will it help spread the word about how the lack of moral responsibility destroys everything that can be good?
I don't know that either.

But here's what I DO know....
Not doing anything, will improve nothing.
By not doing anything, you're complicit in empowering the evil.
(evil = lack of moral resonsibility).

...And I ain't not doing nothing.
Fuck that.
I'm not empowering a system by doing nothing -One that could well affect my granddaughter to her detriment in the future.

....And to any parents who support the willful abrogation of moral responsibility by supporting 'might is right' of dpos ideology (if they're aware of it) , are truly sick individuals...

Because they're actively supporting the enslavement of their own offspring in the future. They're actively taking away the safety net of moral fabric from their offspring - the very fabric that keeps people civilized, and holds society together......

When you prioritize the defense of DPoS ideology , over your own children's future and well being - and freedom , then 'you have serious fucking mental problem, Houston'.

I’ve wanted to bring all these questions that I have onto 'the Hive table' to be openly debated and discussed, but, by the actions of the scared and weak minded (two months of daily downvoting), this is no longer possible.

People are scared of voicing their opinions because of 'retribution' , thus silencing those who might otherwise speak up.

Seriously...just how fucked up is that?

I… did… fucking… try.

'You can't fix stupid' holds true, and nowhere more so apparently, than on the hive blockchain.

Aside from the fact that all of the supporters for my work are having their wishes (and stake influence) disregarded by the big accounts (via being downvoted and thus, being taken away), my own ‘earnings’ have been quashed.
*think about it - your allocation of inflationary rewards are taken away from you via downvoting from large accounts....sounds a little draconian, does it not?....and it also demonstrates a total lack of respect for other users accounts and wishes to be heard through upvoting.
Are these the actions of a despotic, weak ego'd mindset, or not?

When one downvote can drown out, (and instill a fear of retribution) the voices of 100 !

Loyalty without faith is not a battle worth fighting.

I have been loyal to steem/hive, for over four years now. I have raised many questions over that time pertaining to the legitimacy of the system.
I've added value to the platform. (in my opinion).

Some people on hive think differently.
They think that my input has no value, otherwise the posts would not be continually attacked by the same three or four bad actors.
And bad actors, they are.

They see no value in questioning things openly.
They see no value is bringing to light, issues that need to be addressed if there is any chance of this platform growing (all my perspectives are from the social media blogging side).

They DO see value in taking away other people's support of my work.
They DO see value in oppression, bullying, and negatives actions.

So be it...


I tried several times over this last two months to tell the morons doing these actions, to leave me be, to let me write my posts.
(naive? Yes... Optimistic? Always).

This went unheeded, and the daily vindictive attacks continue to this day.

....As with all emotionally moral people, who react to offense (cause and effect), I tried to 'keep it on hive'. A ‘not wash the dirty laundry in public’, kind of thing.
Setting our own house in order.

Due to the fact I can longer speak my truth without actions against me…

I'm now taking my truth off hive.

...And bitchute.

...this is the effect part of the equation – the direct result of me being attacked on the platform - for no other reason than pathetic bruised ego's - ie scared little children.
And those big accounts standing by doing nothing to mitigate this negative and toxic dynamic ?
They're just as culpable.
As ‘leaders’, it’s not for you to decide to turn a blind eye because it’s uncomfortable...
That’s not leadership, that's cowardice.
And authentic leaders are not cowards by nature.

Me going onto twitter, facebook, etc., is the effect of that inaction, lack of moral compass, and having no back bone.

...Cause and effect....

'Don't draw me on ya"....

I heard that saying for the first time, when I went to Ireland.
It's self explanatory (to me), but basically it say's….

' Don't give me a reason to retaliate…'

Obviously I cannot retaliate on Hive . The system, and the culture of fear in the smaller accounts of the larger accounts - prevents any open, honest, dialogue.

Retaliation for it's own sake is just, if you are morally wronged, but I'm well beyond that at this stage.
Rather than a ‘just retaliation’, I want to mold into to something else – using all that negative energy, to make something else…A positive.
I want to profit from my little toxic dwarfs, antics.
It would be bonus if my positive actions crippled them financially……I'm low on the empathy scale - and once I get to a certain stage of ’fucked-off-ness’ already low empathy , hits absolute zero in regards to my enemies.

So here we are....

What a sad state of affairs.
All created ,through other people’s actions.

But hey, as I've said in the last couple of posts - when you get lemons thrown at ya, you gotta make some lemonade, amirite ?

I present you.....the lemonade bottle.

yyyy - Copy.JPG
In the time it takes for me to power down, the book will be pretty much finished...I hope...
Edit: Due to a new idea that's popped into the old noggin', this may now take a little longer due to an expanded campaign that will take some time - and will add to the material contained in the book greatly.

I’ll be keeping enough stake to be able to post and comment without hindrance – whatever amount that may be.
Until then - I'll be conducting my own twitter/social media marketing campaign - for my book !
And I'll be using the 'posh' tag to help me.
Not only will it get twitter coverage, it will show the readers of my tweets the Hive style dictatorship - and ideology of ‘might is right’- in action.
OCD will have fit ! ...the downvotes of my tweets will only add to the veracity of my case - as does every single downvote that I've received over this last several weeks... but hey - 'code is law', and the block chain is the block chain, is it not?.

...And, by-the -by - are we not trying to promote Hive as place to 'do business'?

Selling my book is a business.
Surely this would be promoted ?
(if the content of the book is an issue - that becomes something else entirely, does it not?...a very 'dark' , 'something else entirely').

Hopefully, by highlighting my treatment on hive via a few brain dead accounts, I'll drum up enough interest for people to purchase the book .
I intend for it to be a great read!

I do have one problem, however - and that is @proofofbrain.
I wish nothing but good things for this new tribe that has a limited cap on it's coins issuance.

Wishes, smishes...
The thing about my optimistic wishes, is this - I've already started to see evidence of exactly the same dynamics of hive, starting to play out on the POB tribe which - to me - carries portents that are full of foreboding...

I hope that I'm utterly wrong in this regard.

Personally, I'd like to see POB independent of hive completely.
Independent, with integrity - and not stake size - as it's governing ethos.

Loyalty without faith is not a battle worth fighting.

That whole 'loyalty thing' is a two way street you know.
Loyalty to a ecosystem that goes on to destroy your account because what you say is 'painful' to some - is stupid.
Loyalty without faith in what you are loyal to, is also stupid.
I have no faith in hive.
I have no faith in the witnesses or the whales.
I have no faith in it's success (as a social media 'get paid to blog' site).

I DO have faith in me.
…Of me being able to make lemonade from the lemons that have been thrown in my direction.

'Don't draw me on ya' ? really have no fucking idea...

Before I go on to take the piss out of a pussy wanting to ride on some balls , (judging by the avatar) this is my last attempt...
I expect zero from the request, btw .... let's just be fully clear about that.
These is my final words on the matter. There will be no more.
If 'they' don't have the brains power to think past their ego's, I doubt very much that they'll have the mental wherewithal to see past the consequences of their actions so far...
That's ok...

Cease and desist further attacks on my account - and upvote me three times the total downvote values over this last 8 weeks.

It's your very own 'Versailles treaty' option !.... oh yeah, and 'you' are Germany in this scenario.

...I wonder how many of the toxic accounts are now googling 'the Versailles treaty'?... lol.
Either way, you're very, very, fucked.

How you choose to be fucked, is entirely upto you.

You can endure the short term pain and acquiescence to my will (ouch, poor babies) by an open statement of 'ceasing and desisting', and the ‘compensation’ for your transgressions ...
OR can be forever held responsible - accountable - on the hive block chain - for being the reason that I was forced to go off Hive and made to publish elsewhere ….
Forced go and make some great tasting lemonade from the shitty tasting toxic lemons that have been thrown in my direction...

...Like I say, I have zero expectations of these pin brains seeing past the cringe that they will feel at such a request. Their ego's will be screaming! lolol.
The psychological pain that they’re about to endure from the truth being spread far and wide will be enormous...And all as a result of their own actions – lets never forget that part.
The hive ecosystem, social condemnation, and community ostracizing (plus history) , will not look at them kindly.

NOTE: If these accounts are of the malignant narcissist/ sociopath, psychology - then this will mean absolutely nothing to them - but at least it'll help to highlight it to other users - ones that have been duped into believing something very different about certain accounts.
What you choose to do with that new information - is on you.
The blockchain records all.

I have zero expectations that some large whale account/s will step up and be an adult to help mitigate the shit show that has been none of my doing....

So, lets get this ball rolling...
(I'm not waiting around any longer for TPTP to actually do anything...).

The thing is though - I don't hate anyone.
I hate injustice.
I hate bullying.
I hate the accounts that do these actions.

Oh, and I hate the fact that these accounts have forced me to do other things to cover the loss via their downvoting....I really fucking hate that.
(the fact it's turned out well for me is neither here nor there - that's my business. By choice it would be time spent on more writing). order to 'ferment my hate', this is how I'm choosing to frame it...

Toxic actions by toxic accounts - and the lack of any moral spine in those that could mitigate this toxicity - directly caused my granddaughter to suffer.

And that , my friends, will keep my 'hate' - and tenacity - and energy levels, from ever, ever wavering.
You can’t fix stupid, but you can make it the center of attention.
In many ways it’s good to see the weak ego’s on this platform continue to show the world exactly what they are.
History will not be kind to them.

Before the commencement of my 'book promotion offensive', lets be clear about some things....

I intentionally use terms like ‘stupid’ and ‘ idiot’.
It’s with purpose that I choose to use these terms.

Only those who are insecure about their own intellectual position would find these terms insulting or derogatory.
Because these terms are relative, subjective – and not 'absolutes' - or objective.

My friend ( who’s a mathematician) has an IQ that would make Einstein blush.
My friend can be beat me at a game of chess after partying and drinking for three days (without any sleep). …
It’s the way it is.
Deal with it.
I AM stupid - an idiot - when compared to him. (and lots of other people that I know).
But here’s the thing – I’m not insecure about it.
For him to call me an idiot is probably an accurate summation - from his perspective.
For me to call accounts with large stakes who use their weight to quash voices who hurt their poor little feels is the same thing.
The difference is that these so called derogatory terms ‘hurts’ the snowflake. (by clearly observable re-actions).

These totally subjective terms create such an internal feeling of anger, and pain (manifested as ‘being offended’), that they must try to retaliate against what they see as the cause of their pain, to mitigate it (that’d be me in his case).

What they fail to see (bless), is that it’s not me causing any offence – it’s all about their own insecurities!
Why do they not see this?
There may be various reason, but the most likely is too much hubris or low IQ… Or both.
Those on the lower end of the IQ spectrum cannot elucidate their own feeling to themselves in the same way as those that DO have an higher IQ. They are guided by intuition and emotion.
And there ain't nothing wrong with that.
At least it's honest.

However....(and I would apply this to almost anyone competent enough in general computer use.)
....Those who are capable of cognitive thought, and still react in such a fashion that illustrates to everyone a lack of personal integrity... really have no excuses.

It’s the typical ‘man child’ pathology.... It’s the ‘small man’ syndrome.

For those 'adults in the room' who are looking in at such behavior - it’s downright fucking embarrassing…

Hubris prevents the insecure from seeing these things.
Things so glaringly obvious that even a blind man could see !

My Plan of action.

Intentionally revealed to my enemies, as that in itself - is part of my strategy. Transparency. And manipulation (they can't help themselves, bless - it's like pushing a button on wind up toy, ans watching it go off..).
The sole purpose of this is not to hurts the poor babies 'feels', but to show the rest of the word, just how nasty and malevolent, the said 'poor babies' really are - once the mask has slipped.
My job is to remove the masks.
Through mockery, satire, and exposure in the wider world.
Through writing prose to trigger them into juvenile behaviors that they try to hide.
My job is to give them no place to hide.

And that includes showing them off to their unwitting supporters.

Shaming has been a potent tool in society for centuries.
It works if you have morals.
It doesn't work if you don't.

Paradoxically, I don't do moralizing. Live and let live is my motto.
Not being allowed to live and let live through toxic interference, doesn't change my principal.
It just gives me the energy to spread the truth about accounts who do NOT live by a 'live and let live' ethos.

When I point out actions of accounts that are supportive of 'the dictatorial authority' . I'm simply highlighting the facts.
How these supporters choose to act with this new information is on them.

xxx - Copy.JPG

Observable actions will then split the wheat from the chaff.
The people who operate through a moral code, and those that do not.
Simplistically speaking - the good people, from the bad people..

So I'll be hitting those accounts that post, with comments. and Accounts who offer any moral perspectives - and then also support accounts who express immoral actions - are hypocrites.
Many are unwitting, I'm sure.
My job is to present this to those unwittingly supporting the evil authoritarianism prevalent on hive.

THEN you you see those who are truly moral, and those wearing the mask of morals for profit.
Wheat from chaff, my friends - and all observable on the block chain.

This was the 'edit' part at the beginning of this post re book times.
I want to collate lots of named accounts who change their behaviors once this dynamic has been pointed out to them - and those who continue in their support of dictators while feigning 'morality'.
Hopefully this collated information will help to build a picture.
A very clear picture - of the mask wearers , and of the authentic individuals.

I've just realized how long this post is becoming..!
I haven't even got into the nuts and bolts of things...

Laying out ones stall is important, however.

Laying it out for the enemy to see, is hilarious.

They have nothing - only the delusional sense of 'powwwwwerrrrr'....(bless).

Laying out my stall openly does not weaken my position - it strengthens it.

My position comes from one of moral responsibility and positive intent...
The truth.

Bad people on the other hand - those with a controlling intent over others, can't do anything about it but express their fear of the truth - by trying to quash it...bless..
(have I said 'bless' enough yet?...You know - in such a condescending way that it's sure to trigger the weak ego..!lololol).

Bad people will try to defend their indefensible position while the rest of the world looks on at them, and mocks them for their ineptitude and cowardice.

My job is highlighting all of this.
I now have a fun project!
It's kinda funny, because up until very recently, it wasn't funny at all - it was frustrating and negative.
Now I have clarity in my own head, and added to the fortitude of not wanting to see my granddaughter deprived of freedom through idiotic, caustic actions - it's all good!

A note to all the cowards who feel anxiety in their stomachs right now after reading this...That's Karma knocking on your door, wanting to have a chat.
What you choose to do with that friendly visit, is on you.

Next post...

1/ My piss take of a pussy who like balls, and who uses logical fallacies to defend the indefensible... Bless.

2/My first drafts (for anyone to use, plagiarist free), to help illustrate to other accounts on hive that are supporting the tyranny - just what it is they are actually doing.

It will be a 'step by step' guide if anyone wishes to help spread the word... (and be given credit in my book as one of the truth warriors on hive !)

3/ My first actual comments dropped into the comment sections of some said accounts - ones that illustrate a 'correct moral perspective' on something or other.
I.e my first foray 'on the attack'. Of illustrating wheat from chaff.
For attacking I will be (as opposed to passively accepting the bull shit).

The Saxon is now fully awake - And pissed.
.....even if he does identify more as a Viking due to cultural stereotypes.
'Don't box me in, man!, I'm

It's funny, because for the last few years I used to wake up thinking of the fun time ahead, on hive - every single day (nearly).

For the last few weeks I haven't had that sense of fun - at all. I'm sure it came across in my posts.
Toxicity does that to me.
Now I've fully metabolized that poison - and survived - I'm immune to it.
And can now have fun with it.

Picture1 010.jpg

So go ahead and try your psychological fear tricks on me, and watch me laugh at your pathetic-ness -for it is - you are - truly pathetic.
Watch me as I point out to the world, your pathetic-ness. Because I will be doing.

These 'psychological fear tactics' will be coming btw - and at which point I'll be pointing them out to the wider audience to see. (and it gives me great material for my book).

It has happened before.
By insecure people wishing to dominate.
...I even learned some forensic word analysis techniques because of it , and some study into linguistics.
I made lemonade from lemons that were being thrown at me, and at the time, they were a fruit that I'd never encountered before.
The lemons were called psychological warfare.
Fortunately they were the of the standard that if you were to apply them to a firearms framing - were of the bow and arrow variety.
I learned.
I grew stronger.
...I made lemonade.


That was long but transitioning is a slow process...

Or so I've been told.

Sometimes I have primitive and not very evolved thoughts about the key defender!

It's those bloody horns that are the problem...

Had a screenshot of that faceless monster , how it's reaction right now probably is . But what ever i try , pictures fail to upload , and appear broken .




Are there evil powers at play , or just bad tech connecting even worse ?
What ever , it will not stop me from sharing my intel , so i have a link to a picture on the monster in full view .

the face of that leach with legs looks familiar. Is it the same the nuked my account for throwing pebbles at it?

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That mask is from No-Face , some empty spirit fuck that can only use the mind of others to become something .

Since the spirit's introduction, No-Face has been referred to as a "he" when mentioned. However, upon further viewings, it's determined the spirit has no gender.

Taking the mask and name as a avatar tell's me what a greedy sick fuck the account holder really is .
Just read the info on this death spirit searching for some souls to chew on . It is most definitely proof of some serious mental health disorder when you look at the accounts overall behavior . All it's post are empty copy paste crypto shit with no message or meaning coming from it . As empty as the spirit he claims to be is .

-----------------------------------------I am a geologist, futures trader, Pokemon lover----------------------------------------

I mean , can you get a more dull description on your account like that ? ,.... or is it owned by a 10 year old troll ?

---------------------------Is it the same the nuked my account for throwing pebbles at it? -------------------------------

There is a big chance that , yes it is ,.. ;-)

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yeah, my images are difficult to upload on the is cutting edge tech as well...

whoops , a bit " outrages " ,.. but then again , it's the POB WOTW .. ;-)

Like you know - you can't fix stupid.

Also expecting an immoral person to change is not going to happen. They are going to remain immoral. people think Morality is taught, fact is the only people that need to be taught morality are those that have chosen to follow an organized religion. They need a codex and laws and code to tell them they are moral people, non-organized religious followers, (those who have their own concept of god or spirit), have rock solid morals in most cases. They know right from wrong, they do not need to be told by a book, a codex or a law that they did wrong, they know when they do wrong.

People have been taught to live in fear most of their lives. Most people have lost the ability to think for themselves, and most people do not want to look deep in the mirror for one simple reason, they know what would be staring back at them.

When it comes to the end of the day, all you can really do is warn others about the evil you perceive around you. The evil is never going to change, but it may have fewer people to feed off of.

The evil is never going to change, but it may have fewer people to feed off of.

Bingo! sir...Bingo.
That's the battleground...that's my reason for all of this...and - because I'm an optimist - I DO think that there are many good people that have been tricked, hoodwinked, so highlighting the things that hey were not previously aware of - the trickery - may help...

It may help. You hear that people should not be ignorant, but if they have never seen or known any different, then are they ignorant or just not informed, and getting informed in this day and age is not an easy thing to do.

Well, you kept me in bed for a bit longer this morning with that read (was that by design? did you know you were doing this? can dogs... never mind).

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lolol..up and at 'em, soldier !

I'm a viking, gd it.


Give 'em hell, Lucy.

I might identify as a newt today....

Sometimes pride also is just a silly thing that must be gotten rid of for the sake of our
younger future selves.

Remember that one is a personality taker but never a maker. Empty and a heavy human impersonator. A real genuine faker. Now with a lions mask, one ha, a cub and the last is just sitting on wood licking its black paws. All pretending to be fat cats.

Why not just ask to have these cats removed from your chest? You'll nbe able to breathe better if you just increase your vest. You know who can do for it you best. That's one thing I noticed about you. Is your pride is on overdrive. Do us all a favor by asking her to join Hive or make you a whale times five.

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a meme with the no face mask over the alien and the predator that you posted as your wife eliminating it.

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