And on the eight day.... God created the can opener !!!

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Unfortunately, people got confused.

God delivered the can opener to the people, thus giving them liberty and an unfettered access to tins of baked beans (opening cans with rocks was a bastard).

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The Devil had his own ideas....

The devil looked upon the can opener and realized that ,in it's utter perfection, there was no corruption to be had.

So he invented marketing.

Now that the Devil had his slick marketing company formed, he decided to lead the people away from the ultimate tool that God had provided for His people.

He created a can opener of his own.
But Beelzebub's can opener was very different.

It had moving parts.

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Moving parts changed the whole dynamic of what the tool of a can opener was .
It meant that instead of a one off investment that lasted a lifetime - he could buy the souls of the unwary via consumerism.

Unlike Gods perfect creation, the Devils can opener was designed to fail.

No longer could the people invest and forget - they now had to toil the fields to replace the new 'sexy version' opener - the one that 'Old Nick' had persuaded them to use.

Instead of being able to enjoy the delights of an opened can of baked beans, relaxing, and the accompanying flatulence, the people now had to return to the fields and invest more their labor - and time, to replace the now worn out, opener.

The Devil laughed at all the billions of people who, succumbing to his marketing campaign, now spent their only asset they owned - time - in worshiping at the altar of 'Ye can opening with moving parts'.

...How he rejoiced as the billions of people, enamored by the fakery that he had bestowed upon them, gave their precious time away to appease the demon called 'Lifestyle & Image'.

God was sad.

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He'd given his people the perfect tool to free up their time, and the Devil had come along and then taken it away from them.

God has an idea.

He'd given up on the whole 'can opener project' in frustration - he realized that there was a design flaw - in the part of people that he called 'the brain'.
He'd mis-ratio'd things entirely.
The 'gullible' part and the 'critical thinking' part of the brain were out of whack.
'Bugger', He thought to himself....
..He blamed himself for the flaw, but thought it very unfair to smite his people with pestilence,war, and destruction - for his own error

Instead, he came up with a radical new technology !

He called this technology 'computers'.

The Devil was pissed.
He was forever envious of God - he just kept coming up with all this goddamn creativity.
He hated creativity. (a reason why he also hated free markets - it was human creativity in action).
It was it something that he could never possess for himself, you see - although he was very proud of his achievements in being able to mimic it).

...After a busy day calculating how many souls had sold themselves to The Altar of The Can Opener, he put his mind to this new fangled computer thing that 'Him upstairs' had presented to humanity...

And, just like with the can opener, he came up with an idea...

He called it blockchain and made Bitcoin.

Soon after , he also realized that he'd made a mistake with his 'Bitcoin invention'.

It didn't take him long to comprehend that his 'blockchain money' was a total fuck up.

...And to add insult to injury, God sent him a thank you card , 'for all your efforts'.
The Devil knew that he'd really messed up.

This bitcoin thing that he'd invented was honest !!
'Fuck', He said to himself.

...So he sat down, and had another think.

He came up with DPoS, and smiled.

Now this was something he could really work with.
Instead of honesty, he could have subterfuge, and instead of freedom, he could have control.
He liked that.

He went back to his marketing team and tasked them to come up with an image for his new DPoS system...

They presented to him and called Hive social media.

He liked it.
It was perfect.
Total control under the guise of benevolence.
Total control under the guise of 'freemarket'.

The Devil started adding up the hours that people gave over to him on this new 'blockchain malarky' (he wasn't a coder).

He smiled as the world gave up their free time for nothing.

...And then... @lucylin came along...

"Bugger" He said.

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The moral of this story?

Perception is everything.

Change perception with truth - you can change the world for the better.

Changing perception with deceit- you're just a small minded weak individual with control issues - while being a massive asshole at the same time.

No free market, means no freedom.
No freedom means being under the control of assholes who , being assholes, just wanna shit on you.

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Do you value your work, or is your self esteem so low, that you'll take whatever CRUMBS the devil deems fit to reward you with?


Pssst....We DO NOT NEED TO CHANGE the current 'code is law' idiocy.

With enough support from creators , We can simply just by pass it - and create something different.


MAKE a free market.
Without consent (or worry of the toxic behaviors of idiots).

Because by changing these attitudes and perceptions - the power shifts.

The whales become our servants, not our masters, as is the case right now.
There's nothing noble in this shift - it's about profit.

This is with the caveat that : ....Somewhere 'up there' in the land of Hive-whale-andia, some of them have a brain (@theycallmedan ?) and a healthy sense of self preservation.
I.e They'd prefer to see Hive grow and make them money, rather than see it stagnating as a lefty woke mob echo chamber with a forever declining token price
(While extra sock puppet accounts might give the impression of 'activity', it ain't gonna cut it, not long term - 'you can fool some of the people... blah, blah...)

Evil abhors freedom - and free markets.

It scares them.
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How do we do it?

Make a post.
(not on hive - on substacks or WordPress, whatever)

Link your article on your hive blog. - Nothing else, except maybe an intro to the post.

Name your price. (for example I'd ask for 40 hive for this post)

IF the required upvote/tip value meets your 'asked for price' - deposit the article on the blockchain - after the 7 day window is up.

...If it doesn't received the 'asking price'? ....don't post it.

(I'll leave the coders to work out returned upvotes, blah blah)

Then we will start to see a free market in action.

Then we will see the authentic talent - as the toxic down voting losers will NOT be protected ....

..Because the whales/large accounts holders with brains, will nuke their poisonous behaviors (ones that act as detriment to Hive blockchain and it's future growth potential).


If you follow this logic through, Hive becomes a vibrant free market - where value is shown and appreciated - OR - it becomes an empty wasteland, just full of links to other sites.
'We' really do have the power - Don't let the power hungry morons gaslight you into believing differently.

A site made up of links to genuine work - and nothing more - will mean the token price reduces.
No one wants that.

It becomes a win win - It's a real free market capitalism in action.

Fuck the woke mob's low IQ collective, commie, mentality.

Fuck the tyrants and the power hungry narcissists.
...suck it up, my little midwit buttercups - profit over ideology is a good thing.

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The creators become the masters and the toxic accounts get neutralized.

Because the larger accounts/whales - will be forced to 'look after us' - all in the name of self interest.
No content - less chance of the token value increasing.

Circle jerking and low value posts will become worth less - not worthless.
(You know the type I mean...the posts that require an intravenous injection of caffeine, just to be able to stay awake until you get to the end of it, but somehow manage double digit up votes).

Is this perfect?

Fuck no - It's about the change in perception and the mindset - re the hive blockchain - to help the talented creative serfs - who do all the fucking work - get some respect - and rewards - for their efforts.

It's a start - and hopefully better brains than mine will run with the idea and build on it - I'm the concept guy, not a fucking mechanic coder...each to their own.

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Having fun and making friends still I see "=_ - :-)

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lolol....I sense sarcasm, sir !

Me, never :-)

Wow, a can opener so I can open a can of whopass on someone's bitch ass for promoting Abraham's snake oil creation epic.

Lol let's not forget Quantum compute could crack Hives code 1 person could just shut down all the witnesses in 1 day and end this in that reality.
For better or worse, people are kidding if quantum tangibil8ty is not addressed in its entirety, and we have people with $250 posts for making a C+ code base expansion. Not to be a dick, but we are talking C+ and that is 25 languages depreciated from the Rust and Python the quantum OC will be running on levels never imagined.
If it has a password, it's not safe atm.

Having fun and making friends still I see "=_ - :-)

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Hmmm… I think that solved all the Hive downvote abuse problems years ago. Blurt is the only way forward.

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...not just the downvote issue - it's redefining a mindset - one that's free market orientated, and not 'feudalist' in nature (i.e relying on the lord of the manor's good nature, to donate crumbs to you for your work)

It's a start - and hopefully better brains than mine will run with the idea and build on it - I'm the concept guy, not a fucking mechanic coder...each to their own.


And then the can maker gave us freedom to refuse any kind of can opener ,.. ;-)


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Just stopped in to see how things are going.. :) still the same.