A wise quote day ...of evil, truth and how birds of a feather, flock together..

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Some quotes to make you think about the bigger picture, events, and dynamics...

I've had a busy couple of days - Very productive days, I might add...Very productive...and something a little 'spooky' ! (I'll post about it tomorrow).

It was the 'spooky event' that prompted me to post these quotes, tbh...

Have a great day everyone !

It's good to think.... More people need to try it...

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"The Banality of Evil..."

Hannah Arendt was a German philosopher and political theorist. She saw the techniques and evil consequences of totalitarian regimes firsthand.
Arendt expressed how disturbed she was by Eichmann — but for reasons that might not be expected.

Far from the monster she thought he’d be, Eichmann was instead a rather bland, “terrifyingly normal” bureaucrat.
He carried out his murderous role with calm efficiency not due to an abhorrent, warped mindset, but because he’d absorbed the principles of the Nazi regime so unquestionably, he simply wanted to further his career and climb its ladders of power

Eichmann embodied “the dilemma between the unspeakable horror of the deeds and the undeniable ludicrousness of the man who perpetrated them.” His actions were defined not so much by thought, but by the absence of thought — convincing Arendt of the “banality of evil.”



To the point quotes ..we are saturated with non thinkers.. Only way for change of mine is for a physical change of their day to day life.. Their faces must be forced into the mud to see the evil.. But even that may not be enough if they have no balls.

There is a correlation I recon , between people who refuse to think, and the spineless idiots....

Afraid to face the truth I guess you can call spineless ..It is amazing to watch..

And so history continues the cycle that has never ended. It has always been about the money.

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I'm starting to think money is simply the vehicle for the morons to follow - but not the actual point...

How do you find people on POB? I can not see a followers list. Only noticed this as you posted a few minutes after me.

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I see thank you.

Evil is not the one in rage chopping of heads , that's just someone performing a action . The narrative and mindset that drives the deed can be evil ,.. or good . Animals perform some brutal deed's in nature , there mindset is not evil , or good . Animals don't care , driven by the narrative to survive . Evil is how human's train attack dog's to follow the narrative that follow's order's and please the human with there brutal skill's .
Will to power is not evil , will to power over others is .
There's nothing evil about making a career and climbing the ladders of power , just always question the ladder and it's top , for some ladders take you straight down to hell . ;-)

Will to power is not evil.

Not thinking about your actions within the ethical framework relevant to your culture, is.

Will to power is a reality, but is tempered by cultural norms. (hence we have 'civilization' and not total mayhem).

When the will to power is left without any ethical constraints.... we get Hive! lol

Cultural norms are boring , i like mayhem ,... call me evil .

Hive is a fractal , it mirrors the whole , what did we aspect ?
It to be the "save" place like Israel is for the jew's ? ... yeah right , that worked out fine now did it ? .. ;-)

I know you see evil ginger spirit's , but not all are if you get to understand there culture . ;-)

....gingers looking and sounding like that, are angels!...do keep up! lol

So after passing the nine circles of Dante's , A fine creature like this will come take me from limbo and lead me to heaven ,.... where having a to big of a smile on your face makes her throw you back in to the second circle . ,.. Wow , ill take that trip true those 7 again anytime to get to meet that angel again ,.. screw god . ;-)

Just like demons working together to fight angels. Their food is fear. That's why angels have to know how to use that fear against them. For that purpose I wrote this little verse for them ''The fear of losing !''. I don't pretent to be a prophet. I just want to help angels win. ☺

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