The wonders of my dog

Just last week my family rescued a dog!

We named her Daisy, she is some kind of Collie / Husky heinz 57 dog, 5 years old. She is a really beautiful dog as you can see in the photo below.


She is 5 years old and is very well tempered, house trained, leash trained and playful. We really got lucky when we found her, and I think that the feeling is mutual.

Yesterday, my wife and I took Daisy for a walk. We met another dog, Vinnie (and her owner) playing fetch on the baseball field a block away from our house. Daisy has never been more excited to meet another dog. Usually, she just kind of gets an extra hop in her step and pulls on the leash a bit when we see another dog. Not when she saw Vinnie. She was jumping in circles, barking, wining, howling and going totally bonkers.

I went into the ball field to check with the owner to make sure we would be ok to let Daisy run around for a few minutes. The owner was very friendly and accommodating. We all watched as Daisy and Vinnie ran laps and laps around the ball daimond. It was hilarious to see how happy they were. We tired Daisy out and took her home talking about how we hoped to see Vinnie again so that we can have them run around as they appeared to be instant best friends.

Today, and this is where it gets interesting, I took Daisy back to the ballpark. We played fetch for a minute and Daisy lost focus. She started sniffing around. I always let her sniff around as I feel that is half the reason she enjoys going for walks.

Then, in an instant, like lightning, Daisy was gone. She had run out of the ball park and was running down the road as fast she could. I, looking like a horrible dog owner, trying to keep up. This was very out of character for Daisy. After a minute of running full tilt, she arrived at a home and promptly went into the back yard.

Now my dog is making me trespass. I am frustrated with the dog at this point. She walks onto the back deck and right up to the back door. Finally, she is cornered and I manage to put the leash on her and start to take her back home. When we were walking back home, I noticed a very familiar ball on the front deck of the house Daisy had run to. It was Vinnie's ball!!!

Daisy had found Vinnie's scent in the park, and was able to run full speed a few blocks following that scent right to his house. I walked Daisy home annoyed at the shortened walk and at a disobedient dog. I got in and my wife was very surprised at how short the walk was.

I explained what just happened and how upset I was with the dog (although I didn't show it to the dog).

This is the cherry on top of everything. My wife is SOOOOOOO impressed with the dog's ability to find her best friend that she cannot even be mad. She is so impressed with the dog and is now laughing at me. She thinks it is hilarious that I had to chase the dog for 3 blocks... and is praising the dog for being so impressed.

Now I am double annoyed.

PS - My wife cannot wait to go to Vinnie's house to tell the owners what happened and to see if Vinnie can come out to play (as she continues to laugh at me).

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It's a dog's world out there... hehehe (pun intended)
She looks really friendly in that picture, but you can see that little light of mischief in her eyes.
What a great story, and sorry but I laughed... But I feel you bro! Bad dog, baaaaaad dog....
Thanks for sharing! Keep shining!

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Lol... She is great. That was annoying, and it is only made more hilarious by my wife thinking it is hilarious.

Thanks for reading.

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