Something to think about... 🧠

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As humans, are we losing our capabilities to “naturally” collect data and predict life events? 🤔⁣

Obviously, spending time in nature got me thinking about so many different things. One of those aspects is related to the series on Netflix called “Connected”, which aim to explain how we are connected to each other and the universe. In the first episode “Surveillance”, the host Latif Nasser explores the ways we are being watched, starting from the idea animals being capable of forecasting weather to how our data is being used in platforms such as Tinder.⁣

Something that got me thinking about all this is why we have some animals (like Veery), that are capable of predicting hurricanes and their intensity months prior to the event and humans with super technology, based on years of metheorological data, are not capable to predict as accurate as these type of birds (?).⁣

I believe in previous times we had the capababilities to collect data through our sensory organs, that obviously allowed us to survive and to evolve to be alive at this point in life. But that is the thing, we evolved. Did we became so comfortable in certain circumstances that we lost the ability to predict danger? With comfortable I mean by developing technology that would basically do all this for ourselves?⁣

What if we would be living in a wild environment as these birds, how long would it take for us to develop this naturally? Or are we ever going to build systems as accurate as Mother Nature? I think it is an interesting topic to think about. For example, to explore ways we can improve our technology to integrate chips in our body that could resemble Veery’s meteorological sensory system!.

What do you think? Have you thought about this before?


Food for thought 🤔

I haven't really thought about this before. There is truth in what you've said actually.

But like the say everything has it advantages and disadvantages. We evolved and became more electronically ground and in exchange, we lost touch with nature.

Something always goes for something.

You are right as well, let's hope we only lose a bit of touch with nature and we don't lose much touch with other aspects in life!

Let's just hope.