An evening on the Dnieper River and a couple of good words. June 2020

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You can talk a lot about the beauty of the Dnieper River, but the words said still will not convey this fabulous appearance, this mighty and big river. On this river you have to see with your own eyes, you will see its large and steep banks, bays and, of course, the tributaries of the river itself.
The Dnieper River is the fourth longest river in Europe, has the longest channel within Ukraine. The river is 2201 km long and 18 km wide. I will not write about the whole geography of this wonderful river, I will say in a nutshell, this is a giant river with a lot of fish, and magnificent banks and channels.

I again took some pictures when the sun was already setting in the sunset. Summer heat is slowly leaving, breathing is easy, and you can walk along the river for a long time.
My real passion is to photograph summer flowers, it seems to me that I would do it again and again. We only pay attention to the natural colors and shades of these plants. I am very glad that there are still places in the city where you can contact with nature. I mean, the city authorities left us the opportunity to live in harmony with nature. Of course, there are cases when large developers destroy this nature, but I am glad that people assert their rights to live in close proximity to nature.















I wish all users of the platform a good evening and a happy mood. If you wish, write comments. Thanks to everyone who reads my publications.

Photographed Samsung Galaxy A51

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