Do You Remember The 21st Night Of September

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Ba-dee-ya, never was a cloudy day! It's September 21st and the beautiful weather has come to Japan!


Fall is magical in Japan. With the sun setting further south on the horizon there is something the sun's light does that makes everything look better in fall. The rivers, the roads, the turning greenery, the mysterious glow around the power lines! WTF?

IMG_0706 copy.jpg

As I was getting ready to post this I noticed the thumbnail of the above photo. Now it could be the iPhone 11 or it could be catching the electro magnetic waves. Any thoughts? Here is the thumbnail.


Moving on, the temperature was about 80 degrees with a nice breeze, just like the day before. Just stunningly beautiful weather for a walk around Sagamihara.

IMG_0710 copy.jpg

IMG_0657 copy.jpg

IMG_0661 copy.jpg

Ok, gotta run, just got a notification that Alex Jones is on Timcast!