Love At First Sight (Remake) {A Freestyle}

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First time I met you
You took my heart
First time I met you babe
You took everything from me oh uh oh

Your mama say no no no
Your papa say him no go gree
Say make you no love me
Say you no go ever be mine

But my baby say no
Say Na this guy I go follow go
And he go be my king
And he will always love me so I say

My type of girl
Baby you’re my type of girl
Move close to me
Let me be your Mr right

I’d give you all I can
I’d give you all I have
I’d take you round the world
I’d give you everything

I’d make you smiling everyday
Keep you smiling everyday eh
Eh he eh he eh he
Eh he eh he eh he he he eh um

Baby take my heart
If I die and I go come back
Baby take me heart take it everywhere
Baby take me heart cause if I die and I go come back

You’re my African Queen
Girl of my dreams
You took me where I’ve never been
You make my heart go lingalinga Lin (3)


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Did you ever consider to upload your videos to 3Speak? Would be a great addition to their YouTube replacement :) BTW, I never look in my mention notifications, edje is my account as well. c-squared is a curator group I curate for as well. Anyway, I suggest not to include those usernames anymore :) I'll see your posts in my feeds as well in my curation rounds :)

I have considered it and I have an account with them but I haven’t figured how to work it perfectly well. About the names, I will take correction on that.

Owww, I thought 3Speak is not that complex? I think I uploaded once a video through them. The good thing with 3Speak is that you can choose the first tag yourself, which basically means you can select the community the video goes into. Ok, 3Speak is probably a bit more complex then uploading to YouTube and sharing that one to HIVE. The reason I advise you to check 3Speak is that you may get attention by the 3Speak team as well; They can give good upvotes when they like content.

The sign up process was simple. But to upload requires me to sign in my hive account and trying to do that, it doesn’t go past where it required active posting key, seems like it’s not accepting it.

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Beautiful interpretation. Really thanks!

You’re most welcome. Thanks for the encouragement.