Important News about the anti-Covid-19 Vaccine 💉

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It's on the Italian-British axis that the most consolidated of the experiments on the Sars CoV-2 vaccine is being built.

The anti-Covid vaccine candidate, in fact, was developed by the Jenner Institute of Oxford University with the partnership of the Italian company ADVENT-IRBM of Pomezia.

The time is therefore tightening towards the attainment of immunization.
In fact, a first important result has already been achieved. Phase 1 of the clinical trial started in Britain on April 23, with the administration of the vaccine to 510 healthy volunteers, while another 510 had been given a placebo solution. All participants showed that they were well and that they had not experienced any side effects.

At this point, the start of the next phase is expected, which will test the vaccine on 5000 subjects.
The development program also includes a phase 3 clinical trial with 30000 participants and also a pediatric trial.

The IRBM president Pietro Di Lorenzo is very positive, according to which, by September the aim is to have the final data on the effectiveness of the vaccine and in December, if the results are positive, the first large quantities of doses.

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IRBM's experience concerns the use of adenovirus, a flu virus, used in a weakened form to transport the synthesized spike gene of Sars-CoV-2 in the human body. Jenner's expertice, on the other hand, derives from having already used a similar anti-Mers vaccine on humans.

The news of the last few weeks is also the agreement between the Jenner Institute and the pharmaceutical multinational AstraZeneca: the latter will be responsible for the development, production and distribution of the vaccine worldwide.

Jenner Institute Laboratories - Image CC-BY SA 4.0

The goal is to have at least 100 million doses ready by the end of the year, and then reach a billion doses in 2021.

As for availability, the British Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, has confirmed that the United Kingdom has booked the first 100 million doses, while the United States, which financed the trial with 1 billion dollars, will be entitled to 300 millions of doses.

As for the Italian government, Di Lorenzo said that contacts are also underway to find an agreement on any financing, even if the site reports a very different situation.
In fact, it seems that the government of Giuseppe Conte has underestimated the research and has not allocated any budget to enter among the funders of the project.
Unlike the British government, which immediately invested £ 20 million, winning the priority of supplies and product production / distribution (AstraZeneca is based in Cambridge, UK).

In addition, the site also reports another indiscretion, concerning the italian government funding of 10 million for the development of the anti-Covid vaccine at Reithera, a Swiss company based in Castel Romano, in which the director of the Spallanzani hospital and the Lazio Region Councilor for Health would have direct interests.

In short, if this were really the case, it would be a really mess and a waste of public money that would penalize citizens once again.

We will see how it will go, hoping in the meantime to have good news for everyone soon, regarding the ongoing experiments on the anti-Covid vaccine.


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