Do You Know The Maiden's Tower?

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Hi friends,
Photos I took during my Istanbul trip. I hope you will like photos of The Maiden's Tower. When I went to Uskudar to drink tea, I was amazed by this tower and wanted to take pictures of it. I want to share with you what I have learned about the Maiden's Tower. There are many rumors about the Maiden's Tower. This tower has been the subject of legends. It is located in the part of the Bosphorus close to the Marmara Sea, off Salacak. Maiden's Tower was built on a small islet in 24 BC.









The tower is the symbol of Uskudar, one of the most famous districts of Istanbul. This tower is the only work from the Byzantine period inside Uskudar. The Maiden's Tower was built on a small island where the Black Sea meets the Marmara.

I love travel. :)