We played soccer together for the first time

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Soccer is one of the sports that I played the most throughout my childhood. @flowerbaby played some too when she was a very young girl, but it had been a long time for both of us. We went to a local soccer field and played around spur of the moment today.

I had some soccer cleats already. We went to Goodwill to pick up a pair of shoes for @flowerbaby to play in, it was there that we found a great pair of Asics for just $5!

I already had my Messi soccer ball and jersey, but we did have to purchase a pump to get the ball to a proper level of inflation for play. After that we were all set to hit the pitch. We got lucky and a spot on the field opened up as soon as we got out of the car. This meant that we had a goal all to ourselves.

Neither one of us had a problem with controlling the ball, I guess we both are naturals even though we hadn’t played in ages. I love blasting the ball as hard as I can and @flowerbaby was more than happy to let me go run after the ball whenever it went to far 😂.

I’m glad we got to get out and revisit one of my favorite past times. Soccer is a great way to burn some energy and stay in shape. I don’t think I would spend the time playing on a team in my adult life, but it’s good to know that I can still get to it if the skill is ever needed.
























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Soccer is so much fun! Not the ultra competitive part but just running around kicking the ball. Good times!

It really is a great fun time and so easy to worm up a nice sweat running around chasing the ball.

Ooouch.. the future of messi is in danger....😜 how do you put such gif on the post...is tyere anysight...?

I assume you are talking about this news https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8726017/Lionel-Messi-makes-appearance-Barcelona-dramatic-transfer-U-turn.html

I hadn't heard about it yet, but a quick search lead me to the article. It looks as though Messi has been up in the air about his long time club Barcelona. That's surprising to read. I have a feeling his long time fans will find a way to forgive him and his next season will be one to remember.

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I had so much fun playing! It’s definitely a new activity we should do more! 😊