So many social media are created !

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I'm lost in all social media that are created this year.

There are a lot of them on blockchain as well. Not all of them are paying and it's not about earning money. The most imposrtant for me is the traffic. I think we can use all of them to promote hive it will be just perfect.

There are even some of them where we can earn bitcoin cash or bitcoin sv. The competition is really powerful between them. It's an other way to bring crypto to the masses. I think we should all collaborate somehow.

  • LBRY is cool to earn some tips if you create good videos. Even some people write posts there, but it's mostly for videos. They have their own blockchain as well and the coin that's called LBRY.

  • it's also a new social media and most people say that's created on eos, but I think that they are not paying. In their website they write that voice token has no value. I registred there and created two posts, but when I saw that the token is not having value yet, I stopped. But, it's good to use the website for traffic. Anyway they don't accept all countries yet and they need a lot of imporovement.

  • seems an active social media, but they mute people for no reason. I didn't do anything wrong and I get muted there. I don't know about your experience there but the fact that someone can just block you from posting should make you worry about such place.

  • seems working on bitcoin sv and it looks like a crypto twitter. I'm just learning about it. I tried to create an account there and I had some issue to log in but in twitter they are active supporting me. I hope they will fix the issue. Also an interesting social media.

  • seems a new one paying in bitcoin cash. I just found about it recently and people are excited to join it because it's new and some are making good money from their posts as well. I don't know if it's legit or not, but it's worth to try it.

There are also other social media like,, and others.

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Ever heard of APPICS?

Yeah, but we can't write posts there. I always thought that's only for pictures.