Fiddens Wharf National Park @ Lane Cove, Australia

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Hi Everyone,

We don't travel too often to Lane Cove apart from the main strip of shops but Lane Cove has many bushlands for a great family walk. It is such a big suburb they have 3 public primary schools to cater to all the kids in the area so these national parks are great for families to go out and about on the weekends. We were here for a sporting event and it's the first time we've visited here. Getting here from home was around 30 minutes drive depending on traffic as it is very close to Lindfield, another area with nice bushwalk trails.

There is plenty of parking outside of the National Park as the gates are closed and there were signs outside to advise to be careful when playing around the lake. Once you pass the gate, there is a very steep path that leads you to the fields but due to the rain, it was extra slippery so it is best to be really careful if you come after wet weather. The fields itself was very muddy and I found out that you can park on the opposite side of the field to avoid going down the slope and mud.

Due to the muddy situation, we decided not to go through the walk but it was a nice find for the family and a potential walk path once the weather dries up to avoid any accidents and tears, especially with the kids.

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This kind of place is the most special place for my kind of person. Just to be alone with the one I love. Hopefully, it's quiet and peaceful.

yeah these tracks are normally a nice one to get away from the busy city

Great! Thanks so kindly dear.