Are those sea lions I see?

And is it this sort of snowy backdrop all year round? (Pardon my ignorance, I'm not from Alaska)

Yes, sea lions. These pictures were taken in late april, so middle of spring. It has a snowy backdrop all year round.

And what is the approximate temperature and humidity?

In late april it's not so cold anymore, during the day around 5-15 C. Rarely below zero. Don't remember being humid, even being in the ocean.

5-15C and it's still covered in snow?

Up in the mountains it gets colder, near the ocean is warmer. At night it gets close to zero.

Have you ever climbed the mountains?

The main reason I was there was snowboarding. Valdez has some of the best Heliskiing in the world.

Linda fotos! Que lugar hein! Deve ser muito frio também! Quantos graus chegava fazer?

Eu fui no fim da primavera, então não era tão frio. O lugar é incrível!

Supposed I am going to focus on the beautiful view on the lake, but I am distracted by the sea lions 🥰

The sea lion looks bit different color than i saw on tv. Nice 👍👍

I Love photos like this. but i dont think I would enjoy to be there, cause I hate cold.

Spring is not so cold, and I haven't been there in the summer, but I heard it's the best time of the year. One of the most beautiful places I've been.