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Long time, no post. Four days have passed silently since my last post.

Before I begin today's topic, I'd like to briefly introduce myself. My nickname is InMyLife. It is taken from a Beatles song--In My Life. I am currently based in Beijing, where I have been living for most of the years since graduation, except for three and half years, when I lived and worked in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. I am enthusiastic about crypto and spend hours learning it every day. I learned about Steemit in 2018, posted on it for three months, and then left. After I came back at the beginning of last year(2021), I found out there was a fork from it--Hive. Now I have found Liketu, an app on Hive I'd like to try on, because it makes posting pictures easy and interesting. I am not so proficient in English, but I ensure everything I am going to post here is 100% original(not translated), and I personally took all the pictures I post here.

Today I am going to share with you some pictures of the F-9 Park, one of the Asia's largest city park that covers a whole district(F-9 district) of Islamabad.

Because of the then law and order situation and busy work schedules, we had to stay indoors for most of the time. But we managed to find time to do some sports, and leisure. My favorite past time was to jog in the parks. Thre are many parks in Islamabad, and the largest is the F-9 Park. After a long day's work, I would drive my Toyota there, and jogged for an hour or two. Normally there were not many people in the park, especially condiering its size, it appreared very quite. There were no safetly concerns in the park, so I fet very relaxed. My jogging trails were fixed, one or the other, but not boring at all, because of the beautiful scenaries and also the music I listened to. Now and then I could find some locals or Chinese to talk to, which made the trips more joyous. In conclusion, the F-9 Park was an ideal place for jogging and hanging out, and where I spent most of my time outdoors.

Now and then I recall my years in Islamabad, and I always dream of going back and jog in the park again. However, because of many factors, especiall the COVID-19 pandemic, I haven't been able to make the journey. Life is long, and I believe that one day my dream will come true.

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So you live in Beijing but worked in Pakistan for a couple years. Does that make you Chinese or Pakistani?

This is an intriguing post. I literally have zero knowledge of Pakistan at all. Apart from it being used equally as often as Chinese for racists to discriminate against minorities here in the UK.

So from the sounds of things, you prefer Islamabad over Beijing.. Why is that?

I am Chinese and I have spent most of my life in China. I also worked for 3.5 years in Pakistan. The experience there was valuable to me. Each country is good in its own ways, and I love them all.

Interesting, your English isn't bad at all. Unexpected given most people I have met from there don't have a good command of English.

You mentioned you hang out with Chinese locals there, is it common to find Chinese people in Pakistan?

Yes many Chinese people live and work there actually. if it were not for the law and orders, there would have been far more Chinese there, for sure.

I am by no means blind to the dark sides. But as a common citizen, for things I can not change, I can only do my part to make this world better, hope for the best, and pray people can live in peace.

your dream will come true one day

thank you 😂😂I have a dream, no, it is just a wish.

I think i saw couple of video from dou yin about chinese in pakistan. Maybe same like you i guess . Showing the world about the locals culture and traditional. Is was nice to see that better benifits for both country

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