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Hello dear friends,
When we talk about passion fruit, we always think of tropical passion fruit, which has a dark and slightly wrinkled skin when ripe, and is yellow-orange inside.
This is the Passiflora that also grows in Italy and Switzerland. It is very good to eat and even if it does not have as intense a taste as the tropical one, it is still sweet.
Also the colour is different: the skin is salmon-orange and smooth, while what you eat is bright red.
Below you can see the flower being visited by a bee.


Ciao cari amici,
quando parliamo di frutto della passione ci immaginiamo sempre quello tropicale, che ha la buccia scura e un po' rugosa quando maturo, e all' interno é di color giallo arancione.
Questa é la Passiflora che cresce anche in Italia e Svizzera, ed é buonissima da mangiare, anche se non ha un gusto cosí intenso come quello tropicale é comunque dolce.
Anche il colore si presenta differente: la buccia é arancio salmone e liscia, mentre ció che si mangia é di color rosso acceso.
Qui sotto potete vedere il fiore mentre riceveva visita da un' ape.



If you have the chance to taste it, now is the right time.
Have a nice weekend and thanks for following me😍.

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Buon finesettimana e grazie per seguirmi😍


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Thank you soooo much!!!! 😃

So those are passion fruit flowers?
Such a strange coincidence, In my next post I am posting two photos of the same flower but I didn't know the name of them or what kind they are until I just read it in your post. I'm glad I saw your post to learn what they are

Yes the name is Passiflora, its all my life I eat these fruits 😃

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I just love flowers that are not only pretty, but can be eaten!
At my place in Canada, I kept an area very moist for Nasturtium to grow - both leaves and flowers are edible and good in a salad.
Maybe I should try growing them again on my balcony in Vienna. Not as much room, unfortunately.

Zu kalt in Wien, aber vielleicht in ein paar Jahren mit der Erderwärmung....

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